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Chapter 1671 - Is it the Left Eye?

As the dozens of ancient fierce beasts charged, the formation distorted. The Nether Beast that hadn’t appeared for a while suddenly appeared before Wang Lin!

The size of the Nether Beast was difficult to describe; just its shadow completely occupied the area. Just seeing its large shadow would give one a powerful sense of pressure.

The shadow was rapidly expanding, and the dozens of ancient fierce beasts that were ramming the formation all stopped to look at the Nether Beast.

A tremble from the memories in their souls filled their minds. The dozens of fierce beasts all trembled and retreated while roaring.

It was as if this fear from the depths of their souls made them not dare to fight!

As the Nether Beast’s body slowly formed, the dozens of fierce beasts all retreated. The Nether Beast appeared!

The moment the beast appeared, half of its body extended out of the formation. Because it was too large, its body stretched out enough to almost touch the Outer Realm cultivators.

It was only 10 feet from a cultivator!

That cultivator was a middle-aged man, and his origin soul was already injured. At this moment, he was traumatized as he stared at the giant beast, and he lost all ability to think.

The Nether Beast was also stunned, and confusion filled its eyes. It was still wondering where it was as it looked at the countless Outer Realm cultivators that were staring at it. It looked at the dozens of retreating ancient fierce beasts that looked extremely terrifying in its eyes.

Its timid nature immediately erupted and its body subconsciously trembled.

This trembling caused the star system to tremble, and a ripple swept across the area.

That’s when it spotted the cultivator that was only 10 feet away from it. This caused it to freeze.

The middle-aged cultivator’s face was deathly pale, and after a brief moment of silently staring at the Nether Beast, he let out a terrifying scream. He frantically retreated and waved his hands as if he had forgotten about spells or seals. He just subconsciously waved, forgetting everything due to fear.

However, his scream also scared the timid Nether Beast to the point of making it tremble. The confusion in its eyes was replaced with fear, and it also let out a frightened roar.

It rarely ever came close to someone like this, and the fear it felt was enough to make it pass out. However, its roar scared the wits out of the middle-aged man. He actually coughed out blood and used blood escape to run away.

This blood light and the roar of the dozens of retreating fierce beasts caused the timid Nether Beast to roar once more. Its fear seemed to have reached a peak.

In its memory, it couldn’t remember if it had seen those fierce beasts before. However, at this moment, it was completely frightened by the appearance of these fierce beasts and that cultivator. These fierce beasts were simply too terrifying, simply too murderous, simply too scary.

As fear filled its entire body, its body shrank. Its body trembled violently and it was about to retreat. Also, it was so scared by the appearance of the fierce beasts that it let out another roar.

This roar came from its mouth and scattered in all directions. The sound wave spread out, replacing all other sounds in the world. It was loud enough to shock the mind of any cultivator.

The dozens of ancient fierce beast origin souls let out miserable roars and fled even faster. Their eyes were filled with fear; the memories from their ancestors made it so they wouldn’t dare to resist at all.

However, their miserable roars caused the Nether Beast to tremble even more. It wanted to retreat, it wanted to leave; it was extremely terrified.

The appearance of the Nether Beast not only scared the dozens of ancient fierce beasts but also the surrounding tens of thousands of cultivators. This was the first time they had seen the Nether Beast, and such a huge beast made them tremble.The frightened roar of the Nether Beast didn’t sound like didn’t make the beast sound like it was scared at all to them. This roar caused them all to retreat in fear.

Even the five third step cultivators’ expressions changed greatly as they retreated.

Although they didn’t know what kinds of spells this fierce beast had, just facing such a large fierce beast caused a pressure to descend upon them.

Only Wang Lin knew that the Nether Beast was completely be frightened and that this shock had surpassed the Nether Beast’s limits. He bitterly smiled as he noticed the Nether Beast’s eyes turn white.

This timid Nether Beast showed signs of passing out. In truth, it was no wonder this was happening; those ancient fierce beasts’ appearances were simply too terrifying.

