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Chapter 1644 - Calm!

The tiger spirit lowered its head and bowed at Wang Lin. It then charged into the vortex and fused with it. The vortex disappeared and turned back into the giant White Tiger.

The White Tiger let out a cry and leaped out from under Wang Lin and into the sky. In the distance, it turned back to look at Wang Lin and completely ignored the white-haired old man. It shook its body and then turned into endless specks of white light that lit up the Ancient Celestial Realm.

“Impossible!!” The white-haired old man’s face was pale. His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief.

Just as the world was being lit up by the white light from the dissipating White Tiger, an azure silhouette walked out from the vortex of one of the statues.

As it appeared, a dragon’s roar echoed. The silhouette turned into a giant Azure Dragon that stretched across the sky. At the same time, an old man wearing an azure robe walked out from the Azure Dragon. He turned into a ray of light and shot toward Wang Lin.

It was faster than lightning, and this happened right as the glaring light dissipated. When the old man in the azure robe closed in on Wang Lin, his right index finger stretched out. His gaze was calm, but there was a hit of killing intent as his pressed his finger toward Wang Lin’s head!

As his finger moved, the giant Azure Dragon behind him moved even faster and caught up with the old man. It entered his body, went into his finger, and shot toward Wang Lin.

From afar, it looked like a painting. In the painting, the old man in the azure robe was covered in an azure light, and behind him, a long Azure Dragon stretched out. It was as if the old man had disappeared and had been replaced with the Azure Dragon that was closing in on Wang Lin.

All of this happened too fast; he was within three feet of Wang Lin instantly!

At the same time, an old man in black walked out from another statue. The moment he appeared, the sky darkened and a giant Black Tortoise appeared. It let out a shocking roar.

When the old man in black appeared, he also moved like lightning and charged at Wang Lin. He moved at the same speed as the old man in azure and threw a punch.

The Black Tortoise shadow became distorted with the roar and fused with the old man. Countless thorns appeared on his fist!

The Azure Dragon General and the Black Tortoise General both decided to attack at this moment in almost a sneak attack. They flew straight at Wang Lin!

The four great generals had worked together for many years and knew each other well. The moment the two attacked, the White Tiger General wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. Although he didn’t have the White Tiger shadow, he still had the blade in his hand. He jumped into the air and slashed down toward Wang Lin with a roar!

Only the Vermillion Bird General didn’t appear; it was as if he believed that the combined attack of those three was enough to kill Wang Lin!

All of this happened in an instant. The Azure Dragon General closed in. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the feeling of a life and death crisis surrounded him. Other people would panic, but Wang Lin had spent his life constantly experiencing this feeling and had long grown accustomed to it. The more dangerous it was, the more calm he would become!

In his heart, he really didn’t consider those injured celestials a danger. So what if they attacked at the same time?

Wang Lin let out a laugh and raised his right hand. He extended his index finger and pointed at the Azure Dragon’s finger. During this process, the ancient head behind him fused with his finger.

At the same time, all his stars rotated and the three ancient powers fused to form Wang Lin’s original ancient spell!

Ancient Immortal Finger!

This finger could break the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s seal, so why would Wang Lin need to fear this injured Azure Dragon?

With a point of his finger, the sky changed colors and the clouds shattered. The Azure Dragon General was no longer calm and his expression changed. The next instant, his finger collided with Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. This shocking sound was enough to shake one’s mind. The moment they collided, the Azure Dragon General coughed out blood and the endless Azure Dragon behind him collapsed. The Azure Dragon General was forced back one thousand feet before he barely stopped him himself. His eyes were filled with fear.

The Ancient Immortal Finger contained the most powerful blow from Wang Lin’s ancient inheritance. It wouldn’t completely collapse, because it could recover endlessly. The Azure Dragon General’s finger had only caused it collapse several hundred times; it was far weaker than the seal.

Hundreds of collapses were not enough to destroy Wang Lin’s Ancient Immortal Finger. The one forced to retreat was the Azure Dragon General!

However, Wang Lin’s body suffered as well. Only his finger was immortal, not his body. Blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth. A rumble echoed in his body and his internal organ gave off bursts of pain.

