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Chapter 1705 - Eight-Star Ancient One!

The continents in the Wind Celestial Realm had been taken by Wang Lin, but the realm was still there. The passage Wang Lin had sealed was still there as well.

The moment this aura spread out, the door at the end of the passage trembled violently. This made the aura that terrified the cave world leak into the Gu Yi Sect through this door.

The moment the aura appeared, the expressions of all cultivators in the sect changed greatly. Those with high cultivation levels were filled with shock and disbelief!

“One of the nine suns, the aura of a Grand Empyrean… This… Which Grand Empyrean appeared there?”

On the Immortal Astral Continent, Fan Shanmeng, who was sitting inside the ice mountain, instantly turned pale. The ice mountain suddenly collapsed and she jumped out with her face filled with horror.

“This is… This is the aura of a Grand Empyrean!!”

On the Immortal Astral Continent, of the eastern nine sects and 13 factions, the number one sect was the Purple Sun Sect! Just the power of one sect was enough to sweep the other eight sects!

This was because one of the legendary Grand Empyreans was a member of the Purple Sun Sect. One of the nine suns of the Immortal Astral Continent!

However, this Grand Empyrean was very mysterious, and few people knew what this person looked like. People didn’t even know if this Grand Empyrean was male or female. However, the more mysterious this Grand Empyrean was, the less people were willing to provoke the Purple Sun Sect.

At this moment, inside the Purple Sun Sect, there were seven or eight old men gathered, and their faces were filled with bitterness. There was a dignified middle-aged man before them who roared loudly,

“All of you, tell me what is going on!”

“They said they were going to play in the Beast Farm Realm, but.. But…” one of the elders seemed to mutter, filled with helplessness.

“Play? The aura of the Grand Empyrean has spread out, how could this still be playing?!” the middle-aged man roared, but his eyes were also filled with helplessness.

“We can’t open the Beast Farm Realm. They have sealed it and won’t let us in…” Another old man bitterly shook his head.

“No mistake is allowed in the Grand Empyrean’s reincarnation. They are still growing, it is not ideal to use their Grand Empyrean power… Those two little ancestors, what are they doing?” The middle-aged man stomped his feet and the entire Purple Sun Sect trembled. Even the world outside trembled. 

Inside the spatial rift, Wang Lin was sitting in the altar and saw the terrifying aura that had erupted from Greed. Shock appeared in his eyes.

The sun in Greed’s hand rapidly spread until it was the size of one person. The nine fire birds let out miserable screams as they attempted to retreat, but as the sunlight flashed, they all collapsed.

There was also the Seven-Colored Daoist, who was startled for a moment. Although he hadn’t obtain the memory, some things were engraved in his soul. Even if he split into three souls, certain things couldn’t be erased.

This memory was the fear and respect toward the nine suns of the Immortal Astral Continent.

“This is… The aura of a Grand Empyrean…” The Seven-Colored Daoist’s expression changed. As the sunlight closed in, his body trembled and he coughed out blood. He retreated like crazy. He no longer considered refining Wang Lin and was scared out of his wits by the aura coming from the sun!

Not only him, but Old Ghost Zhan, who was following the four generals to see if they could find the third soul, suddenly trembled. His face turned deathly pale.

“Grand Empyrean!!” He didn’t speak, but a sharp voice came from his body.

“How can this be? The aura of a Grand Empyrean entered here, this… this…”

That terrifying aura spread across the Inner Realm, the Outer Realm, and the entire cave world. It swept across each planet and each living being on them. At this moment, the entire cave world entered a moment of confusion.

Right now, someone, whether he was a beast, mortal, or cultivator, was simulated by the Grand Empyrean aura and remembered memories he had forgotten countless recinarnations ago...

These memories would have never awakened, even after tens of thousands of years, without the stimulation from the Grand Empyrean aura. However, due to this sheer coincidence, those memories awakened!

These memories that had awakened was the third soul!

In the spatial rift in the Cloud Sea, the Seven-Colored Daoist escaped in panic. He coughed out blood and escaped without a trace.

He now felt extreme fear toward the spatial rift in the Cloud Sea. He could have never expected that hunting Wang Lin would cause the aura of a Grand Empyrean to appear.

