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Chapter 1640 - Seven Dao Sect

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. His Ancient Immortal Finger would point forward several times, and every time he pointed, the impact would dissipate a bit. His index finger continued to collapse and regenerate until he ripped open a gap in the shockwave. Wang Lin walked out from that gap.

As the impact swept by, everything within millions of kilometers became a complete ruin. The rumble continued for a long time before it slowly dissipated. Now it sounded like a muffled thunder coming from the distance.

Wang Lin floated into the sky and looked down at the earth that had become a ruin. The gust of dust formed a storm that covered the earth.

His white hair fluttered and his clothes fapped, but he was extremely calm. He gave off the grace a third step mid stage Spirit Void cultivator should have.

He waved his right hand and light golden crystal covered in cracks appeared in his hand. This crystal contained the memories of the old man’s entire life.

However, these memories couldn’t checked with divine sense; even if Wang Lin’s cultivation level was higher, he still wouldn’t be able to see the old man’s memories.

A celestial’s memories could only be looked at by someone with the celestial bloodline. This was a hidden restriction, and even though Wang Lin was of the ancient clan, he still couldn’t view it.

This was a difference in level, just like how if an ant were to obtain the memory of an elephant, the ant wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. However, Wang Lin was different. He had the golden drop of celestial blood that was his Immortal Celestial Body. Even on the Immortal Astral Continent, it was extremely pure!

With this blood, Wang Lin could look at the memories as easily as reading a book.

The moment he closed his eyes, he seemed to enter a fantasy world!

He saw a strange continent. This continent was extremely wide, and even the owner of the memories had never seen the end of the continent. The furthest the owner of the memories went had been about several Inner and Outer Realms of distance, but that was less than 1 / 10,000th of the continent.

The most dazzling thing on this continent was the nine suns in the sky. These nine suns hung in the sky and their light shrouded the earth.

After absorbing the old man’s memories, when Wang Lin saw the nine suns, he found a memory that held an ancient legend.

The legend was that the nine suns on the Immortal Astral Continent represented the nine Grand Empyrean. Even the old man’s master, the person from the seven-colored statue, hadn’t reached this level.

Legend had it that nine was the limit. It was said that if a tenth sun appeared, the Immortal Astral Continent would undergo endless calamity!

The old man was born on this continent. As he grew up, he entered a sect. It was called the Seven Dao Sect!

The Seven Dao Sect’s masters were a dao couple. One of them was the person from the seven-colored statue. He was called the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

His cultivation was mysterious, he had established his own sect, and had gathered a lot of disciples. Over the tens of thousands of years since the sect was founded, the sect faced many crises. But in the end, the danger was defused by the dao couple, and they slowly became famous in the region.

As time passed, the old man eventually became one of the 100 Soldier Celestials, a powerful expert in the Seven Dao Sect!

He was only below the Vermillion Bird, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise. His status was very high, and he could obtain any laws and pills he wanted.

Until one day...

In this old man’s memory, glaring light came from outside the Seven Dao Sect. An aura that terrified even him shrouded the land.

Under this pressure, two suns that shouldn’t appear at night appeared before the frightened old man. 

The two suns that had suddenly appeared in the night gave off endless light. The old man trembled and remembered this scene profoundly. He remembered the legend and what the sun represented.

While feeling endless fear, he heard rumbles and roars that caused his orifices to bleed. His mind trembled and he passed out.

The moment before he passed out, he sensed the sect master and his dao partner charge out toward where he two suns would be colliding.

It wasn’t until several days later that the old man awakened. He bitterly found that his cultivation had fallen a few levels. A few months later, the Seven Dao Sect’s master returned alone. Although his expression was gloomy, his eyes were bright.

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign didn’t mention where his dao partner had gone. Instead, he took some of his disciples, several celestial imperial concubines, the hundred soldiers, and the four generals into the cave. He sealed the cave and left countless seal marks on it. He even took out some treasures the owner of the memory had never seen to seal the cave.

