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Chapter 1691 - Can’t Be Wrong?

All this destruction caused Wang Lin to cough out blood, and his body began to fragment under the rumbles. He was constantly pushed back. As his right index finger continued to resist, he  formed a seal with his left hand and waved.

The stars trembled with this wave and the exact same palmprint appeared. It was the War Spirit Print!

After the War Spirit Print appeared, it followed Wang Lin’s wave and collided with the Sovereign’s palmprint.

A thunderous rumble echoed. The instant the invincible War Spirit Print collided with the Sovereign’s palmprint, it collapsed. Wang Lin was knocked back and large amounts of blood flowed out from his mouth. This was only his first collision with the Sovereign and he was already seriously injured.

However, the Sovereign’s palmprint only paused for a moment before continuing forward. Wang Lin looked up and revealed a fierce expression as he pointed upward. Bursts of seven-colored light appeared, forming a lance that shot toward the palmprint.

Both sides began colliding once more, setting off monstrous sounds. Wang Lin’s body was swept by the wind and he retreated more than 10,000 feet. His hands were trembling and his legs were covered in blood.

However, the big palmprint didn’t disintegrate, though it had dissipated slightly and wasn’t as solid as before. The palmprint howled as it descended upon Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with madness. The power of the Sovereign was not outside his expectations; this was the power of an Arcane Tribulant cultivator. As the palmprint closed in, the fire in Wang Lin’s left eye and the thunder in his right eye appeared. The three ethereal essences and the slaughter essence rumbled. The six essences in his body formed six illusory swords.

With one wave, these six swords shot out toward the palmprint. Wang Lin clenched his teeth, and rather than retreating, he charged forward.

The six swords instantly closed in on the palmprint and stabbed it. Ripples spread out, and as the swords attacked the palmprint, Wang Lin charged forward. He had a fierce expression as he raised his hand, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Tearing the Heavens!” The Tearing the Heavens spell Wang Lin had learned from Ye Mo’s child was used. He grabbed space itself and mercilessly tore it open!

The space before Wang Lin trembled and a rift was ripped open before him. Borrowing the power of tearing space itself, the palmprint was also torn open!

At this instant, an ancient one shadow appeared behind Wang Lin. This was different from before; it was no longer just a head but had a vague body!

This body was the ancient one’s body. Although Wang Lin hadn’t had time to refine those eight drops of blood, it had appeared.

This vague ancient one figure also opened its arms and tore at the palmprint following Wang Lin’s movement!

The star domain trembled as an indescribable power ripped it open. It ripped opened the operation of the heavens and ripped open the Sovereign’s palmprint!

The palmprint collapsed!

The six swords also shattered and returned back to Wang Lin’s body in fragments. Wang Lin’s hands were a bloody mess. The power of that spell relied on his fingers!

Even the ancient one shadow behind Wang Lin suddenly collapsed.

Wang Lin was knocked back. He coughed out large amounts of blood and blood sprayed out from his body. His face was pale, but the madness in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by calmness.

It was as everything before was merely a play!

“This is the power of a peak Arcane Void cultivator that has entered Arcane Tribulant. Without the Li Guang Bow, I’m no match…” Wang Lin staggered back as sharp pain washed over his body. His origin soul had been damaged by the rebound shockwave.

All of this happened very fast. Although the palmprint had dissipated, the Sovereign laughed loudly. He was finally certain that Wang Lin didn’t have the power to pull the bow a third time. Now that he had no worries, he walked toward Wang Lin with a cruel grin.

“Wang Lin, I want to see where you will run this time!! I have already sealed this star domain, you can’t escape!” The Sovereign was filled with joy. He had waited three years for this day!

Just as the Sovereign closed in, howls echoed from the distance. Ripples spread and the seventh concubine walked out with a sullen expression. At the same time, Dao Master Miao Yin and Devil Master Nine Heaven came from another direction toward Wang Lin.

Three of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System and the seventh celestial imperial concubine. Any one of them could shake the Inner and Outer Realms, but at this moment, they had all come to kill Wang Lin!

Seeing all four of them appear, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He had been waiting for all four of them to appear! Only then could he complete the first step of his plan!

Destroy the Outer Realm’s Ancient Star System and cause chaos in the cave world so the powers were no longer in balance. This was the first step of Wang Lin’s plan, but how could he not realize that this would leave him trapped in the Ancient Star System only to be hunted?

