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Chapter 1646 - Being Drunk With Situ

After one day, Wang Lin left the Ancient Celestial Realm with the vow from the four generals.

The Ancient Celestial Realm could only be entered or exited through the rift created by divine retribution. This rift was part of the seal on the Ancient Celestial Realm, and anyone with the bloodline from the Immortal Astral Continent would find it difficult to leave through the rift unless everyone worked together to send one person out like what they did with the Lord of the Sealed Realm.

Perhaps the Heaven Defying Bead was the most important thing here!

Before entering the Ancient Celestial Realm, Wang Lin had a lot of speculations, but now, upon leaving, he understood a lot. After stepping out from the rift, Wang Lin looked back at it and watched it slowly close before letting out a sigh.

Looking at the space before him, for the first time, this space seemed to be ethereal, as if it didn’t exist.

Wang Lin could not tell others that the Inner and Outer Realms were only part of a cave. Even if he told people, very few would believe him, and those that did would only go crazy.

Looking at this star system, Wang Lin silently pondered.

Outside planet Suzaku, the divine retribution clouds had long disappeared. The thousands of cultivators, including Situ Nan and company, were still waiting for Wang Lin’s return.

When they saw Wang Lin’s figure appear, cheers began to echo. The eyes of the thousands of cultivators had feverish gazes as they called Wang Lin’s name and called out “Lord of the Sealed Realm.”

Listening to their words, Wang Lin silently pondered even more. He vaguely felt confused.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm… The previous Lord of the Celestial Realm was only a pawn of the Celestial Sovereign. He was not a person from the Inner Realm, he came from the Immortal Astral Continent, he had the bloodline of a celestial… He didn’t come to the Inner Realm to help but to set up plan all for the sake of the Celestial Sovereign… He was an inflexible person. Perhaps, over the years, he felt mercy toward the people here and all those things happened...

“However, at the end of the day, he didn’t belong here, he was an outsider…”

The waves of cheers felt like they were really far from Wang Lin. After understanding everything, Wang Lin felt confused about the title of Lord of the Sealed Realm.

His silent pondering was gradually noticed by the thousands of cultivators. Their cries slowly dissipated and their gazes locked onto Wang Lin as he walked over.

Looking at the faces before him, his heart was filled with bitterness. He wanted to tell them “all of you, all of us are just living in a cave. The sky we see is not the real sky, the earth we see is not the real earth.

“Out battles against the Outer Realm were only a game to others. Even the spells and dao we cultivate are all false.

“Everything is false, nothing is real.”

The only thing that was real was the the blood, the pain, and all the corpses piled up over the countless years.

But how could he say it? There was no way for him to tell these fanatical fellow cultivators the cruel truth.

At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly thought of Daoist Scattered Spirit from the 7 Million Worlds. He suddenly felt a connection with Daoist Scattered Spirit as their experiences were very similar.

However, Daoist Scattered Spirit was more fortunate than Wang Lin because he believe he had come to the real world and left the fake world.

Wang Lin’s silence and confusion were noticed by Situ Nan, which made him confused. He didn’t understand what Wang Lin had encountered inside the rift. He was so high spirited when he entered, but now he was depressed.

Wang Lin silently walked forward and arrived next to Situ Nan. His confused eyes were also tired, and he softly said, “Situ, do you have wine? I want to get drunk again… One last time…”

“I do!” Situ Nan didn’t ask why and instead nodded.

“If you want to become drunk, then I’ll accompany you!”

On a no-name mountain on planet Suzaku, Wang Lin and Situ Nan sat down. They watched the sky darken and silently drank wine.

No one came to disturb the two of them. The thousands of cultivators sat down on the planet and cultivated. They were waiting for Wang Lin to descend from the mountain. They were waiting for Wang Lin to take them to Allheaven, to save Allheaven and protect the Inner Realm!

“Situ, why do people live…” As Wang Lin sipped wine, the confusion in his eyes became even stronger.

“In order to breath!” Situ silently pondered and put down the wine jug in his hand. He looked at Wang Lin’s appearance and frowned. He then asked,

“What was that rift?”

Wang Lin shook his head and revealed a bitter smile. He picked up the wine and drank another big gulp.

“Do you remember how we got drunk many years ago?” Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan and recalled the past.

“That time, I got drunk when I was in confusion. I didn’t want to cultivate, I didn’t know why I cultivated. Cultivation brought no happiness… There was only tiredness and endless life and death crises. I had killed a lot of people, I have killed a lot…” Wang Lin began to laugh as he drank.

