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Chapter 1645 - Deal

Wang Lin didn’t really want to have a life and death battle with these four generals. After feeling their auras, he had come here for a deal, not a battle.

However, they were aggressive and wouldn’t meet him, resulting in the battle from before.

Seeing the Vermillion Bird appear, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand loosened. The bow and arrow dissipated into specks of golden light. Although the bow had disappeared, if Wang Lin needed it, he could instantly summon it again. He was not afraid of the four generals launching a sneak attack.

Wang Lin clasped his hands at the Vermillion Bird. This Vermillion Bird was also an old man and was extremely similar to the first generation Vermillion Bird in the Fallen Land.

Wang Lin slowly opened his mouth and calmly said,“No need to call me ‘fellow celestial.’ Junior Wang Lin greets the first generation Vermillion Bird.” 

The Vermillion Bird wearing red revealed a complicated expression as he looked at Wang Lin and silently pondered.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I’m confused about one thing. Senior and the one in the Fallen Land… What relation do you two have?”

“The one in the Fallen Land is my original body. During the big war, I was the only one of the four generals who left my original body outside. The one you see now his my avatar, but it has been far too long. There is no avatar or original body anymore. You can think of both as me or two different mes...

“I have almost no control over my original body. I can only communicate with him to know what is happening and what he is thinking, but I hold no control over his thoughts and actions...

“He is very tired; he wants to return to his hometown, but I want to look for the Celestial Sovereign…” The Vermillion Bird old man shook his head and sighed.

The White Tiger old man, whose eyes were filled with fear, suddenly said, “Why is the Li Guang Bow in your hands?”

“This is my private matter, you don’t need to know.” Wang Lin coldly looked at the White Tiger General and then his gaze landed back on the Vermillion Bird.

The White Tiger General’s face twitched, but he didn’t speak again.

“I can ignore the matter at the Fallen Land. Today I can to make a deal with Senior,” Wang Lin said calmly.

“The Ancient Celestial Realm, or the so-called core of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s cave, contains injured disciples of the Seven Dao Sect. They are the so-called celestials, the cultivators of the Ancient Celestial Realm.

“If I gave it my all, what chances do you think I would have of killing everyone here before they could heal and make this Ancient Celestial Realm a dead realm?” Wang Lin’s words were calm, but they caused the four generals to frown.

If it was without the Li Guang Bow, the four generals wouldn’t believe Wang Lin, but after seeing the bow and arrow, an invisible pressure appeared on their hearts.

“The Li Guang Bow is an extremely powerful weapon from the Immortal Astral Continent. The bow is not easy to use. I don’t know where you got that drop of celestial blood, but even if you can use the bow with that blood, it will confuse the celestial energy inside that drop of blood each time you draw it. You’re not a celestial, so you can’t replenish the force inside that drop of blood. How many shots can you fire?” The one to speak wasn’t the Vermillion Bird but the Azure Dragon. As he looked at Wang Lin, his eyes shined brightly.

“I only need three arrows to destroy this place! Even though there are countess statues behind you and there is even that strange temple in the deepest part! If I’m not mistaken, that temple is the exit to this cave, which should be completely sealed and no one can open it. There are many strange creatures there, and it is likely the most powerful place in the Ancient Celestial Realm.

“I can do it, you all understand.” Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the four general and then looked into the distance.

When he first entered the Ancient Celestial Realm, not only did his divine sense notice the four generals, he also faintly sensed the temple in the deepest part of the Ancient Celestial Realm. The aura that temple gave off was very strong!

The Black Tortoise, who hadn’t spoke at all, pondered for a while and then said with a hoarse voice, “What deal?” 

“I don’t care about this whole place being a cave, nor about the plans you all have. I only know that I was born in the Inner Realm, and the Inner Realm is having a war with the Outer Realm. The Inner Realm lacks the power to confront the Outer Realm, and even if I have the Li Guang bow, I can’t kill all the Outer Realm cultivators.

“You are the ancient celestials of the Ancient Celestial Realm. I want you all to leave this place, slaughter your way to the Outer Realm, and end the war!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he spoke.

The Vermillion Bird pondered a bit and softly said, “The Outer Realm also has the Ancient Celestial Realm… There are members of the Seven Dao Sect there that follow the celestial imperial concubines, and they aren’t as injured. The reason they haven’t come out these years is because although the Ancient Celestial Realm is split in two, there is still a deep connection between them. If we were to open the door to leave the Ancient Celestial Realm, they would be able to come out as well. At that time, the war between the Inner and Outer Realms would intensify. It could even destroy this cave!”