Wang Lin stepped forward and landed on the Nether Beast. The Nether Beast’s body was different from before; it was not as hard as the past but very soft. Wang Lin had no time to think about this matter as he raised his right hand and gently patted the Nether Beast. He sent out a will to soothe the Nether Beast and also issue an order.

The Nether Beast recovered a bit and the whiteness in its eyes dissipated a bit. However, after hearing Wang Lin’s command, it became even more afraid.

Its big head suddenly jerked as if it was shaking its head. Its fear made it not dare to devour these ancient fierce beasts.

However, its head jerking action shocked the retreating cultivators and the dozens of fierce beasts. No matter how they looked at it, the Nether Beast was about to rush out.

However, the Nether Beast was connected to Wang Lin, and under Wang Lin’s powerful command, it opened its mouth despite its fear. It let out a roar to give itself courage and mercilessly inhaled.

With this, the Nether Beast’s mouth expanded and created a powerful suction force. The dozens of fierce beasts screamed and couldn’t move forward at all. They struggled as they were inhaled into the Nether Beast’s mouth one by one.

Not only them, but those tens of thousands of cultivators were about to be sucked in as well. However, Wang Lin’s hand patted the Nether Beast’s head to stop it from inhaling them.

Wang Lin understood the Nether Beast. Once the Nether Beast absorbed those tens of thousands of cultivators, it would likely go to sleep for many years to digest them. This was something Wang Lin didn’t want and why he didn’t summon the Nether Beast at the battle in Allheaven.

This beast wouldn’t fall asleep from just devouring those ancient fierce beast souls, and a Nether Beast that was awake was more helpful to Wang Lin!

The Nether Beast’s mouth slowly closed before the eyes of the terrified Outer Realm cultivators. However, to the horror of the Outer Realm cultivators, it soon opened its mouth again to let out a trembling hiccup. It looked wronged and there was still fear in its eyes; it was still afraid of the dozens of fierce beasts that it had swallowed.

It didn’t like eating these fierce ancient beasts… They were not tasty, they were terrifying.

The Outer Realm cultivators were terrified as Wang Lin sent out a command for the Nether Beast to return. The Nether Beast didn’t hesitate at all to return to Wang Lin.

This turn of events had frightened it to the point that its body had become soft. It needed a good rest to calm its violently beating heart.

The ancient light that was summoned through the sacrifice of 100,000 origin souls and the dozens of fierce beast chariots were all destroyed before the wheel formation.

However, the Outer Realm cultivators still had one more card left: the giant, stone tablet covered in chains and the nine coffins tied to the chains.

While the Outer Realm cultivators were still terrified by the Nether Beast, the nine runes on the stone tablet flashed. Nine auras rushed along the chains and headed for the nine coffins.

When the auras entered the nine coffins, popping sounds echoed across the star system and the lids of the nine coffins shattered!

When the lids of the coffin broke, long, black hair spread out like weeds from the nine coffins. In the blink of an eye, that long hair filled the stars.

“The ancient emperor god that guarded my Ancient Star System for countless years, your body has been divided into nine parts. Today, the nine will return back to one. I summon your immortal soul to destroy this formation and kill this person!” The five third step cultivators kneeled and bowed at the same time. They bit the tips of their tongues and spat out essence blood. The essence blood was immediately absorbed by the nine coffins covered in a hair.

The remaining tens of thousands Outer Realm cultivators also spat out their essence blood. Their blood was absorbed by the nine coffins.

After the blood was absorbed, a thunderous rumble echoed across the star system and the nine coffins exploded one by one.

The aura of ancient gods, ancient demons, and ancient devils appeared and fused together to from the power of the ancient ones!

This aura belonged to the ancient ones, to Ye Mo!!

Wang Lin’s eyes became extremely serious as he stood inside the formation and stared at the nine coffins. He didn’t expect the Outer Realm to have such pure ancient power!!

“It’s not the left eye! If it were the left eye, the aura would be even stronger. But if it’s not the left eye, then this… What is this?!”

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