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Chapter 1643 - If You Ride a Tiger, It’s Hard to Get Off

Wang Lin stepped forward, and as he closed in, the roar from the ancient head spread out. The earth collapsed once more, and as the clouds scattered, this roar became the strongest sound in the world.

The sound wave from the roar went through Wang Lin and shot toward the giant white tiger.

When the sound wave hit, the White Tiger became distorted and showed signs of collapsing. It held on, but it retreated even faster.

Although this fierce tiger contained endless majesty, it was still inferior to Wang Lin. Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed forward. The ancient head behind him went through his body and chased after the White Tiger.

From afar, this was a scene that could shock one’s mind. The collapsing sky seemed to be split in half. Half of it was the ancient head and the other half was the huge White Tiger.

One behemoth retreated while the other pushed forward. The distance between them lessened and the ancient head instantly closed in on the White Tiger to devour it.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The collision of the ancient head and White Tiger resulted in a massive shockwave that spread across the Ancient Celestial Realm. The earth collapsed and even some of the statues behind the four giant statues exploded.

This shockwave seemed like it was going to destroy the entire Ancient Celestial Realm.

Under the force this shockwave, the White Tiger’s giant body collapsed and turned into specks of light. The white-haired old man coughed out a large mouth of blood and his body flew back. He smashed into the mountain-like statue he had been healing inside of.

Cracking sounds echoed and countless cracks spread across the statue the old man hit. The cracks made the statue seem like it would collapse at any moment.

Wang Lin also retreated from this impact and his face turned slightly pale. However, the coldness in his calm gaze became even stronger.

This was the most intense battle Wang Lin had without using the Li Guang Bow! He wasn’t fighting a cultivator or something from the Outer Realm, he was fighting one of the four generals under the Celestial Sovereign, the White Tiger General!

The White Tiger General had lived for a long time. He didn’t belong to the Inner Realm or the Outer Realm, he was from the mysterious Immortal Astral Continent. He was a celestial, a real celestial!

His bloodline contained celestial energy, which placed him on a higher level of existence than Wang Lin!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was seriously injured back then and still hadn’t fully recovered, Wang Lin would be having an even more difficult time right now. However, in a battle of life and death, there was no fairness. Life was life, death was death!

As Wang Lin retreated, the ancient head and the shadows of the three ancient clans also retreated. The three shadows collapsed and only the head remained. It covered the sky, but it was becoming blurry.

Wang Lin was at the mid stage of Spirit Void, but with his ancient god body and spells, he could battle early stage Arcane Void cultivators. Even if the enemy’s cultivation level was beyond early stage Arcane Void, he could take out the Li Guang Bow. The power of one arrow from the bow was enough to shock the world!

The White Tiger old man’s body was smashed into the statue, and while his expression was fierce, there was a deep sense of dread in his eyes. However, this dread wasn’t enough for him to retreat. He was the White Tiger General, someone from the Immortal Astral Continent, one of the four great generals under the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

He had experienced countless battles and witnessed the huge changes in the cave world. He had his pride, and he wouldn’t allow a lower realm ant to beat him.

Even though this lower realm ant was making him feel fear, he suppressed this fear by force.

“Western White Tiger Dao, power of the seven stars of heaven, all matter from grass to metal. My White Tiger inheritance condenses all the power to form my White Tiger clan’s grand spell!

“Seal this person, show him that if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off,” the White Tiger old man roared, then he pressed his hand against the statue. He then flew away from the statue and his hands formed a seal. His eyes gave off a monstrous light and he pointed at Wang Lin.

With this point, the endless specks of light from the White Tiger reappeared. They gathered toward Wang Lin at an unimaginable speed.

In an instant, the endless white light formed the shocking White Tiger under Wang Lin. From afar, it looked like Wang Lin was standing on the White Tiger.

A powerful pressure spread out from the White Tiger, and the space around Wang Lin seemed to be sealed. This pressure become even stronger until it formed a powerful seal.