However, Wang Lin suppressed this intense pain, and killing intent appeared in his eyes. After forcing back the Azure Dragon General the drop of golden blood containing the Celestial Immortal Body flew out. The pressure it gave off terrified the four generals. This drop of blood contained extremely pure celestial bloodline.

The Black Tortoise General was the closest to Wang Lin right now and was hit by the golden light. It was as if he was going to be turned to gas by the light as black smoke appeared on his body. A miserable scream quickly followed

The drop of golden blood flew out from Wang Lin’s eyebrows and flew toward the Black Tortoise General. The drop of blood penetrated his hands and the Black Tortoise shadow behind him collapsed. He let out a painful roar.

The Black Tortoise General coughed out blood and rapidly retreated. His body was surrounded by black gas and his right fist was a bloody mess. His eyes were filled with fear as he fled.

“Celestial bloodline, you actually have celestial bloodline!! Impossible, the purity of this celestial bloodline. This… This… this is the Immortal Celestial Body!!”

As it retreated, the drop of golden blood flew back to Wang Lin.

One finger had forced back Azure Dragon and one drop of blood had collapsed the Black Tortoise. However, the crisis wasn’t over; there was still the heaven-splitting blade from the injured White Tiger General!

The blade closed in with a howl. As it closed in, Wang Lin raised his head and suppressed the raging energy inside him. He then raised his right hand and pressed toward the descending blade.

A nine-colored firestorm surged with his palm and then thunder followed. The fire formed a palmprint that flew toward the White Tiger General’s blade.

Thunder gathered and formed another palm filled with thunder. It followed directly after the fire palm!

This wasn’t the end!

After the thunder palm, the power of karma gathered to form a mass of chaotic energy that turned into the third palm!

The life and death essence was next. The black and white gases fused to form the fourth palmprint!

The true and false essence appeared. The interchange between true and false caused the fifth palmprint to instantly form!

In the end, a shocking slaughter essence erupted from Wang Lin’s body to form the sixth palmprint. The six palmprints connected, looking like afterimages as they flew toward the blade from the White Tiger General!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world and formed a storm. As the rumbles echoed, the blade in the White Tiger General’s hand broke down. After the blade collapsed, the six palmprints landed on his chest.

The White Tiger General let out a scream and a large amount of celestial energy erupted from his body. As he was knocked back, the Azure Dragon General and the Black Tortoise General supported the seriously injured White Tiger General from behind.

“Help me rip open the healing seal so I can release my essence and kill him!!” The White Tiger General looked weak and his face was pale, but his eyes gave off a ferocious light. He pushed back the Azure Dragon and the Black Tortoise. His white hair was a mess and he began to roar like crazy.

As he roared, his aura began to erupt and a golden rune appeared between his eyebrows!

“Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, help me open the seal!! If not for the fact we have to recover our cultivator, we wouldn’t be getting pushed back by this ant. I’ll kill him! What qualification does he have to push back celestials like us? He is merely a lower realm ant!!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral, but he was still injured. He almost wasn’t able to withstand the joint attack from the three of them. If not for the fact that he had many methods up his sleeves, he would have been seriously injured.

Now that he saw the White Tiger go crazy, he raised his left hand and reached at the void. A golden glare came from his palm, and when the golden light disappeared, an ancient bow appeared!

His left hand held the bow and his right hand pulled the bowstring. Wang Lin pulled it back until it was drawn completely! An ancient arrow slowly appeared on the bowstring!

The moment the buzz from the bowstring echoed, everything became silent. The White Tiger no longer roared and no longer tried to rip open the seal. He stood there, stunned as he looked at the bow in Wang Lin’s hands, and unhideable fear appeared in his eyes.

The Azure Dragon General was also startled for a moment. He subconsciously retreated and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Li Guang’s bow!!”

The Black Tortoise General was also terrified. The black gas around his body had just been suppressed, but when he saw the bow, his face turned deathly pale.

“... Fellow Celestial Wang Lin, please don’t be angry. Please give this old man some face and let us talk…” During this silence, a red-robed silhouette walked out from the last of the four statues. He was slightly embarrassed as he clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

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