On the altar inside the rift, Wang Lin stared dumbfoundedly as the sun surrounded Greed and pulled him into the rift.

Through the rift, Wang Lin saw the two cute little girls inside.

“Eh, its you…” One of the little girls inside the Beast Farm Realm seemed to see Wang Lin and revealed a joyous expression.

“Han Han, look, he is the person I was speaking of. He is also called Wang Lin.”

“Wa Wa, quickly seal up the rift here. Those annoying old fellows are coming. If they find out about this place, then we won’t be able to come anymore.”

“Ok, I’ll seal the rift, and you go hide Greed. We can’t let them find out.”

The rift was covered by a ray of golden light and gradually disappeared.

Even now, Wang Lin still felt confused about all of this. He sat on the altar and pondered for a very long time before he withdrew his gaze from the rift.

“One of the nine suns… Grand Empyrean…”

The space was completely silent and no light remained. Wang Lin silently sat on the altar, recalling everything that had happened.

“These two little children are actually Grand Empyreans… The legendary Grand Empyreans of the Immortal Astral Continent. Just their auras were able to make the Seven-Colored Daoist escape in fear…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brighter and brighter.

“One day, I’ll also become a Grand Empyrean!!” Wang Lin closed his eyes, and a moment later, he opened them. He had calmed his heart.

“The Seven-Colored Daoist should not dare to come here anymore. This should be the safest place. I need to comprehend the restriction essence, fuse with those nine drops of blood, and this arm…” Wang Lin looked at the arm that was a few hundred feet long.

“If I absorb this arm and use the Tearing the Heavens spell, I wonder how much of Ye Mo’s strength I can display!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined. After calming himself, he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and the eight drops of blood flew out.

These eight drops of blood floated before him. They gave off no light, but powerful ancient aura came from them. Wang Lin’s seven ancient god stars rotated rapidly to form a vortex.

In his right and left eyes, his ancient devil and demon stars also appeared. The current Wang Lin looked extremely strange.

“Ye Mo’s blood contains the full power of the three ancient clans…” Wang Lin grabbed one drops of blood and, after pondering for a moment, crushed it. It was divided into seven parts that were absorbed into seven orifices.

This time he wasn’t simply fusing it between his eyebrows, but fusing it with his body. After fusing with one drop of blood, a thunderous rumble came from his body. His body began to swell as it rapidly absorbed the ancient power within.

The ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly. The eighth star slowly took shape, but it was extremely unstable, as if it could dissipate at any moment.

Wang Lin’s expression became twisted from the pain coming from his body, but he endured it. The leap from seven stars to eight stars was great. Wang Lin also had to spend a part of his effort to increase the power of his ancient demon stars in his left eye. What he wanted was a balanced growth of all three ancient clans and not just ancient god!

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, seven days went by. He was now covered in sweat and forcing himself to stay conscious. After absorbing the first drop, he crushed the second drop and then the third drop!

Two drops of blood swelled inside his body at the same time. Not only was his eighth ancient god star about to appear, but his ancient demon stars in his left eye were rotating rapidly as well. The sign of an eighth ancient demon star was about to appear as well!

Wang Lin swelled up out of his control and the ancient one shadow appeared behind him. The shadow distorted as if it was going through a mysterious change.

Several days later, Wang Lin opened his eyes and waved his sleeves. The remaining five drops of blood exploded into a blood mist before entering his body through his pores and orifices.

As the mist continued to dissipate, Wang Lin’s muffled groans came from within. The eighth ancient demon star slowly appeared in his left eye!!

The moment the demon star appeared, a monstrous storm of demonic energy swept across the world inside this rift. All the beasts knelt and didn’t dare to move.

At the same time, in his right eye, the eighth ancient devil star appeared!

A monstrous devilish energy rushed out. The violent and cruel devilish energy swept across this space.

The last to appear was the ancient god star!

“Three Trials, Seven Calamities... is about to arrive!” The mist around Wang Lin had long disappeared. Between his eyebrows, the eighth ancient god star shined brightly and was about to take shape! 

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