This seal was suppressing Wang Lin. It was invisible, but Wang Lin could clearly feel it. His expression was solemn, but this seal suppressed the world around Wang Lin, making him feel like he was in quagmire, and even his breathing became heavy.

Popping sounds came from Wang Lin’s body. The sealing power from the White Tiger below him was preventing him from getting away from it. As time passed, the pressure from the seal increased; it was like big hands were holding Wang Lin’s body down. His body moved closer and closer to the White Tiger until he was standing on top of it and unable to move an inch.

The White Tiger roared and all the hair on its body stood up. Its fur looked like blades of grass dancing. A glaring, white light came from its body, and countless runes could be seen flashing on its body.

These runes were like seal. When a large amount of runes appeared, the White Tiger seemed to have become a living seal! As more and more runes appeared, the White Tiger’s body turned into a giant white vortex.

Countless seals rotated inside the vortex and a howl echoed. If one looked carefully, it wasn’t a vortex at all. It was the giant White Tiger running in circles below Wang Lin so fast that it formed a vortex.

The vortex had shocking suction force, and with the sealing power holding him down, it was impossible for Wang Lin to get out. It was like a mortal riding a tiger; the mortal couldn’t get off at all.

This was the White Tiger General’s spell: If you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off. It was a spell and also a seal!

“White Tiger spirit, take this person’s soul and suppress it under the cave, under the Seven Dao Mountain of the Immortal Astral Continent!” The White Tiger old man waved his arms and let out a fierce roar.

As his voice echoed, a shocking tiger roar came from the vortex. A fierce tiger hundreds of feet large flew out from the vortex.

This White Tiger was the spirit of the White Tiger; it was like the origin soul of a cultivator!

As it charged out from the vortex, it continued to distort, and its majesty became even stronger. As it charged toward Wang Lin, it didn’t devour Wang Lin directly but entangled him like a python. It opened its mouth toward Wang Lin’s head and was about to pull Wang Lin into the vortex below.

If Wang Lin was taken away, he would be suppressed in the lowest part of the cave until death!

Wang Lin had never seen this White Tiger old man’s spell before. This was a spell that didn’t belong in this world; it came from the Immortal Astral Continent. Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy, and as the White Tiger’s mouth closed in, Wang Lin raised his left hand and pressed it against the tiger’s mouth.

“What a good spell! Today, I won’t get off this tiger. Since you want to suppress me, then let’s see if it’s this tiger suppressing me or I suppressing this tiger!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t use any spells. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his aura changed. The aura of a grand scholar spread out from his body.

At this moment, he wasn’t a cultivator, he was a grand scholar! He was a grand scholar who had comprehended the truth about the heavens and learned that this world was just a cave.

With this grand scholar aura, Wang Lin feared nothing, and his eyes were calm but gave off a powerful force. He turned his head and looked at the tiger spirit. With a gaze his aura rushed to suppress the tiger spirit.

This tiger spirit was not a celestial beast formed by a spell but ordinary like a mortal tiger.

“You dare to devour me!?” Wang Lin spoke slowly and then suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at the tiger spirit and gave off a sense of pressure without being angry. He had the aura of a grand scholar that wasn’t even afraid of heaven, so how could he be afraid of this little tiger?

The tiger spirit that was wrapped around him trembled and a hint of fear appeared in its eyes. An uncontrollable stream of thoughts went through in its mind. It was as if it had seen through many reincarnations; it saw its ancestor White Tiger kneeling and worshiping the heavens on the Immortal Astral Continent.

It didn’t know that thoughts like this existed in its mind, but it felt fear that came from its soul!

As Wang Lin spoke, he seemed to turn into heaven itself and suppressed the tiger spirit. This pressure contained all of Wang Lin’s comprehension, his three ethereal essences, and his endless might!

The tiger spirit sobbed and let go of Wang Lin’s body. It then retreated and lowered its head at Wang Lin. The white-haired old man looked at this with disbelief in his eyes.

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