The memory became fragmented due to the cracks on the crystal. The memories were broken and existed like fragments.

However, Wang Lin saw a woman inside a memory fragment. She wore a silver dress and was one of the Celestial Sovereign’s maids.

Wang Lin was familiar with this woman. When he saw her, he gradually formed a clear connection with the past. This woman was the silver female corpse inside Wang Lin’s storage space that was afraid of the seven-colored statue!

In another memory fragment, Wang Lin saw the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, also known as the Ancient Celestial Emperor by the Inner Realm. He was the same as the seven-colored statue!

He brought everyone to the cave and sealed the entrance and exit. He then left and went off to do something. The celestial imperial concubines, soldiers, and four generals didn’t know what the Celestial Sovereign was doing. However, no one dared to inquire, so they all found a place to go into closed door cultivation and waited for the Celestial Sovereign to summon them.

Until one day, a gloomy voice came outside the cave. This voice awakened everyone that was cultivating and waiting for their master.

“Seven-Colored Dao Sovereign, you went as far as to leave behind your own dao partner, so you must have obtained a great treasure. You left clues to lure me here. This ancient one wants to see what kind of tricks you have up your sleeve!”

The old man was unfamiliar with this voice, but the voice contained a powerful pressure. The old man’s mind trembled and he opened his eyes. What he heard next caused him to feel extreme fear!

“Ancient One Ye Mo. I invited you here, but you say it is a trick. Whether it’s a trick or not, you will know when you see it!”

The old man knew the name of Ancient One Ye Mo very well. As a sovereign of the Ancient Country, Ancient One Ye Mo was very famous!

What happened next was a break in the memory, so Wang Lin didn’t see what happened. What Wang Lin saw was the last memory fragment.

In that memory fragment, he saw a chaotic battle. But it was blurry, so he couldn’t see who was participating in the battle at all. He could only see that the hundred guards, four generals, and several celestial imperial concubines were all attacking three people!

Those three people were a complete blur and the golden light was glaring, making it impossible to clearly see who it was. The battle lasted for a long time until many people had died. One of the three released a powerful golden light and laughed. He swept the people of the Seven Dao Sect away and charged at a stone door.

“This king personally came. Little Seven-Colored Sovereign, you still haven’t come out and kneeled before me!” The laugh echoed from the man covered in the golden light, but Wang Lin’s mind trembled when he heard this voice.

Just as he closed in on the stone door, a monstrous roar came from the stone door. The memory ended here!

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and the memory crystal he had pressed against his forehead collapsed into powder and disappeared with the wind.

“The madman’s voice!!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his divine sense entered his storage space. He saw that the madman was still sleeping and had a silly smile on his face.

While pondering, Wang Lin had a gloomy expression. The memories had helped him resolve a lot of question but also raised more doubt.

“I know about Ancient One Ye Mo and I also had some speculations about the madman arriving… In addition, the woman in silver said it wasn’t her who had opened the door. Could this door be the door the madman entered through...

“The result of that war was the madman losing his mind and going insane… The Ancient Celestial Realm became a ruin and the remnants of the Seven Dao Sect all went into closed door cultivation.

“The master of the cave, the sect master of the Seven Dao Sect, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, was also seriously injured…  It is unknown if that is true or not. If it is true, then what they were fighting for may be the so-called Heavenly Dao, or the Heaven Defying Bead… What is the relationship between the Heaven Defying Bead and the Heavenly Dao...

“The Heaven Defying Bead is part of a compass treasure, so it is unlikely to be the Heavenly Dao… What is it and where did it come from?”

Wang Lin frowned and his eyes lit up.

“Also, I knew from the Scattered Thunder Clan that years after the war, a group of mysterious foreign cultivators appeared in the Outer Realm. The Soul Lasher was one of their weapons...

“Who are these people…” Wang Lin vaguely had a feeling that he had lifted a veil and was getting close to the answer of what happened countless years ago.

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