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Chapter 1704 - As Miserable as Before!

Greed’s eyes were filled with despair and his heart was filled with regret. He had encountered Wang Lin in the Outer Realm, and in the end, the stench on his body was removed. Originally, he let out a breath of relief.

However, shortly after, he encountered the war between the Inner and Outer Realms. This war made him extremely excited; perhaps he could obtain even more treasures in this war, and his cultivation level would increase.

Greed followed the Outer Realm army to the Cloud Sea and then secretly left. Following his sense for treasure, he found the spatial rift in the Cloud Sea and entered it.

He was extremely excited because he realized that a powerful treasure aura was here. This aura made him laugh like crazy for almost 15 minutes.

He believed his luck was great and he might encounter a great fortune here. His cultivation level would increase and he wouldn’t have to be afraid of that Wang Lin anymore. He was going to steal all his treasures back.

With these ambitions, Greed followed his treasure sense inside the cave and actually found this ancient altar.

Greed was extremely excited when he saw this altar. He also saw the world inside the rift that the corner of the altar was stuck in. When he saw this, he almost let out a wolf howl.

He saw countless celestial grasses. Many of them were ones he had only seen in books, and many he hadn’t seen before. Almost all of them could increase his cultivation level once he refined them.

There were simply too many celestial grasses there, enough for him to almost stop breathing.

Aside from celestial grass, he saw extremely gentle celestial beasts that had terrifying cultivation levels. The celestial beasts were chasing and playing with each other.

This made Greed even more excited. From his experience, he knew they wouldn’t bother him if he didn’t provoke them. It was also likely that, just like the thunder dragon in his youth, they would become his pets.

All of this made Greed tremble in excitement, but he didn’t lose his himself; he carefully observed the rift. He wanted to see if there were any cultivators guarding this place. After observing for several days, he saw two little girls appear.

In his view, these two little girls posed no threat. Greed laughed happily and entered the rift.

The barrier on the rift had no effect on him at all. Greed didn’t feel this was strange at all, he had encountered things similar to this many times.

After entering the rift, he saw that the girls were shocked to see him, and he became even more excited. He waved his hand to trap the two little girls and began to pick the celestial grasses.

However, he could never forget the miserable things that happened after. He still remembered what those two little girls said after he trapped them.

“Han Han, who is he? Why did he suddenly appear here…”

“I don’t know either. Strange, how did he enter our Purple Sun Sect’s Beast Farm Realm?”

“Do you think he is crazy? Those are grasses for the little beasts, why is he putting them in his mouth…”

The two little girls were startled for a while. Then the girl named Wa Wa step forward, completely ignoring Greed’s entrapment. She appeared behind him and gave him a kick.

After this kick, Greed’s misery began.

Thinking about everything that happened, tears appeared in Greed’s eyes. He looked at the two little girls filled with pride and felt despair in his heart.

He couldn’t beat them. Back then, just one kick had almost wasted his cultivation. In his view, these two little girls were simply too terrifying.

“I’ll speak… I’ll speak! Last time, that murderous, ugly, shameless, arrogant demon, Wang Lin, was inside the belly of the Moongazer…” Greed’s belly was filled with fire as he began to speak.

“This Wang Lin is too despicable! How could he be like this?” the little girl in purple named Han Han frowned and muttered unhappily.

“Han Han do you remember what I told you before? When I went out with Teacher to gather herbs, I encountered an extremely strange divine sense. I communicated with him and he told me that his name was Wang Lin.”

Just as Greed was painfully telling the story in the vast space where the altar was, Wang Lin coughed out another mouthful of blood to use blood escape with a pale face.

Behind him, space itself seemed to be burning as nine fire birds chased after him. A powerful heat wave spread out from the nine fire birds. Behind them, the Seven-Colored Daoist was following at a casual pace, filled with killing intent.

“I want to see where you will escape to. I’ll burn your ancient one body to ashes. The more you recover, the more pain you will suffer. I’m going to extract your origin soul and refine it into a treasure. Only by doing that can I resolve the hatred in my heart!”

