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Chapter 1698 - Fake, Eh!

Once Wang Lin broke the third layer of restrictions, this ship would be completely under his control.

This was “the guest becomes the host!”

There was coldness in Fan Shanmeng’s eyes and her eyes lit up. She pointed outside at the protective layers of the ship and they suddenly dimmed.

At this instant, Fan Shanmeng sank through the first deck and entered the second layer.

The moment she entered, the seven-colored light shrouded the entire Soul Devil Ship. The Seven-Colored Daoist landed on the deck.

The moment the Seven-Colored Daoist landed, Wang Lin, who was on the third layer, suddenly opened his eyes and looked up. He was calm and a golden light flashed in his eyes.

“She indeed did this.” Wang Lin sneered. After Fan Shanmeng’s scheme had been broken by him and the hidden danger could no longer be a threat, she would naturally chose to borrow Seven-Colored Daoist’s power to suppress him.

At this moment, the first deck the Seven-Colored Daoist was on was under Wang Lin’s control. As a result, they would indirectly face each other. He had to allocate some effort to control the first deck to prevent the Seven-Colored Daoist from entering.

“Playing with fire… I can as well!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His hands formed a seal and then he waved it. The restrictions on the first deck suddenly rumbled and all the restrictions stopped moving. They completely calmed down.

The moment the restrictions on the first deck calmed down, the seven-colored light penetrated the first layer with a bang. The Seven-Colored Daoist laughed as he entered the second layer without any effort!

At this moment, Fan Shanmeng had already entered the third layer, and her expression changed greatly. She became aware of Wang Lin’s action and she immediately arrived next to him.

“What are you doing?! Could it be that you want to die? Even if we join forces, we are no match for the first soul. You actually opened the first layer to let him in!!”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he calmly said, “If you continue to be noisy, I’ll open the second layer and let him come down!” 

“You!!” Fan Shanmeng stared at Wang Lin and killing intent appeared in her eyes!

“Since you can open the barrier around the ship and save him all this effort, why can’t I open the first layer and allow him to head straight to the second layer?

“There is no deep hatred between me and him. If he wants the Li Guang Bow, then I’ll just give it to him, but you’re not the same. If you want to remain safe, then shut up for me!” Wang Lin’s voice rumbled, causing Fan Shanmeng’s face to immediately turn pale.

“Not only will you shut up, but stop making small moves. If you continue to be stubborn, then don’t blame me for opening the second layer and allowing the Seven-Colored Daoist to come down here!” Wang Lin coldly looked at her.

His gaze caused a sense of chilliness to appear in Fan Shanmeng’s heart. She suddenly realized that Wang Lin was actually this terrifying and cunning!

“He took back the initiative that was in my hands one step at a time until he gained the advantage. I’m now being suppressed by him. This person… This person’s cunning is far too deep!!!”

Fan Shanmeng silently pondered. She felt deep dread toward this cave world cultivator she originally held contempt for.

“To be this cunning at this age... If he was someone on the Immortal Astral Continent, he would certainly be famous…”

Wang Lin looked at Fan Shanmeng for a moment and then withdrew his gaze.

At this moment, the rumbles from the second layer rang out loudly. The second layer flashed seven-colored light to resist, but it seemed it wouldn’t last long before collapsing.

“If you don’t want to die, then you should do your best to buy me time to break open the third layer. I know you still have some ace to keep yourself safe. However, you and I hold equal control over this ship right now. If I don’t cooperate, you can’t leave!” Wang Lin spoke slowly and then closed his eyes. The ancient one shadow appeared around him and he immersed himself in studying the restrictions on the third layer.

Fan Shanmeng’s expression was extremely gloomy. She stared at Wang Lin for a long time and then slowly scratched her head. She felt fear in her heart toward what Wang Lin had said, as everything he had said was true.

She indeed had her last resort, and it was because of this that she was very calm when she borrowed the Seven-Colored Daoist’s power to suppress Wang Lin.

However, she didn’t think that Wang Lin could take control of two layers of the ship and match her in terms of control. Now if she wanted to use her ace, she did need Wang Lin’s cooperation.

Fan Shanmeng clenched her teeth and said, “What is your plan? Even if I hold him off, I can’t buy enough time for you to break the remaining layers in time! If you give up control now, we can still leave. If you remain stubborn, then we will really die!”

