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Chapter 1642 - Tiger Roar Sweeps the Mountains and Rivers

The White Tiger old man revealed a cold gaze. Wang Lin’s attitude made him very uncomfortable. He had reached the critical years in his healing, and because of how the healing laws worked, he couldn’t use more than early stage Arcane Void cultivation. If he did, he would have issues in the future.

He originally thought this much power would be enough to kill Wang Lin.

However, that attack from Wang Lin was extremely strange and had caused the White Tiger old man’s mind to tremble. It made him feel like he couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s true strength.

In addition, Wang Lin had broken the Celestial Sovereign’s seal, which caused the White Tiger to feel dread and fear. However, he had been cultivating as a celestial for countless years and wouldn’t be pushed back after just a few words from Wang Lin. His pride also won’t let him retreat.

He was a celestial, and in his view, no matter how powerful Wang Lin was, Wang Lin was just a lower realm ant. The more calm Wang Lin was, the more pressure the White Tiger old man felt and the more angry he became.

He was not only angry at Wang Lin but more at himself for feeling fear. He couldn’t imagine how he could come to fear a lower realm ant!

With a roar, the White Tiger old man’s eyes released a white light. This white light contained an extremely powerful and domineering aura. This aura came from the old man’s cultivation method; this was the power of the fierce White Tiger star.

As he roared, the White Tiger old man stepped forward and charged at Wang Lin. His right hand formed a seal as he pointed at the sky and let out a roar.

“So what if I force you!? If you can take three of my spells, then you have the right to talk to us!” The old man’s voice rumbled and a thunderous rumble echoed across the Ancient Celestial Realm. This sent off countless muffled echoes and made it sound like it wasn’t just one person who roared but countless people.

As a result, this roar was heaven-shaking and formed a powerful impact that caused the earth to tremble.

“First Style, Tiger Roar Sweeps the Mountains and Rivers!” The old man waved his sleeves and a monstrous White Tiger appeared behind him. This White Tiger was extremely mighty, and its eyes flashed white as it looked at Wang Lin. It let out a heaven-shattering roar!

This roar shook the sky. The sky of the Ancient Celestial Realm looked like it was about to collapse. Fish-like scales appeared in the sky and fell, creating irregular cracks in space.

The earth behind Wang Lin trembled violently. A violent wind roared and the earth showed signs of collapse as the trembling increased. The earth seemed to have suddenly gone soft, and the rumbles continued to spread endlessly in all directions.

From afar, it looked like countless scars were created on the earth. It was extremely shocking.

The roar from the tiger completely replaced all other sounds in this world. The sounds echoed and integrated together to form an extremely powerful force!

As the earth cracked, it suddenly collapsed. The sky seemed to collapse, and the fragments shattered. This caused the world to be shrouded in darkness.

The only thing that remained was the violent tiger roar that was becoming louder and louder.

Wang Lin’s ears rumbled as he stood in the air. The sky above him disintegrated and the earth below his feet collapsed. His entire body was surrounded by the roar of the White Tiger. The wind caused his hair and clothes to flutter; it was trying to rip his body apart.

If it wasn’t for the fact he had the body of ancient god, his body would have collapsed even with his mid stage Spirit Void cultivation. Then, after his body collapsed, his origin soul would be seriously injured.

This tiger roar contained a pressure that was no weaker than the might of the heavens. In Wang Lin’s eyes, the might from the tiger had broken a limit and could devour all life!

This was the Ancient Celestial Realm, the core of this cave. If it was outside, in the Inner Realm or the Outer Realm, then the sky would change colors. Countless planets and even space itself would collapse. Many cultivators would die to this roar!

Wang Lin’s body didn’t retreat from the roar and wind. He was calm and closed his eyes. When he closed his eyes, everything in the world become false.

This false was something created by his mind, so it was not actually real, but Wang Lin had comprehended the True and False Dao. If he thought it was false, then his body, his origin soul, his mind, his everything would think the outside world was false!

