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Chapter 1685 - A Snake!

There was a giant, spirit stone platform between these two groups of cultivators. The spirit stone platform gave off a powerful aura. It was nearly 10,000 feet wide and looked like a small mountain. Spirit stones of this size were extremely rare.

Wang Lin had cultivated for a long time and had rarely seen spirit stones this large. Although spirit stones were useless to him now, after seeing it, his expression became even more strange.

There was a red dragon coiled on the spirit stone. This dragon was not large; it lazily lied there as the thousands of cultivators carried it. Sometimes it would break off a piece of the spirit stone and throw it into its mouth. It would munch on it before devouring it, revealing a very comfortable expression.

“Celestial Dragon is mighty… Celestial Dragon reveals dao…” The roars from the cultivators made the dragon even more comfortable.

“Hmph, if I hadn’t been trapped in that damn place for so many years, this old dragon could have had a better life in the cave world than outside. That damn Vermillion Bird, that damned Celestial Sovereign, and that damned Sovereign… fortunately, I escaped. Now this is my ideal life… How nice and wonderful this life is… I can’t help but think of my hometown and sing loudly about it…” The red dragon looked very proud. Its claw broke off another piece of spirit stone and threw it into its mouth.

“Two little dragon girls under the Flying Snow Mountain, do you know of my thoughts for you? Your long whiskers, your wonderful bodies, and your alluring eyes…” The red dragon seemed to be a bit too happy and began to hum.

At the same time, its dragon tail seemed to hit the spirit stone in a rhythm. The thousands of surrounding cultivators could only helplessly look at the dragon. To them, its voice was too mournful and contained no taste at all. Whenever this happened, they could only roar loudly to offset its terrifying voice.

“Celestial Dragon reveals dao… Celestial Dragon is mighty…”

This red dragon was the fire dragon that was almost bled dry by the second generation Vermillion Bird in the Fallen Land. The second generation had given the dragon to Wang Lin, but it escaped. Along with the fact that the ancient tomb was opening, Wang Lin didn’t bother with this dragon.

Now, hundreds of years had passed. Just when Wang Lin was about to completely forget about this matter, this pitiful fire dragon appeared in his divine sense.

Just as the those thousands of cultivators came with the dragon, all the divine senses of the third step cultivators that had gathered on Wang Lin moved over following Wang Lin’s gaze.

The fire dragon was still munching on the spirit stones and was still singing proudly. However, at this moment, the dragon trembled. The munching and the singing suddenly stopped.

It blinked its eyes and was filled with confusion. However, this was soon replaced with fear, and its body trembled.

“This… Damn their dragon grandmas, why are there so many divine senses here? Why are they all so bored that their divine senses are gathered here!?”

After being startled for a moment, this silly dragon let out a sobbing roar.

“Back up, back up, quickly go back!!” As it roared, the silly dragon trembled. It had already been very careful in developing its own force. It hadn’t provoked people it didn’t think he could handle, in fear of being caught again. Even though it looked daring, the routes it had taken were carefully selected by him.

It had taken this route more than 10 times and had never encountered any danger. It also had some strange spell to hide its aura, so unless you were deliberately looking for it, this dragon was difficult to find it.

Normally, when it met a cultivator that was weaker than himself, this dragon would display its might and scare that person to obediently become a member of its Celestial Dragon Sect.

However, today it could have never expected that it would rush into a large amount of divine senses halfway through its trip. These divine senses made him tremble; there were many that were strong enough to make him swallow large amounts of dragon saliva.

Its dragon heart pounded rapidly. The red dragon flew off the spirit stone and was about to escape. However, it looked at the panic and confusion of its disciples and struggled a bit before suppressing its fear. It carefully landed back on the spirit stone platform and let out a few dry coughs.

“This Celestial Dragon remembers that there was a pot of pills being refined. We are not going out to play anymore, carry me back to refine those pills!!”

After hearing this, although the surrounding cultivators were still uncertain, they listened the dragon’s order. They carried the giant spirit stone platform and slowly retreated.