Just as she finished speaking, a thunderous rumble echoed. The deck above began to collapse on a wide scale. About 30% of the restrictions were destroyed.

“I need three hours!” Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at Fan Shanmeng.

“You!!” Fan Shanmeng revealed an angry smile, and a moment later, she fiercely turned around. Her hands formed a seal and seven-colored light came from the second layer.

Wang Lin calmed his heart. He originally wouldn’t treat these two sisters like this, but they had schemed against him first. Wang Lin had always followed the rules of not offending others if they didn’t offend him!

Now that he held the initiative, he naturally wouldn’t easily let it go. Also, the restrictions here had been of great use to him. After breaking through two layers, Wang Lin’s four great restrictions had reached completion. He only needed a bit more to fuse them to create an essence!

A majority of the restrictions on the third layer were ones Wang Lin had not seen before. As he studied them, his understanding of restrictions increased by leaps and bounds.

Time slowly passed. The thunderous rumbles from the second layer continued to echo. Cracking sounds spread and the second layer completely collapsed!

Fan Shanmeng’s body trembled and she coughed out blood. After she took a few steps back, the seven-colored light quickly spread from the collapsed second layer.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His hands formed a seal and he waved upward. All the restrictions on the third layer formed a net and flew up.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s body sank down from the third layer to the fourth layer!

The moment he entered the fourth layer, Fan Shanmeng followed.

There was a large amount of fog in the fourth layer of the Soul Devil Ship. This fog hindered one’s divine sense and vision.

“He is breaking through the second layer. Even if I attempt to stop him, stalling him for two hours is the limit. Even if you comprehend the third layer, he will only need one hour to break it!


“Wang Lin, what exactly do you want? I admit I schemed against you, but it was for our common purpose. Although you will hand your Oath of Blood to me, I’ll also hand my Oath of Blood to you. It’s not like I could harm you! 

“Now that we have reached this point, we should exchange our Oaths of Blood and you should give up your control of the ship. Perhaps that way we will have a fighting chance!” Fan Shanmeng looked anxious and looked at Wang Lin, who was on the fourth layer.

Wang Lin also looked at Fan Shanmeng, and after a long time, he suddenly laughed.

“You’re still trying to lie to me at this moment…”

“I lied to you?” Fan Shanmeng’s eyes revealed pain. She looked up at the third layer above and a thin crack appeared.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He didn’t seem to care about the cracks that had appeared above him. He looked at her and slowly said, “You are not Fan Shanmeng…” 

“What is your meaning?” Her expression suddenly became calm as she stared at Wang Lin.

“You’re Fan Shanlu! In fact, from the moment I entered the boat, you have been scheming against me. Perhaps if I had handed over the Oath of Blood, none of these things would have happened.

“However, you’re worried that I won’t hand it over, so you coughed out that mouthful of blood. You used a method unknown to me to change your appearance and aura to make me think you’re Fan Shanmeng!

“Because of this misunderstanding, you told me the secret of this cave world so I would believe you are Fan Shanmeng. Then, when I was breaking the layers of restrictions, while some of your reactions were real, some are also fake!

“I hadn’t figure it out before, but now I understand,” Wang Lin slowly spoke as he looked at the woman.

At this moment, a thunderous rumble came from the third layer. Cracks appeared along with seven-colored light as if everything was about to collapse.

“Have you gone crazy? I don’t understand anything you say!” The woman frowned.

“Don’t understand… Everything here is fake! This second layer, the third layer, the fourth layer, all of it is fake. You are fake. Seven-Colored may be real, but the one on this ship is fake. This is clearly a world of illusion!!

“What a realistic world of illusion. I, Wang Lin, have encountered similar spells before, but I have never encountered one so terrifyingly real!”

The woman looked startled for a moment, then she revealed a bitter smile and retreated a few steps. She revealed a look of disbelief as she looked at Wang Lin and spoke bitterly,

“Fake? Wang Lin, have you really gone crazy. You… If you don’t want to exchange Oaths of Blood, fine, but you say everything is fake…”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he raised his right hand and smashed down toward the collapsing third layer!

This hit caused the third layer to collapse, and seven-colored light came through, shrouding the fourth layer. At the same time, the Seven-Colored Daoist’s figure closed in.

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