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Chapter 1697 - The Ghostly Face on the Sail

Wang Lin calmed himself down and seemed to isolate himself from the sounds coming from outside. He seemed to immerse himself on the restriction.

Just at this moment, it seemed as if there was a strange wind that blew by, causing the sail on the ship to flutter. The ghostly face on the sail revealed a demonic glow.

This ghostly face seemed to be staring at Wang Lin and seemed to reveal a faint yet strange smile. It was as if it was alive.

Wang Lin frowned and felt unease in his heart, making him unable to calm down. He looked up at the sail and met its gaze.

A moment later, Wang Lin gradually calm down. He lowered his head and immersed himself in the restrictions.

The restrictions below Wang Lin gradually shined and spread outward. Ripples echoed across the entire deck and went even further away.

“Among the four great restrictions, I know the Annihilation Restriction the best. I’m decent with the Life and Death Restriction and the Time Restriction. I have the least experience with the Ancient Soul Restriction as I have only seen that turtle beast in the Fallen Land use it.

“However, many of the restrictions on the deck are Ancient Soul Restrictions…” Wang Lin continued to deduce as he pondered. His right hand formed a restriction seal.

This seal was a miniature Ancient Soul Restriction! A faint roar came from inside and Wang Lin could vaguely see a huge python within. The python gave off a powerful killing intent and continued to roar at Wang Lin. It was as if it wanted to rush out from the restriction and devour Wang Lin.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, three hours had gone by. The thunderous rumbles outside continued on violently, and faint, seven-colored light seemed to penetrate through the barrier, shining on the deck.

Fan Shanmeng’s eyes gradually became colder. As she stared at Wang Lin, the shock from before had gradually subsided. She could see that Wang Lin had entered a bottleneck, as he hadn’t moved for three hours.

“How can this Soul Devil Ship be so easy? Earlier, when he opened the restriction protecting the deck, it was already his limit. It is futile to try to unravel the mysteries of this ship. Wang Lin, ah, Wang Lin, you’re too arrogant!” Fang Shanmeng remained calm and didn’t reveal any of the contempt in her heart.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, it has been three hours. If you go to the altar now, there might still be time…” Feng Shanmeng’s words echoed with a hint of worry.

Wang Lin acted as if he hadn’t heard it. His finger still touched the restriction and the deduction in his eyes became even faster.

“Ancient Soul Restriction… With the soul as the core, fuse it into the restriction so that it could be ever-changing like a living being. The stronger the soul, the stronger the seal… This restriction is not hard!”

At the fifth hour, Wang Lin suddenly closed his eyes and sharply pointed at the restriction. The restriction suddenly collapsed and the phantom of a python appeared. However, before it could move, Wang Lin grabbed it and crushed it. However, it didn’t dissipate. Wang Lin formed a seal and the black gas turned back into a restriction. It flew back to its original location.

“This is the first one…” Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at the restriction he had studied and taken full control of. His gaze was calm and he looked at Fan Shanmeng.

“No rush, there is still enough time.”

Fang Shanmeng frowned. Although Wang Lin had broken one restriction, this deck contained an unimaginable amount of restrictions. This was merely the periphery; there were still the inner restrictions.

“Five hours to break one. At this speed, I fear Fellow Cultivator could only break a dozen or so in three days. You…” Just as Fan Shanmeng spoke popping sound echoed around Wang Lin.

She was gobsmacked as she watched nine restrictions collapse with a wave of Wang Lin’s hand. They all collapsed into black gas and then reformed back into restrictions that returned to their original positions.

“This…” Fan Shanmeng took a deep breath. However, before she could finish inhaling, her eyes widened and was filled with disbelief.

Wang Lin waved his right hand again and thunderous rumbles echoed. The restrictions that formed the deck all collapsed. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of restrictions all collapsed into black gas, forming a storm.

After just a few short breaths, there were no restrictions remaining within a few thousand feet of Wang Lin. The storm eventually split back into restrictions and returned to their original positions. Fan Shanmeng’s shock had just begun.

“I have embarrassed myself before Fellow Cultivator.” Wang Lin revealed a faint smile.