Wang Lin’s body seemed to be burning and intense pain shrouded his whole being. His blood seemed to be boiling as it moved through his body, causing him intense pain. The blood he coughed out was hot and his body was like a giant furnace that was slowly being burnt to ashes.

Even though he controlled the fire essence, he could only delay it for a bit. It seemed that not even his fire essence could resist the burning from the Seven-Colored Daoist’s spell.

Wang Lin’s body continued to recover along the way. The more he recovered, the more painful it was, until it got to the point where he almost couldn’t bear it anymore. However, Wang Lin didn’t waste time; he used blood escape many times to keep running.

He was getting closer and closer to the altar!

A moment later, after another teleport, Wang Lin saw the altar in the distance. When Wang Lin saw it, his eyes lit up and he moved toward it like a ray of burning fire.

It was also at this moment that Greed carefully backed out toward the rift as the two little girls were debating around the name “Wang Lin.” Greed seemed to have gone crazy and rushed out toward the rift.

The moment he charged out, he shed tears of joy. He looked at the space before him and felt like he had just escaped a life and death calamity. However, he was only happy for a moment when he saw a burning ray of light flying towards him.

“Wang Lin? Wang Lin!!” Greed was startled for a moment and almost couldn’t believe his eyes. However, after taking a closer look, he let out a scream.

“You, you, you… you still won’t let me go! I’m all the way here and you still follow me. You…” Greed’s face turned pale and he subconsciously retreated. Wang Lin closed in and staggered as he landed on the altar. He coughed out another mouthful of blood.

At this moment, Wang Lin also saw Greed, who had suddenly appeared before him. Wang Lin ignored Greed and looked into the distance.

In the distance, the space burned, and the nine giant fire birds turned into suns as they approached. Behind them, the Seven-Colored Daoist filled with killing intent closed in.

With every step he took, space itself would tremble. It was extremely terrifying!

Greed’s face changed once more. His eyes widened and he trembled as he retreated. The power of the Seven-Colored Daoist made him feel dread.

“This Wang Lin actually provoked such a terrifying figure! Who is this person!?” Greed trembled and was about to return to the Beast Farm Realm inside the rift. To him, the outside was too dangerous; it was safer to go back and tell the little ancestors stories.

However, just at this moment, the Seven-Colored Daoist raised his right hand and pointed at the altar Wang Lin was on.

“Is this where you’re escaping to? Then let me refine you here!” The Seven-Colored Daoist pointed and the nine suns flew toward Wang Lin. The heat wave rushed toward Wang Lin, incinerating everything in its path.

Wang Lin sat down on the altar and stared at the nine suns flying toward him. He didn’t know where the chance of survival was, but he saw the hand in the altar!

The ancient one aura this arm gave off was extremely familiar. Wang Lin immediately recognized it as one of Ye Mo’s arms!

“Could this arm be the chance of survival?” Wang Lin didn’t hesitate, he didn’t even have time to look around; he pressed his hands on this arm. If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to fuse with this arm, but Wang Lin was different. He had obtained an authentic ancient one inheritance from Ye Mo. At this moment, the arm gave off a dazzling glow and shrouded Wang Lin completely.

At the same time, Greed began to dream in the heat wave. Half of his body entered the rift, but he was too late to enter completely!

“1,000 years; 3,000 years; 10,000 years. I’ll tell stories for 10,000 years. Two little ancestors, save me!!!”

Just as Greed roared in pain, he felt two little hands press against his back. At the same time, a cultivation powerful enough to almost suffocate him rushed into his body from those two small hands.

This cultivation force caused Greed’s body to shine an endless golden light. This golden light spread and Greed’s hands moved on their own until they formed a circular pattern.

The moment the circular pattern formed, a golden sun appeared in his hand! This golden sun was only the size of a palm, but the power from it was so strong that it shook the entire space here. It shook the Cloud Sea, it shook the Summoned River and the other star systems, and it also shook the entire Outer Realm.

However, there was something even more terrifying to come.

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