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Chapter 1696 - The Guest Becomes the Host

When Fan Shanmeng heard Wang Lin’s words, her eyes shined. She smiled, but just as she was about to speak, the ship shook violently.

This tremble came from outside like a violent wind. This caused the ship to tremble, and a loud rumble echoed inside. The ship was pushed back several hundred kilometers.

This suddenly change caused Fan Shanmeng’s expression to change, and she looked outside the ship.

Wang Lin leaped up and floated three inches off the deck as he drifted with the boat. His eyes shined as he looked outside.

Outside the Soul Devil Ship, the Seven-Colored Daoist continued to wave his hand, and every wave created a large amount of wind. The wind collided with the protective barrier around the ship, causing it to collapse layer by layer. Soon, a small portion was missing.

“It’s fine, he can’t open the Soul Devil Ship without several days of time!” Fan Shanmeng let out a cold snort as she withdrew her gaze from outside. She looked at Wang Lin and began talking again.

“The altar you are talking about is something my little sister obtained by accident. I contains the power of the ancient one inside, but she can’t break it with her cultivation, and there is no need to break it. However, it is different for you.

“If you can break the protection on the altar and gain its inheritance, your cultivation level will increase greatly. This altar is in the deepest part of the Soul Devil Ship. Are you going now? However, you will only have three days. In these three days, I can control the Soul Devil Ship and escape from the Seven-Colored Daoist, but at most it will only be three days.”

“Three days… Is not enough.” Wang Lin frowned, and at this moment, the ship shook once again. It seemed the Seven-Colored Daoist had begun attacking with even stronger spells, and the ship seemed like it was on the verge of collapsing.

Wang Lin didn’t reveal what he was thinking as he slowly said, “There’s no need to rush with the Oath of Blood. I’m very interested in your Soul Devil Ship. Three days should be enough for me to study it.” 

“You want to study the restrictions on this ship?” Fan Shanmeng was startled. Whether it was her or her sister, they didn’t know of Wang Lin’s talent for restrictions. When she heard Wang Lin’s words, she revealed a strange expression. After a long time, she spoke,

“This Soul Devil Ship is a treasure of my Great Soul Sect. Although it is not top-ranked, it is still a mid-ranked treasure. Forget you, not even I have fully understood it.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, I recommend you use these three days to try the altar. If you can absorb the power inside, your cultivation level will surely increase.” Fan Shanmeng’s words were gentle, but her meaning was obvious. She didn’t think Wang Lin was qualified to study this ship and even thought Wang Lin’s words were extremely absurd.

“This child is only a mere ant cultivator of the cave world, yet he wants to study a treasure of my Great Soul Sect? It is simply ridiculous! He simply overestimating himself!”

“Oh? Could it be that Fellow Cultivator is afraid that I’ll take over the ship once I understand the restrictions?” Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile as he looked at Fan Shanmeng.

Wang Lin was well aware of what she was thinking. In his life, he had been able to clearly see through everyone other than the All-Seer.

The two sisters clearly knew that the Seven-Colored Daoist would end up chasing after them. After delaying for a bit to wait for the Seven-Colored Daoist to catch up, they used him to lure Wang Lin to this Soul Devil Ship.

This ship was a hidden threat, and the Seven-Colored Daoist was an open threat. Although they hadn’t threatened him on the surface, this was more effective than any kind of threat.

In this situation, it seemed Wang Lin could only listen to their suggestion and exchange the Oath of Blood. It felt like there was no other way out of this situation. As a result, Wang Lin would be in a completely passive situation, with the other side holding the initiative.

In truth, it was indeed as Wang Lin had thought, these two sisters indeed had such a plan. Perhaps if it was anyone beside Wang Lin, they could only listen to avoid the danger for now.

However, with Wang Lin’s wisdom, he wouldn’t easily believe their words. He still liked to take matters into his own hands, to be a master of his own life.

At this moment, the Soul Devil Ship was being controlled by the sisters. Even if Wang Lin went to the altar, everything would be under their control. To exaggerate it a bit, Wang Lin felt no sense of security while being in someone else’s treasure.

Also, how could Wang Lin give up so easily? He was extremely cunning and his words contained a hidden meaning!

If he could really understand the Soul Devil Ship and take control of it, not only would the issue of the Seven-Colored Daoist be resolved, but he would also escape the trap the sisters had set.

