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Chapter 1667 - Redrawing the Boundaries

Before Wang Lin, those endless souls clasped their hands and entered the wheel formation. After they all entered, the incredibly large wheel formation gave off a dazzling glow.

This light was gentle to the Inner Realm cultivators, but to the Outer Realm cultivators, it was a painful glare.

Under this light, one could clearly see countless Outer Realm cultivator souls under the giant wheel. They were slowly pushing the wheel like slaves.

As those Outer Realm cultivator slaves pushed, there were many souls from the Inner Realm sitting on the wheel, acting as the formation spirits of this formation!

As the wheel was rotated, a thunderous rumble echoed across the stars. A law of the world was changed. The Inner Realm cultivators could go to the Outer Realm through this formation, but Outer Realm cultivators couldn’t enter!

At the same time, the appearance of this formation didn’t block the aura coming from the Ancient Star System. It only stopped cultivators that didn’t come belong in the Inner Realm: all the clans with a marks between their eyebrows. 

Because of the aura from the Ancient Star System, the Inner Realm could now gather Joss Flames to cultivate. The chain that was around the Inner Realm cultivators disappeared.

As all the souls from the Inner Realm entered the wheel formation, Wang Lin waved his hand. His white hair fluttered without any wind, his eyes revealed a strange light, and he let out a roar.

“Unnamed wheel formation, activate!”

As he roared, the wheel formation rumbled and expanded in a frenzy. As it rotated, it grew to a shocking degree.

This wheel wasn’t just blocking the Cloud Sea from the Outer Realm. Instead, it floated below the Inner Realm and shrouded the entire Inner Realm. If one were too look from far away, they would see it clearly.

The Inner Realm was like a circle, and outside the circle was the Outer Realm.

At this moment, this wheel formation was a large circle below the Inner Realm, completely covering the Inner Realm. Wang Lin waved his hand and the wheel rapidly expanded toward space that belonged to the Outer Realm.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the Inner and Outer Realms. It spread through all the star domains in the cave and caused the cave to tremble.

As the wheel rotated and rapidly expanded, the Outer Realm cultivators retreated in fear. Some of them were too slow and were hit by the wheel. They let out miserable screams as their bodies collapsed and their origin souls were drawn into the formation below. They joined the slaves that were pushing the formation!

As the wheel rapidly expanded, the Inner Realm was expanded indefinitely. All the areas shrouded by the wheel would belong to the Inner Realm!

This was an invasion, an undisguised invasion!

Wang Lin murmured, “The person who created the Realm Sealing Formation was not fair. Why was the Inner Realm only given this much space? Today, I, Wang Lin, will redraw the region with this nameless wheel!”

As the wheel formation expanded, the Inner Realm instantly expanded by 20%. The expansion of the Inner Realm meant that the Outer Realm had shrunk.

There were countless planets within those 20% of expansion. The mortals remained, but all the cultivators with a marks between their eyebrows escaped. If they were too late to run, their bodies would turn to ashes and their origin souls and souls would become slaves to the formation.

“In the countless years, because of battles between cultivators, many innocent mortals died. Your souls can’t live forever like cultivators’ souls, but you still exist. You are all innocent. Today I, Wang Lin, send you back into the reincarnation cycle with this wheel!” Wang Lin raised his hand and pointed up at the void.

The space in the Inner Realm trembled. Smoke-like auras appeared in all directions and gathered before Wang Lin. They formed an invisible vortex before Wang Lin. This  vortex contained the souls of mortals, which far outnumbered cultivators.

The vortex formed by the souls roared beside Wang Lin. As Wang Lin waved his hand, the vortex moved toward the expanding wheel.

In an instant, those endless mortal souls entered the wheel formation. Borrowing the wheel, they were sent into the existing reincarnation cycle of the heavens.

When the mortal souls entered the formation, their strength helped the formation expand from 20% to 30%!