Wang Lin waved his sleeves and coldly said, “They won’t be able to come out from the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm!”

With this, all four generals looked toward Wang Lin.

The Azure Dragon General quickly said, “Earlier, someone from the lower realm called us and asked for help against the Outer Realm invasion. I sent out a celestial treasure to be integrated into the Realm Sealing Formation. It should allow the formation to hold for one hundred years and buy time for us to finish ealing. Although the effect is limited, it will be very difficult for lower realm cultivators to open the formation without someone from the Immortal Astral Continent making a move.

“I don’t know if he did it, but now more than 90 years have passed and three years remain. These three years are the most important period. Once these three years pass, our injuries will completely recover!”

According their original plan, even if Wang Lin hadn’t offered this deal, they would still leave in three years and battle against their fellow sect members from the Outer Realm. They would then look for the Celestial Sovereign.

However, the lower realm cultivators were mere ants in their eyes. When they left, they wouldn’t care about the battle between the Inner and Outer Realms. As for how much life would be lost, they didn’t care.

As long as they could find the Celestial Sovereign, as long as the Celestial Sovereign’s cultivation recovered, they could just destroy all life in the cave. Then they would activate the Heavenly Dao, and after tens of thousands of years, everything would return to as it was.

However, Wang Lin had found them and was threatening to destroy the Ancient Celestial Realm with his power to offer a deal. This made them consider it carefully.

“Three years. I can buy three years of time for you. No one will come here and disturb your healing!” Wang Lin’s voice was flat as he spoke.

The four generals silently pondered. Wang Lin had promised to destroy the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm and promised to protect them for three years. However, the more Wang Lin agreed, the more they felt like Wang Lin had another plan in mind. The four were confused about Wang Lin’s plans.

The Vermillion Bird looked at Wang Lin and asked, “What do you want out of this deal?”

“I want the Outer Realm extinguished!

“I want it so that no Inner Realm cultivator will die once you leave!

“I want you all to promise me that once you find the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, you allow me to take all living things out of this world and give them freedom so they don’t have to live in this cave, so they can see the real sky!

“The final request is that once this over, I want to go to the Immortal Astral Continent! On the Immortal Astral Continent, you will give me the resources I need!” Wang Lin patted his forehead with his right hand. A thread of smoke flew out and condensed into a willow leaf in his palm.

“If you agree, then send out your divine senses and form a dao vow. If you break the vow, you will die! If you don’t agree, then I’ll take out the Li Guang bow and destroy this Ancient Celestial Realm!” Wang Lin’s words were tough. He wasn’t giving the four generals any chance to hesitate.

The four silently pondered and looked at each other. They began to hesitate. They were unable to immediately agree to Wang Lin’s decision. The third and fourth conditions were extremely difficult.

“I’ll give you all one day’s time!” Wang Lin turned and walked away. He stopped 10,000 feet away, sat down on the broken earth, and closed his eyes.

He ignored their debates. In truth, Wang Lin still had another purpose, and that was his real goal. Aside from resolving the war between the Inner and Outer Realms, the reason he was willing to buy them three years of time, the reason why he wanted these Seven Dao Sect people to leave, was for them to find the Celestial Sovereign!

Wang Lin had a lot of speculations about this mysterious Celestial Sovereign, but no evidence. He wasn’t sure what relation the Seven-Colored Daoist had with the Celestial Sovereign.

There was also that Old Ghost Zhan. There was a mystery here, and the mystery pointed at the Celestial Sovereign!

“From various clues, there is a lot of be taken from the war between the Inner and Outer Realms. The group around the Sovereign and the celestial imperial concubines lived in the Outer Realm… The group around the Lord of the Sealed Realm lived in the Inner Realm...

“The Seven-Colored Daoist is the head of the Outer Realm. As for Old Ghost Zhan… He is someone from the Inner Realm… The many wars over the countless years seem like they were trying to prove something… They are all looking for something… Just finding it requires some extraordinary means, and as a result, these wars continue to happen…

“If my guess is correct, then what are they searching for is… the Heavenly Dao?” Wang Lin pondered.

“Perhaps once these people leave, the veil will be lifted… This is all already a mess, so let’s make it messier. Perhaps I can achieve my goal in this mess!”

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