“That time, I told you I didn’t understand why people cultivated. For longevity? But what’s the point of living a long time? All you get is to watch people around you grow old, watch lovers die, watch loved one scatter, watch friends close their eyes. In the end, the only thing that remains is an indifferent heart!

“With a tired body, even if such a life lasts for a long time, so what? This is longevity! Situ, you brought me into the cultivator world. Tell me, is this longevity?” Wang Lin drank all the wine and threw the wine jug to the side.

“Cultivators don’t need to cut off their emotions… When we were on planet Suzaku and you just started cultivating, you were reluctant to let your parents go, reluctant to cut off your earthly attachments. You didn’t want to cut them off… This was how I answered you.

“Since you can’t cut it and don’t want to cut it, you will naturally feel pain. If you died, then it wouldn’t have mattered, but you didn’t die. You cultivated for more than 2,000 years and reached this cultivation level. This is why you’re confused, why you ask me what longevity is!

“Longevity, longevity, there is no longevity in this life. The so-called longevity is to allow yourself to live longer, allow yourself to become stronger, allow yourself to become free so one one can order you around.

“We are all damn afraid of death; we don’t want to die, so we pursue longevity. This old man doesn’t believe you don’t understand this!”

Situ Nan drank an entire jug of wine and threw it to the side before he shouted at Wang Lin, “Look at yourself, what did you see inside that rift? Tell this old man!” 

“Peak… I didn’t reach the peak. Even if I reached the peak, so what? I understand, but I’m not the same as you. I never wanted to cultivate. When I was young, I did it for my parents so they wouldn’t be disappointed in me. I clenched my teeth and went to the Heng Yue Sect!

“But the result? Fate made a fool out of us. I cultivated for my parents, but that eventually led to their deaths. After that, I cultivated for revenge; I became a demon and killed the entire Teng family. Blood flowed like a river!

“After getting my revenge, I was confused. I watched Da Niu grow up and watched his parents die. I watched his entire life. I didn’t know what I should do, I didn’t know where my path was...

“It wasn’t until Wan Er died that I began to cultivate in order to revive her...

“I wanted to become stronger and survive. I wasn’t willing to die before Wan Er woke up. I wanted to take her back from fate. Then I became the Lord of the Sealed Realm. I became famous through the battle between the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm.

I didn’t want any of this, It’s not what I want! I didn’t want to become the Lord of the Sealed Realm, I still don’t!” Wang Lin looked at Situ and picked up a wine jug. He drank half of the jug and allowed the wine to flow from the corner of his mouth.

“You!” Situ Nan looked at Wang Lin and saw the confusion in his eyes. He was unable to say a word. He let out a sigh and began to drink in anger.

“Since you aren’t willing to tell this old man what you saw inside that rift, then this old man won’t ask, OK?”

The two of them became silent and both continued to drink wine until a glimpse of light appeared in the horizon, signalling the sunrise. 

Wang Lin softly said, “That rift led to the Ancient Celestial Realm…”

Situ Nan was startled, then he suddenly stood up and looked up at the sky. It was as if his gaze was going to pierce the sky and see the rift that had appeared before.

“Ancient Celestial Realm!! That place is actually the legendary Ancient Celestial Realm!! There are real celestials there! Did you see a celestial?” Situ Nan gasped and shock filled his eyes.

“I saw them, and I killed a celestial!” Wang Lin revealed a bitter expression and took a gulp of wine.

Situ Nan was startled and stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, he blinked and smiled bitterly.

“Then what? With your personality, you wouldn’t just leave after killing them. Could it be that you searched this celestial’s memory?”

Wang Lin silently pondered and his eyes revealed a complicated gaze. He drank all the wine in the jug in his hand and threw it to the side before looking up at Situ Nan.

“I searched the memory of the celestial and found out a secret about the existence of the Inner and Outer Realms…”

“Situ, if I told you that the Inner and Outer Realms are both fake, that they’re just an illusion… Would you believe it..

“If I told you that you and me, all the fellow cultivators we know, the world we grew up in are just in a cave, would you believe it...

“If I said that the dao we cultivate are all designated by others, would you believe it...

“If I said that the world we live in is just a cave, the cave of an ancient celestial sovereign, or a realm he opened to collect Joss Flames, would you believe it?”

“What are you talking about!?” Situ Nan subconsciously let go of the wine jug in his hand and it fell to the ground.

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