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Chapter 1634 - A Cave

Ancient Celestial Realm!

This was the Ancient Celestial Realm that existed within the Inner and Outer Realms!

This place was much older than the four Celestial Realms; it had existed since the beginning of time. There was only one name for this place: the Ancient Celestial Realm!

The Lord of the Sealed Realm came from here. The celestial imperial concubines came from here. Everything related to the ancient era started here!

Without the water barrier, the vast earth became clear. The dim sky had countless storms sweeping across day after day, year after year. It was as if these storms had been constantly moving across the sky since the beginning of time.

There were nine suns hidden behind the storm; only their outlines could be seen. What caused Wang Lin to stop was the nine suns hiding in the storm.

“There are also nine suns here…” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. When he got a look at the Immortal Astral Continent, he saw the nine suns hanging high in the sky.

When he saw the nine suns again here, he began to speculate in his heart.

“This place could be part of the Immortal Astral Continent I saw before… Even if it’s not, it must have a deep connection to the Immortal Astral Continent…” Wang Lin silently looked up at the sky above. The more his cultivation level increased, the more he learned about the mysteries of this world. He was gradually ripping the veil open and was about to find the ultimate secret of the Inner and Outer Realms.

This secret might be very cruel, might be the end of everything, or it might just be another beginning.

More than 2,000 years of cultivation and countless life and death struggles allowed Wang Lin to step into the Ancient Celestial Realm. The holy land to many cultivators!

The earth was completely silent and there were countless statues on the ground. These statues seemed to be living beings that were petrified, but they kept the various positions they held before being turned to stone. Some were standing, some had fallen to their knees, some were letting out a roar, and some had a fierce expression. These statues seemed to have been in this land for countless years.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin stood in the sky and raised his head. He faced the dazzling light and looked at the nine suns in the sky. Then he stepped forward and turned into a ray of light, and an earth-shattering howl followed.

As the howl echoed, Wang Lin charged at the first sun.

In an instant, Wang Lin arrived next to the first sun hidden in the fog. The wind roared as it blew on his hair and clothes as if it was trying to blow him away.

However, his body remained motionless like a mountain. He allowed the wind blow on him, and there wasn’t any effect. His face was covered by his dancing hair, but his eyes, which could be seen through the hair, shined brightly.

Wang Lin looked very small before the first sun; he was like a speck of dust. However, this speck of dust gave off a terrifying aura. With this aura, how could anyone dare to say he was a speck of dust?

With this aura, who would dare to compete with him!

Even this first sun was not qualified! It was far from being qualified!

Wang Lin looked at the sun that was covered by the churning fog. He waved his right hand and a thunderous rumble echoed. The churning fog rumbled and was pushed to the side. This wave from Wang Lin was like the heavens’ might.

The fog scattered like waves, revealing the first sun clearly before Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he waved his right hand again. The light from the sun dimmed and seemed to tremble a few times before it began to collapse before Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and filled this vast world. The large sun before him shrank rapidly. Although it was still huge, it was like heaven and earth compared to before.

“What kind of sun is this? This is something formed by a spell! This contains the power of divine retribution. This is the root cause of divine retribution!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he waved his right hand several times. Every time he waved, the sun would shrink.

A moment later, with one last wave, the sun released a thunderous rumble and completely collapsed before Wang Lin.

As it collapsed, a distorted thunderbolt appeared before Wang Lin. The thunderbolt had nine colors and seemed to be sealed inside the sun. Due to its existence, the first divine retribution was mostly thunder!

Looking at the sealed nine-colored thunderbolt inside the sun, Wang Lin faintly saw the destructive thunderbolt that descended from the sky the first time he faced divine retribution.

“I have long suspected nothing in this world would appear for no reason… Even divine retribution would not appear by itself. Either some strange power or a powerful existence made it!”

As Wang Lin muttered, he reached out toward the sealed nine-colored thunderbolt. Thunderous rumbles echoed as it flew toward Wang Lin, and he caught it in his hand.

The thunderbolt in his hand continued to twist as if it would never submit to Wang Lin unless he become stronger than the mysterious existence that created it.

Holding the thunderbolt, Wang Lin hesitated.

“I can see how divine retribution was created… I also have a guess. It’s just... do I want to confirm that guess…” After a long time, Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze. His powerful divine sense spread out and entered the thunderbolt in this hand. He wanted to see who had created the divine retribution.

Just as his divine sense entered the thunderbolt, a thunderous rumble echoed in his mind. His vision became blurry, as if time had back millions of years!

He eventually saw a world. This world was filled with endless seven-colored light. The seven-colored light shrouded the world and made it look like a dream.

This world was very large; it was boundless.

Within the seven-colored light stood was a middle-aged man wearing a seven-colored robe. He looked aloof and his gaze was intense. A powerful pressure also spread out from his body.

It was as if the world was below his feet and everything had to submit! It was as if the world would collapse before him with one thought. The pride he showed contained endless coldness.

This person’s lips were not thick, making him look very serious and mean; he didn’t look righteous.

The moment Wang Lin saw the seven-colored man, his mind rumbled. This person looked almost exactly the same as the statue in his storage space. It was the same person!

Wang Lin remembered that when he saved Qing Shui in the Seven-Colored Realm, he also met a seven-colored person. However, compared to this person, that person was simply no match. It was like comparing the bright moon to the dim starlight.

Although there were many similarities between them, if anyone saw both of them, they wouldn’t think they were the same person.

“My cave will become its own world and contain the creation of heaven and earth. Everything in this world can be changed with just a though for me… Although it’s not a match for Grand Sovereign Forest Dao’s Forest Dao World, it is close… Unfortunately, it has no Heaven’s Dao, so time can’t pass. This means it can’t give birth to life and use it to create Joss Flames… However, all of this will change today because I managed to steal a Heaven’s Dao!

“With a Heaven’s Dao, from now on, my cave can give birth to sentient beings and time will begin to flow. Cultivators will begin to appear… If there are cultivators, there must be divine retribution… The first divine retribution will be thunder…” The seven-colored man muttered to himself before waving his hand at the sky. The sky rumbled and thunder appeared from the void and gathered in his hand.

His right hand formed a seal, and just a moment later, the endless thunder gathered to form a bolt of divine retribution thunder.

“From now on, you will be the divine retribution thunder for this old man. Punish any being that cultivates with a heaven-defying will!”

The image dissipated and Wang Lin’s divine sense returned to his body. His body trembled as he looked at the struggling thunderbolt in his hand with a complicated expression.

Wang Lin murmured, “I should have guessed long ago…”

“Cave… Cave… Old Ghost Zhan once said that the Inner Realm was the inner cave. It should have been very clear, but I didn’t want to believe it… Like Esteemed Scatter Spirit from the 7 Million Worlds. He found out the secret but nearly went mad...

“Cave… Cave… So it turns out that my world, the Inner and Outer Realms, is only a cave of a powerful cultivator on the Immortal Astral Continent!!!

“So this is the truth. It is simply ridiculous. It turns out that all the sentient beings in the Inner and Outer Realms were born because of this… Heaven-defying cultivator, heaven-defying cultivator… The reason divine retribution punishes heaven-defying cultivators is because all heaven-defying cultivators would eventually choose to figure out what heaven really was. As a result, the divine retribution punishes them...

“This is much more brilliant than the 7 Million Worlds. I should have guessed it long time go… I did guess it… I just didn’t want to believe it…” Wang Lin laughed as he pointed at the sky. This laughter became louder and louder.

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