Fan Shanmeng’s expression stiffened for a moment, but it soon returned to normal. She revealed a smile and spoke softly,

“Fellow Cultivator Wang is funny. Since you’re confident, you can study this ship. This little one will wait on the side.” Although she said this, she sneered in her heart. She didn’t believe Wang Lin was qualified.

“Fellow Cultivator seems a bit unhappy, but you can relax. Even if I comprehend all the restrictions and take control, I won’t keep it; I will return it to you,” Wang Lin spoke slowly while maintaining a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Fan Shanmeng calmly looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “Fellow Cultivator is that confident? That’s fine as well. If you’re that confident in understanding the restrictions on this ship, then there is no problem in gifting this ship to you!

“However, if you can’t, then let’s not waste any more time. Let us exchange the Oath of Blood and I’ll send you to safety.”

“No problem, let me look at it first. If I can’t succeed, then I’ll naturally give up.” Wang Lin was waiting for this. He looked calm and didn’t even look at Fan Shanmeng. He sat down and his divine sense slowly reached out and he began studying the deck.

There was a hidden sense of coldness in Fan Shanmeng’s eyes. She had to obtain Wang Lin’s Oath of Blood. With it, she could get her teacher to help her and use a strange spell which she was confident could turn Wang Lin into her puppet. He would be an important piece to killing the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

“Although he is extremely cautious, I don’t believe he can take control of the Soul Devil Ship. He may have some understanding of restrictions, but he is, after all, merely an ant of the cave world. How could an ant like him comprehend the restrictions from the Immortal Astral Continent?

“This matter is simply ridiculous. I want to see how he tries to study them. After he fails, if he still won’t give me his Blood of Oath, I have other ways of dealing with him!” There was coldness hidden in Fan Shanmeng’s eyes, but she revealed a gentle smile on the surface as she looked at Wang Lin.

As Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out, the ancient god stars between his eyebrows appeared, forming a vortex. The demon and devil stars in his left and right eyes also appeared. The power of the three ancient clans fused to form ancient one power. A shadow of the ancient one suddenly appeared around Wang Lin.

The ancient shadow immediately shrouded Wang Lin and also sat there. If you looked from afar, it was a shocking sight.

The ancient one shadow had its size changed; the one around Wang Lin now was only a few hundred feet tall. However, it still looked like a small hill and completely protected Wang Lin.

This scene caused Fan Shanmeng to frown.

“This person is a bit too careful…”

Only with the ancient power protecting his entire body did Wang Lin relax, and his divine sense calmly extended into the deck. Just as his divine sense entered, a rejection force came from the deck, pretending his divine sense from going further.

This invisible force was formed by the restriction of the deck. It allowed Wang Lin to look at it from the outside but not see the internal structure of the deck.

Fan Shanmeng sneered in her heart. This Soul Searching Ship was her Great Soul Sect’s treasure, so she understood it well.

“Without a profound understanding of restrictions, just the rejection force is enough…” Just as she was thinking this in her mind, she was startled and stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin waved his right hand inside the ancient one shadow. Tens, hundreds, thousands… in the blink of an eye, nearly one million handprints appeared before him.

These restriction handprints overlapped and gave off a ghostly flow. In an instant, the one million handprints fused into one and Wang Lin’s hand hit the deck.

This hit caused the deck to tremble, and even the entire ship trembled a few times. A ripple spread from Wang Lin’s hand and swept past Fan Shanmeng. It spread across nearly 30% of the deck.

After the ripple spread, the deck was different in Wang Lin’s eyes. It was as if the veil covering the source had been removed. This ship didn’t have a deck at all, it was formed by restrictions that were condensed together.

Those restrictions were all completely different and were densely packed together. They gave off a ghostly light.

“He broke the protection on the restrictions on the deck!! He doesn’t just simply know some restrictions, his mastery of restrictions is extremely high…” Fan Shanmeng took a deep breath and her gaze toward Wang Lin immediately changed.

“No wonder he is so confident, but so what if his restriction mastery is extraordinary? The restrictions that exist in this cave world are merely a part of those that exist in the Immortal Astral Continent. In just three short days, he could never take full control!” Fan Shanmeng silently pondered and sneered.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and he pointed at one of the restrictions. Deduction began to flash through his eyes.

“This deck is only the perimeter of this ship, but it contains tens of thousands of restrictions. Three days of time is indeed a bit hasty…”

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