His eyes shined. Just as the Sovereign was about to close in, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. His left hand reached forward and the Li Guang Bow suddenly appeared in his hands!

The moment the Li Guang Bow appeared, the Sovereign’s expression changed greatly. He subconsciously stopped and even retreated more than 1,000 feet. His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

“Impossible!! You only have the power of two shots, I can’t be wrong, impossible. You’re just taking out the bow to make a fool of us. You can’t draw that bow!” The Sovereign couldn’t accept such a thing. He couldn’t accept his plans being wrong again and again. This kind of blow was extremely deadly to him and could break his confidence, shake his dao heart!

At this moment, not only did the Sovereign retreat, but even the seventh concubine stopped and no longer moved forward. Dao Master Miao Yin and Devil Master Nine Heaven also stopped, and their expressions changed greatly.

The Sovereign’s face turned pale, then madness filled his eyes and he roared at Wang Lin, “You’re pretending to be mysterious!!”

However, just as he roared, he suddenly stopped as he saw Wang Lin’s right hand grab the bowstring and mercilessly pull back.

There was a buzz. This beautiful sound terrified the Sovereign. The memory of his death three years ago couldn’t be suppressed and drowned him.

“Impossible!! This is absolutely impossible!! Even if you can draw the bow, you don’t have the celestial energy to trigger the arrow to appear…” The Sovereign retreated, his face deathly pale.  

However, just at this moment, a ghostly light flashed on the bow Wang Lin had drawn, and the arrow that suppressed all life appeared!

Holding the bow, he locked onto the Sovereign and the others that had come. He raised his left hand and pointed the arrow at the Sovereign!

The Sovereign’s face turned deathly pale after being pointed at by the arrow. The biggest blow came from his mind. His plans had collapsed again and again before Wang Lin. Even though he was sure this time, in the end, he found that he was wrong once more...

“This old man refuses to believe!! All of this is false. Although you have summoned the arrow, you don’t have the celestial energy to shoot this arrow. I don’t believe it, I’m willing to bet on this!!” The Sovereign went mad. Instead of retreating, he rushed toward Wang Lin. His expression was twisted as his hands formed a seal and the giant palmprint appeared once more.

A giant, illusory well appeared behind the palmprint. The well suddenly spread and the surrounding star domain seemed to become part of it.

At the same time, a bright, red sun appeared in this star domain that was surrounded by the well’s water. The power of the law of origin appeared.

The Sovereign went crazy. As he moved forward, he hit his forehead with his hand. A fist-sized bone bead suddenly came out of his forehead. The bone bead was grey and gave off a white glow. After it appeared, the Sovereign’s power increased several fold. He then charged straight at Wang Lin.

“I’ll make you believe, make you remember!” Wang Lin closed his cold eyes so the others couldn’t see the golden light in his gaze. He pulled the bow a bit more with his right hand so the bowstring was pulled back a bit more, then he suddenly let go!

The moment he let go, the arrow shot forward as a ray of heaven-shattering light!

The palmprint instantly collapsed and was penetrated by the arrow. Ripples echoed across the well, and as the arrow passed, the well shattered.

As for the sun, it wasn’t able to stop the arrow from passing through. The arrow carried with it a powerful destructive force as it flew toward the Sovereign, who was filled with despair.

“This can’t be…” The arrow was too fast and instantly passed through the Sovereign. His body trembled as the arrowed passed by. His body collapsed and the fragments of his body were knocked tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Dao Master Miao Yin and Devil Master Nine Heaven coughed out blood and their bodies collapsed. Their origin souls were about to escape when Wang Lin waved his sleeves and captured them.

Only the seventh concubine only coughed out a large amount of blood and was seriously injured after the arrow passed. As a celestial imperial concubine, she had a life-saving treasure and luckily survived.

After the arrow whizzed past, the Sovereign’s flesh and blood rapidly reformed and he resurrected once more. He was pale and he looked at Wang Lin with fear he had never shown before. At this moment, he didn’t dare to say he could calculate how many shots Wang Lin could fire!

Without any hesitation, the Sovereign fled like crazy without turning back, just like three years ago.

Just at this moment, a monsterous seven-colored light surged! It was as if someone had come using the seven-colored light and completely lit up this star domain!

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