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Chapter 1641 - Celestials Aren’t Anything Special

“If the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was seriously injured and forced into close door cultivation, then who was the Seven-Colored Daoist I saw in the Brilliant Void Seven-Colored Realm…” Wang Lin rubbed his temples and no longer thought about these messy things. He looked into the distance at the four auras far away.

In truth, he had felt these auras when he first entered the Ancient Celestial Realm. The reason he came here, aside from destroying the statues, was to meet the one familiar aura among the four.

He also understood some things. He was going to find the person he was familiar with and make a deal!

He stepped forward and walked toward the depths of the Ancient Celestial Realm.

He rushed forward, and after traversing millions of kilometers, he waved his sleeves. A storm swept across the remaining statues of the three ancient clans outside of the destroyed area.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and those statues collapsed one by one. Wang Lin didn’t stop and continued moving forward with a gloomy expression. The statues on the earth continued to collapse, and some of the healing celestials awakened. They quickly appeared and retreated.

In a flash, seven or eight celestials appeared around Wang Lin. They gave off a golden light and their eyes were filled with anger. They stared at Wang Lin, but none of them spoke.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at them. These people might have been powerful before, but they couldn’t arouse his interest now. When he thought about how difficult it was to search their souls, Wang Lin gave up the idea and allowed them to follow far behind him.

However, if anyone dared to attack him, Wang Lin wouldn’t mind killing some celestials. In fact, Wang Lin hadn’t killed enough. If not for the fact that he had other plans, these people would have no chance surviving before Wang Lin.

While moving forward, four giant statues slowly appeared before Wang Lin. These four statues were as tall as heaven itself; they looked like four heaven-piercing mountains!

There were endless amounts of statues of the three ancient clans behind these four. They went as far as the eyes could see.

There was a vortex slowly rotating between the eyebrows of each of the four statues. Wang Lin’s gaze swept over them and he felt four tyrannical auras inside.

Wang Lin was extremely familiar with one of the four auras; that aura came from the Vermillion Bird!

This aura felt like the ancestor of the Vermillion Bird. Wang Lin had the same feeling when he saw the first generation Vermillion Bird in the Fallen Land.

“Vermillion Bird…” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. The aura from one of statues was almost exactly the same as the aura from the first generation Vermillion Bird from the Fallen Land. It was obvious one of them was an avatar!

“Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s Vermillion Bird General, come and see me!” Wang Lin stopped and floated in the air as he spoke. His voice was calm and spread in all directions.

He stood there and gave off a powerful pressure, as if the heavens themselves had to be below his feet.

As Wang Lin’s words echoed, everything was quiet. The seven or eight celestials that had followed him over stopped and looked at him with cold gazes.

“What an arrogant little doll. You destroyed a lot of embryos on your way here and killed several of my celestials. You are a descendant of the Vermillion Bird, and such actions are already considered greatly evil! This old man White Tiger will teach you a lesson on behalf of the Vermillion Bird!” A gloomy voice broke the silence and an old man in white walked out from one of the vortexes. His face was filled with wrinkles and his body emanated an ancient aura. 

With one step, he left the vortex from the statue and charged at Wang Lin. He was very fast and created a howl with this movement. This howl was like a fierce tiger roaring.

In Wang Lin’s field of view, a giant shadow as long as the world itself appeared behind the old man. The shadow was a giant white tiger!

This giant tiger had a fierce gaze and gave off a pressure that could suppress the world. The old man gave off a powerful cultivation of mid stage Arcane Void.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he looked at the old man. His right hand formed a fist and threw a punch at the old man. When they collided, a thunderous rumble echoed and caused the earth to tremble.

In the end, the white-haired old man was forced back several steps. His eyes were now filled with dread.

Wang Lin’s body flickered. He didn’t retreat but calmly looked at the old man and slowly said,

“If your injuries were fully recovered, you’d be able to fight me, but right now you’re not my match! If you take one more step, I’ll kill you!”

Wang Lin’s voice was very light. It was not as cold as the wind nor did it contain any killing intent. He was just calmly stating the facts. When his voice entered the white-haired old man’s ears, the old man silently pondered. The attacks just now by both of them were merely a test, and the shock the old man felt made him dread Wang Lin even more.

However, he was unable to retreat just because Wang Lin had told him to. At this moment, he clenched his teeth and was about to step forward.

Just as he was about to step forward, Wang Lin’s calm gaze met the old man’s gaze. The white-haired old man’s mind trembled and he subconsciously withdrew his step.

The more calm Wang Lin’s gaze was, the more pressure the old man felt.

“I don’t want to kill you. There is nothing surprising about the Ancient Celestial Realm in my opinion. Just a group of crippled cultivators from the Immortal Astral Continent calling yourselves celestial in this cave and controlling the so-called ‘lower realm ants.’ It is simply ridiculous!

“In my eyes, all of you are like ants as well!”

The old man’s expression became even more gloomy. He was not surprised Wang Lin knew this, as he watched Wang Lin check the memory of that celestial. Originally, he sneered in his heart. He understood the Celestial Sovereign very well, and in his view, no one could break his seal.

However, he never could’ve expected Wang Lin to actually open the seal, access the memories of the Soldier Celestial, and see the truth about this place.

This was what caused the White Tiger to feel fear. It was also this that caused unspeakable fear to appear in his heart.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the white-haired old man. His gaze turned to the vortex between the eyebrows of the second statue. He slowly said, “Vermillion Bird, come out to see me.” 

“This is the last time I ask. Don’t wait for me to kill you and search your soul!” Wang Lin stood there and calmly looked at the sky.

An invisible pressure spread out from his body and shrouded the area. 

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