“I, Wang Lin, as an Inner Realm cultivator, will guard this place for three years. For these three years, I will give up everything and enter the formation to become the first formation spirit!” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he stepped forward and his body fused with the formation. A ray of light shined as his body completely fused with the formation. He then sat down and the wheel formation expanded to 40%.

The Inner Realm was now 40% larger than before. At this moment, the wheel formation seemed to reach a limit and stopped spreading. A burst of light spread out and seemed to spread endlessly. The entire Inner Realm seemed to be shrouded in a cylindrical light!

Wang Lin’s body fused with the formation at the Cloud Sea. He sat down and the Emperor Furnace appeared before him. He closed his eyes and began his three years of guarding!

This upheaval had caused the Inner Realm to expand by 40%. The four star systems had expanded and countless cultivation planets with no cultivators had appeared in the Inner Realm.

It was like injecting life into the Inner Realm!

However, for the Outer Realm, it was a deep blow. Until now, the Sovereign still hadn’t appeared. He was sitting in his other palace, staring at where Wang Lin was.

“He only has the power of two shots… It can’t be wrong, only two shots! However, my three-life spell was already used once before, so now there is only one life left… I must make him use the other two shots during these three years! Once the power of the bow is gone, he won’t survive even one blow from me!”

The Sovereign’s expression was gloomy and there was coldness in his eyes. His fear of Wang Lin had surpassed the person who had forced him to leave the Inner Realm with one roar.

“Master Miao Yun, Devil Master Nine Heaven, and Great Desolation are all trapped in the Ancient Tomb along with the fourth concubine… If those four can come out, then they might be able to absorb those shots!” The Sovereign stood up and was about to leave when he stopped. His eyes lit up and he raised his right hand and a jade appeared.

He left a strand of divine sense in the jade and then threw it. The jade disappeared without a trace.

“ Sovereign Council, listen to this order. Gather all remaining forces and launch an attack on the newly formed formation. Destroy it within three years at all costs!

“All third step cultivators in the Ancient Star System, listen to my order and head to the Sovereign Council. Listen to their orders and destroy this formation!”

“All fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivators from all clans, gather at the Sovereign Council and accept Void Puppet refinement. If you disobey, your entire clan will be destroyed!

“Open the Sovereign Council treasure house and take out the ancient secret summon. Take the blood of 100,000 cultivators to open the ancient imperial order!:

The Sovereign’s expression was gloomy and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. After sending out a series of ordres, he flew off into the distance.

“And there is also Dao Master Blue Dream. The body of the fifth concubine is his wife, and his wife’s soul still exists within the fifth concubine…” The Sovereign silently pondered for a moment before he revealed a decisive gaze and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was on Mount Blue of the Blue Silk Clan. The Sovereign floated there, listening to the sad tune. After a long time, he waved his sleeve and spoke toward the cabin on top of the mountain.

“Old friend Blue Dream, do you know what happened in the Inner Realm?”

The zither music echoed and it took a while before it calmed down. Dao Master Blue Dream’s voice came from the house.

“I know.”

“If you can lure out one shot from him, I vow to use the power of my celestial bloodline to do whatever it takes to help you force the soul of the fifth concubine out!”

Silence came from the cabin.

The Sovereign was certain Blue Dream wouldn’t refuse. After he spoke, he turned around and disappeared without a trace.

When he appeared again, he was next to a rift in the Ancient Star System. He didn’t enter, but his eyes lit up and his powerful divine sense spread out.

“Seventh concubine, you have been in closed door cultivation until now and your injuries have long recovered. If you don’t act, then our agreement will be void!”

After a long time, a calm voice came from the rift.

“I will act.”

The Sovereign looked at the rift and left.

He went to many places and summoned all the forces in the Ancient Star System. Eventually, he appeared deep within the Ancient Star System, where there were nine fragments floating together to form a circular continent.

There was an invisible formation shrouding this area. Unless one had the celestial bloodline, they couldn’t step into this formation.

The Sovereign respectfully stood on one of the fragments and bowed.

“Disciple greets Teacher!”

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