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Chapter 1639 - Memory of the celestials

However, this required a certain price, and Wang Lin was calculating if the price was worth it.

Was the old man’s memory worth Wang Lin doing whatever it took? He silently pondered, and in his mind, images of his life appeared. Moments when he suspected the world, until the day he found out that his own world was just a cave.

“I want to know the reason for all of this, the truth about this cave!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with determination as closed them. A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his seven ancient god stars started rotating rapidly. The ancient demon and ancient devil stars in his left and right eyes also rotated. Soon, starlight surrounded his body.

The ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil energies filled Wang Lin’s body. His origin soul seemed to turn corporeal and began to distort.

Behind him, the shadow of an ancient god slowly formed. To the left, an ancient devil shadow appeared, and to the right, an ancient demon shadow appeared.

This was the first time the three ancient clans had appeared behind Wang Lin at the same time!

This meant that the auras of these three clans were moving through his origin soul. Behind the shadows of these three clans was the giant head of the ancient one!

The ancient head hid the sky and covered the earth. Wang Lin’s origin soul rapidly expanded.

However, before it completely expanded, Wang Lin compressed it, causing thunderous rumbles to echo in his body. After suppressing it for a long time, Wang Lin’s body maintained its original size, but now his body contained the shocking power of the ancient clans.

With this power, Wang Lin’s recovery ability had reached a terrifying degree, but he wasn’t satisfied. According to his analysis, this amount of recovery was not enough to break through the three-inch barrier outside the middle-aged man’s body!

With a roar, Wang Lin gathered all his ancient power in his right index finger. His right index finger gave off a terrifying aura that could shake the Ancient Celestial Realm.

With this aura, this finger could be considered an immortal finger!

This was the seventh origin spell he comprehended during his dream dao, Ancient Immortal Finger!

The Ancient Immortal Finger condensed the power of the three ancient clans into one finger. While it possessed a terrifying offensive power, it also had a terrifying recovery ability.

This amount of recovery force could be called “immortal” by Wang Lin. This was enough to show how terrifying it was! “Immortal” meant that the recovery force could offsent all destruction from the heavens and earth. Only then could it be considered immortal!

With Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he couldn’t make this entire body immortal; he could only make one finger become immortal!

This Ancient Immortal Finger was a powerful spell he had comprehended by borrowing what he had experienced in his Immortal Celestial Body!

It didn’t need celestial energy, all it needed was ancient power, but its effect was no weaker than the Immortal Celestial Body!

Wang Lin stared at the middle-aged man not far away and looked at the seven-colored light. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he stepped forward and his Ancient Immortal Finger shot toward the area between the middle-aged man’s eyebrows.

This point looked slow, but it was as fast as lightning. In an instant, his finger was three inches away from the middle-aged man. Wang Lin’s finger began to collapse and disintegrate at a terrifying rate.

If it was before, this collapse would be irreversible. No power or matter could get within three inches of the middle-aged man.

However, at this moment, Wang Lin’s finger recovered like crazy as it collapsed. The recovery was very much visible with this rapid collapse. You could see Wang Lin’s finger reforming as it collapsed.

The three-inch distance was very short, but for Wang Lin, it felt extremely long. His finger continued to collapse and recover, the cycle was endless. As Wang Lin’s finger pushed further past the three-inch barrier, the collapse became even more intense.

In almost an instant, his finger would collapse a hundred thousand, a million, ten million times, but in turn, it would recover a hundred thousand, a million, ten million times.

This was the Ancient Immortal Finger!

This recovery could no longer be classified as a spell, this was something that should not exist in this world! The further he went, the more terrifying the collapse was. When Wang Lin’s finger was almost three inches in and touching the area between the middle-aged man’s eyebrows, the rate of collapse was already indescribable.

In the end, Wang Lin’s recovery rate had exceeded the rate of collapse and his finger completely recovered. He ignored the terrifying collapsing force and his finger landed between the eyebrows of the middle-aged man.

A thunderous rumble that swept through the old man’s body echoed. It contained enough power to destroy a planet, and it had erupted from Wang Lin’s finger and the middle-aged man at the same time.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and shook the surrounding area. The fog around Wang Lin’s origin soul collapsed and the thunderous rumble caused the old man’s mind to also collapse. This affected the old man’s body, and his body began to collapse as well.

The middle-aged man releasing the seven-colored light trembled. Under this powerful force, his body became distorted and slowly dissipated.

As his body disappeared, a golden crystal the size of a fist appeared. Fine cracks appeared on it and it was about to collapse.

This crystal was the memory of the old man. The seal was too domineering; not only did it prevent others from searching the memory, but once it was broken, it would shatter the memory so the person searching couldn’t obtain it.

It was a very well calculated plan, but unfortunately, this was Wang Lin. Not only did Wang Lin have the ancient immortal finger that could counter the collapsing force, he also had the Stop spell!

At this critical moment, Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. His extended right index finger and pointed at the memory crystal.


With one word, the collapsing memory crystal paused. At this moment, Wang Lin’s divine sense swept through the memory crystal and then rushed out from the old man’s collapsing mind, returning into his body.

The moment his origin soul returned to his body, he raised his right hand from the screaming old man’s forehead. He retreated back several steps. When he retreated, the old man’s miserable scream reached a limit. Thunderous rumbles came from his body and he began to collapse from the inside. The power from his mind destroyed his mind, killed his origin soul, crushed his bones, ripped open his flesh, and erupted outward.

The old man’s body was torn apart by the power erupting from his body, and as his flesh and blood dissipated, a powerful impact spread in all directions.

The power of this impact shattered the surrounding statues Wang Lin hadn’t destroyed yet. Some of them had celestials healing inside as well, but they didn’t even get to open their eyes before the impact killed them in their sleep.

This shockwave was the collision of Wang Lin’s ancient power and celestial power. This also included the power of the seal from the seven-colored middle-aged man. This destructive force was powerful enough to shake the world.

The moment the old man’s body exploded, deep inside the Ancient Celestial Realm, where the four towering statues were, the White Tiger let out a roar filled with disbelief, shock, and terror.

“This… This… This is impossible! How did he do it, how did he break the Celestial Sovereign’s seal? The three inches of that seal have enough power to destroy everything; there is no way to harm it at all. All spell will disintegrate before it!!

“How could he break a seal like that? Even when we were at our peak, we couldn’t break it!” As the sound came from the vortex, a white-haired old man leaned out, and his face was filled with shock.

The other three were also shocked.

“Since ancient times, I had never heard of anyone breaking the Celestial Sovereign’s seal. Even the other powerful sovereigns on the Immortal Astral Continent would find it extremely difficult to break. After all, this is a spell created by the Celestial Sovereign, and it is the ultimate method of protecting the secrets of the core disciples of my Seven Dao Sect!

“He, he is only a lower realm ant, but he was actually able to break it!!” In the other statue, the Black Tortoise walked out with horror and disbelief in his eyes. If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own divine sense, he wouldn’t believe it was real!

“This child is not ordinary… We need to change our plan for this person. The fact that he can break the Celestial Sovereign’s seal means he has a shocking spell. Such a spell would even be enough to shock the Immortal Astral Continent!” An old man walked out from the vortex in the third statue. He looked into the distance and gasped.

The Vermillion Bird didn’t speak. He looked at the world inside the vortex and his expression continued to change.

As the old man collapsed, Wang Lin retreated from the erupting force. His expression remained calm as he looked into the distance and revealed a sneer.

They were able to see him, but Wang Lin had also long sensed their presence!

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