However, the spirit stone was too large, so its speed was very slow. The red dragon was extremely anxious, and it felt a sense of greed in those divine senses. It was sad to find that as the spirit stone moved back, those divine senses followed and locked onto it.

“Damn it, all of you, hurry up. If you’re all too slow, this dragon will devour you all!” After that, it still seemed a bit worried and quickly added something.

“That pot of pills of mine is very precious…”

The dragon was in a tense mood and its heart was pounding. It didn’t dare to act too suddenly, because if it suddenly flew away, it would only attract more attention. It could not be impatient, it had to remain calm.

“Celestial Dragon, you’re a celestial dragon, you have to calm down… It’s not a big deal, you just didn’t see them…” The silly dragon encouraged itself and acted like nothing had happened. However, it was really bad at pretending, and as it tried to pretend, it just revealed everything on its face.

After they gradually retreated more than 100,000 feet away, those divine senses all left, much to the joy of the silly dragon.

It seemed that to them, the appearance of the dragon was only an accident. They had no interest toward the dragon, so they all withdrew their divine senses. This was a great surprise for the dragon.

It let out a big breath and made up its mind. After returning home, it wouldn’t leave for 10 years and it would never take this route again. This route was simply too terrifying!

The surrounding cultivators were still in shock and didn’t know what had happened. It was unknown who had started, but in order to please the fire dragon, they all suddenly began to roar loudly.

“The Celestial Dragon reveals the dao, believe my words and avoid world destruction disaster…”

“The Celestial Dragon reveals dao, believe in this apostle. It will take us to the endless Celestial Realm and become immortal. Celestial Dragon is mighty...”

The moment the chanting started, a powerful divine sense came from behind them. This divine sense contained a powerful pressure and almost scared the fire dragon senseless.

“Mighty… What might!! You all, shut up!!” the dragon roared, almost in tears. It thought it had avoided a calamity, but it didn’t expect these people’s roars to attract a divine sense that made it tremble.

It had invented those phrases himself, and it always felt comfortable listening to them. However, now those words were sending it to its grave, and this made the fire dragon let out a miserable roar.

After letting out a roar, the fire dragon quickly turned around. It bowed with both hands clasped, with an expression making it seem as if it was about to cry.

“Hehe, hehe… I’ve disturbed you, I’ve disturbed you. I’ll leave, these little ones don’t know what they are talking about. This little dragon isn’t mighty at all and is certainly not a celestial. I’m a snake, that’s right, just a snake… I just look a bit like a dragon. Hehe, hehe…” The fire dragon shivered and even its words became all jumbled up.

“Hehe, hehe, I won’t disturb you fellow seniors gathering here. You are all busy, so no need to pay any attention to me. I’ll leave on my own… Don’t bother sending me off…” The fire dragon trembled and even abandoned the spirit stone platform as it anxiously escaped.

However, as the fire dragon rapidly retreated, it suddenly stopped. This time it was really about to cry as a white figure with white hair appeared before it. Wang Lin stepped out and looked at the fire dragon with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“It’s you!!” The fire dragon saw Wang Lin and was startled. There was a reason the second generation Vermillion Bird had called it a “silly dragon.” When the dragon saw Wang Lin, it remembered how weak Wang Lin was and completely forgot about the divine sense that made it tremble.

“Damn it, you also dare to stop this dragon? You drank my blood before. Today, this dragon wants you to pay!” The dragon glared at Wang Lin and opened its mouth. A giant ball of fire shot out and devoured everything before it, including Wang Lin.

However, in the next breath, the giant ball of fire suddenly scattered in all directions. Countless fire seeds scattered and lit up the star system.

When the fire ball stopped, the dragon let out a scream of fear. Its body was suddenly thrown backward and its eyes became filled with fear.

Wang Lin walked out from the fire and all the collapsing fire stopped. It gathered toward Wang Lin and formed a burning flame in his left hand.

“Fire dragon…” Wang Lin still had a smile that wasn’t a smile as he looked at the fire dragon.

“I… I’m really just a snake…” The fire dragon trembled and was no longer being silly. It thought about the terrifying aura Wang Lin gave off.

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