The true and false essence was a type of ethereal essence; it was born from the heart!

The moment Wang Lin closed his eyes, his hair stopped fluttering in the wind as if the wind had disappeared. His hair scattered and draped over his shoulders.

His clothes were also flapping in the wind, but at this moment, they also calmed down. It was as if there was no wind hitting them.

It was as if there was no wind around him!

However, in truth, the roar of the wind became several times stronger, and the tiger roar was also several times stronger.

The collapse of the earth extended and the disintegration of the sky spread. Wang Lin’s body remained untouched and calm. Wang Lin’s calmness before the wind and tiger roar was a huge contradiction that didn’t fit in with the rest of the world!

The White Tiger old man let out a roar and took a step forward. He moved like lightning toward Wang Lin.

In an instant, he closed in on Wang Lin. He waved his right hand and golden light gathered in his palm, forming a golden blade!

This blade was 10 feet tall, and the White Tiger old man held it up. The moment he closed in, he raised his arm and chopped down on Wang Lin’s head!

This chop caused the tiger roar to become even more intense. The sky changed colors and the wind became even stronger. The blade fell on Wang Lin, who had his eyes closed. There was no resistance; the blade chopped straight through Wang Lin!

A sharp sound echoed when the heaven-splitting blade cut through Wang Lin, but no injuries appeared on his body. It was as if the blade had only cut through a shadow of Wang Lin!

“True and false essence!! This is the true and false essence!! Damn it, the seven laws the Celestial Sovereign set prevented the birth of ethereal essences. If not for the fact that he was seriously injured and had to withdraw those seven laws, this person would have never had the chance to comprehend this ethereal essence!”

The White Tiger old man’s eyes were filled with shock, but he was also unwilling to give up. He waved the blade in his hand thousands of times. Sharp howls continued to echo, but Wang Lin’s figure remained an illusion. The blade chopped through his body, but nothing about him changed.

The moment the White Tiger old man swept the blade for the last time, Wang Lin opened his eyes and said one thing. “Have you chopped enough?”

After he said this, the old man retreated without hesitation, but as he retreated, Wang Lin stepped forward. He immediately appeared before the old man and raised his right hand. His right hand formed a palm and gently hit the old man’s chest.

This palm was gentle and powerless, as if it had no killing power. However, the moment it landed, the expression of the White Tiger old man changed greatly. A sense of life and death filled his mind. This seemingly gentle palm caused him to feel terror.

“This… This is…” He wanted to retreat more to get away from Wang Lin’s hand, but it was too late. When Wang Lin’s palm landed, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Then his fingers buckled and he pulled his hand back.

A monstrous rumble echoed and the old man coughed out blood. His body retreated as if he was a kite with a broken string. However, a white gas was pulled out from the old man and gathered in Wang Lin’s hand.

“Karma!! This is karma essence!! You actually have two ethereal essences!!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the White Tiger old man. The sound of the tiger roar was still lingering in his ears. With a cold snort, Wang Lin didn’t chase but crushed the white gas in his hand. The White Tiger old man trembled and coughed out blood and then started to retreat even faster.

“You welcomed me with the tiger roar, so I’ll return the favor!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he put his right hand between his eyebrows. His ancient god stars appeared and the stars in his left and right eye also appeared. The ancient head appeared behind him.

The shadows of the three ancient clans appeared around the ancient head and occupied the world behind Wang Lin. At this moment, Wang Lin let out a roar!

As he roared, the ancient head also opened its mouth and let out a roar. The three ancient clan shadows also opened their mouths and let out roars!

These roars completely suppressed the tiger roar and formed an indescribable sound wave that smashed forward.

The White Tiger old man was pierced by the roar, making him stagger. His hands formed a seal and the large White Tiger fused with the old man. Looking from afar, the old man disappeared, and only the incomparably large White Tiger could be seen. The tiger roared and fled from the roars of the three ancient clans.

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