Fan Shanmeng took a deep breath and forced out a smile. She nodded. “Fellow Cultivator’s comprehension of restrictions is indeed extraordinary. However, there are tens of millions of restrictions on this deck, and Fellow Cultivator has only comprehended 1% of them. It is rare… but…”

Wang Lin raised his right hand with the Annihilation Restriction in his hand and his eyes lit up. This caused Fan Shanmeng to stop talking. Wang Lin waved his hand and the Annihilation restriction spread across the deck.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and all the Annihilation Restrictions on this deck trembled and collapsed. Out of the tens of millions of restrictions here, millions were Annihilation Restrictions. They all collapsed and the Soul Devil Ship trembled violently.

At the same time, the Life and Death Restriction and the Time Restriction appeared in Wang Lin’s right hand. He swept across the entire teck, and in less than 15 minutes, countless restrictions collapsed. Black gas filled the air.

The black gas filled the area. Even the eyes of the Seven-Colored Daoist outside narrowed and he took a closer look.

There was no need to even talk about Fan Shanmeng, who had her vision blocked by the black gas. She stared at all of this and her mind went blank.

“Five hours… How can this be? Although the restrictions on the deck are only the outer layer, it is impossible for it to be completely solved in just five hours. He also didn’t simply just resolve them, he completely took control… This… This…”

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the black gas all dissipated and turned back to restrictions. Now more than half of the tens of millions of restrictions on the deck belonged to Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. He raised his right hand and four restrictions floated over his palm. These four restrictions were all different; they were the four great restrictions!

Breaking the restrictions on the deck was not difficult for Wang Lin, but he wanted to learn the Ancient Soul Restriction. Wang Lin had spent those five hours studying only one restriction, and comprehending that restriction was the same as comprehending the Ancient Soul Restriction!

After all, Wang Lin wasn’t ignorant about the Ancient Soul Restriction, as he had studied the Ancient Soul Restriction he had obtained from the Fallen Land. However, although it looked complete, it still had defects. It was those defects that obstructed his enlightenment.

However, the Ancient Soul Restriction on the deck was different, it was complete!

The current Wang Lin was no longer the youth on the restriction mountain who had only studied restrictions for a few years. The current Wang Lin was a mid stage Spirit Void cultivator, and with his comprehension and understanding of restrictions, five hours was enough to see through everything!

Wang Lin stood up and waved his hand. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the remaining restrictions on the deck all collapsed. These included Ancient Soul Restrictions and other mysterious restrictions Wang Lin had never seen before.

He didn’t have time to comprehend all those restrictions he had never seen before. He only looked at them briefly and memorized them before destroying them by force.

This method might make the strength of the restrictions on the deck to become weaker, but it would allow Wang Lin to create an opening on the Soul Devil Ship in a short period of time!

After thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin took control of all the restrictions on the deck before Fan Shanmeng’s shocked gaze. Wang Lin was now the owner of the deck. His eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at Fan Shanmeng.

“This ship has nine layers. This deck is the first layer, and there are eight more bellow! Fellow Cultivator, you said that if I break the restrictions on this ship, you will gift it to me?”

Fan Shanmeng’s expression turned pale. When the first layer of the Soul Devil Ship was broken, she found that her control over the ship had been taken away. Now it was as if this treasure had two owners!

She could have never imagined such a shocking change could occur in just five hours.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, Wang Lin shook his head with a smile. His body flickered and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was on the second layer of the Soul Devil Ship.

Staring at where Wang Lin disappeared, there was a hint of coldness in Fan Shanmeng’s eyes.

“So what if he broke through one layer? The restrictions on the ship become even more difficult the deeper one goes. I don’t believe a mere ant cultivator like him could control this Devil Soul Ship!”

Time passed. One hour, two hours, three hours. In the blink of an eye, it had been seven hours. A full day of time passed by in the blink of an eye. The seven-colored light outside had become even more glaring, and the Soul Devil Boat shook even more intensely. A majority of the outer barrier had been broken by the Seven-Colored Daoist.

Just as the seventh hour passed, a shocking aura came from the second layer. The Soul Devil Ship trembled violently.

“Impossible!” Fan Shanmeng stood up. The shock in her eyes could not be hidden by any light. A portion of her control over the ship had been taken. Before, she was unable to come here with her body and could only use 30% of the ship’s power. Now that Wang Lin had taken even more control away, she only had a bit more control than him.

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