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Chapter 1630 - Fate Sealing Ring

The Ancient One head appeared behind Wang Lin. It wasn’t blurry but almost corporeal. As it floated behind Wang Lin, it let out a heaven-shattering roar.

This roar shook the surrounding area and it was as if Wang Lin was filled with endless might. Wang Lin reached the top of the pagoda and threw a punch.

This punch caused the Ancient One head behind him to roar even more violently and space to distort. This roar fused with Wang Lin’s punch, creating a powerful punch filled with ancient energy.

The rumble became event more violent. In an instant, Wang Lin’s punch touched the top of the pagoda. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the pagoda trembled.

Wang Lin retreated a step and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Then he let out a roar and threw the second punch.

The popping sounds it created were heaven-shattering. As the popping sounds echoed, a few fine cracks appeared.

“A mere pagoda dares to seal me?” Wang Lin let out a roar, formed a fist, and threw the third punch. The punch landed and the cracks split even more. Soon, the cracks spread across the entire pagoda and the entire pagoda collapsed.

Countless fragments scattered in all directions. If one looked inside the clouds, they would see the pagoda collapsing and its fragments scattering like a storm.

One would also see a the golden light shine from within the collapsed pagoda. Wang Lin calmly walked out of the golden light with his hands behind his back.

Although divine retribution was strong, Wang Lin didn’t care. In his view, divine retribution couldn’t punish him!

Just as Wang Lin walked out, another muffled roar came from the rift above. Golden light shined and a third treasure flew out from the rift.

This treasure was a golden ring. The moment it appeared, the golden light from the rift became even stronger and a pressure far more powerful than before appeared. This pressure spread out past the clouds.

Outside, Situ Nan and company felt this pressure, and their hearts trembled. They felt like they were facing the endless might of the heavens.

Master South Cloud’s expression changed and he subconsciously retreated over 1,000 feet. If he was like this, there was no need to talk about everyone else. The thousands of cultivators here, including Situ Nan, quickly retreated.

Some cultivators were to late on their retreat and were hit by the pressure. They coughed out large amounts of blood and their faces became pale. Their minds were hit by a powerful blow.

“This… What kind of treasure is this!?” Master South Cloud’s eyes were filled with disbelief. With his cultivation level, he could tell that the pressure was not being given off by a cultivator but a treasure.

The only person outside the clouds that wasn’t suppressed by the pressure from the treasure was Old Ghost Zhan on the other side. His hair moved without any wind and his eyes revealed a strange light as he stared into the clouds. For the first time, his gaze moved off Wang Lin and onto the golden ring.

“Fate Sealing Ring! This is the thing he set up as the third treasure to become divine retribution in his memories… This treasure was even a bit famous on the Immortal Astral Continent. Unfortunately, it became divine retribution, and unfortunately, my body…” Old Ghost Zhan shook his head and sighed, but his eyes suddenly lit up.

“If Wang Lin can obtain this treasure, the chance of him being the third one will increase greatly… However, it is somewhat difficult to obtain it…”

Wang Lin also felt the pressure from the golden ring. His eyes lit up and he became interested for the first time. 

Just as Wang Lin looked over, the golden ring stopped and its pressure increased drastically. This caused the clouds to rumble violently, and the cultivators outside all rapidly retreated once more in shock.

At the same time, the golden ring flew toward Wang Lin as it released this pressure.

As it flew forward, the golden ring swelled up in a strange manner and instantly became thousands of feet wide. It moved at an unimaginable speed and wrapped around Wang Lin. After it was around Wang Lin, it rapidly shrank.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He didn’t dodge or hide but waited for it to shrink. In a flash, the ring shrank from thousands of feet to only several feet, forming a small halo around Wang Lin’s forehead. It tightened into his flesh like a circular seal!

This circular seal clinged to Wang Lin’s skin. It tightened around his forehead and then an invisible ripple spread through his body. Then a similar ring appeared, sealing his origin soul.

This was not the end. After sealing his origin soul, the ripple continued to penetrate through. It had no form to begin with, so it entered Wang Lin’s soul and sealed it!

This was the Fate Sealing Ring!

Wang Lin closed his eyes and his expression remained calm, as if the ring on his forehead didn’t exist at all. However, within his closed eyes, there were flashes of deduction.

He had taken fancy to this treasure, so he was using his mind to figure out its structure and find its weakness. The quickest way to do this was to experience it himself!

He didn’t dodge the divine retribution; he was allowing the divine retribution treasure to hit him so he could figure out a way to take it. Since ancient times, only Wang Lin could do something so calmly.

He was already a bold person, and after experiencing countless life and death situations, he had seen far too much. Now that his eyes were closed, everything in the world became false and his mind processed at a terrifying speed.

He combined his ancient god body, his cultivator body, his five essences, his more than 2,000 years of cultivation, and his wisdom as a grand scholar to create a terrifying computational force.

In his mind, his body was gone and the only thing that remained was the golden ring, which was made up of billions of runes. The runes rapidly rotated, and because they rotated so fast, they looked solid.

Every rune contained a unique aura, but when combined, they were extremely harmonious. They would seal a person’s flesh and origin soul and then their soul, which was tantamount to sealing their life.

This treasure’s effect was very similar to the sealing power of the Sealing Extermination Clan, but there were some differences.

All of this happened in a instant; in just a flash, he saw through a lot.

“This treasure is a half-finished treasure… It was fused into the divine retribution by someone, and they are using the divine retribution to complete this treasure. The treasure is close to completion; maybe in another 10,000 years it will be complete… Interesting, I seem to understand divine retribution somewhat.” Wang Lin smiled.

However, just at this moment, the roar from the rift became even more clear, as if it was beside his ear. At the same time, a giant figure appeared from within the rift. It was thousands of feet tall and the aura of an ancient god spread out.

The moment it stepped out of the rift, it revealed its whole body. It was an ancient god! This ancient god had eight stars rotating rapidly between his eyebrows and wore a fierce experience. However, his eyes were hollow, making it seem as if he had lost his sanity.

The ancient god stars between his eyebrows were different from Wang Lin’s. They were dim, as if they were sealed.

The ancient god charged out of the rift and let out a heaven-shattering roar before charging at Wang Lin, who had his eyes closed.

After the ancient god flew out, even more roars came from the rift. Three ten thousand feet ancient gods walked out. They had rough skin covered in countless scars, and they also charged at Wang Lin.

Less than one breath after, monstrous devilish energy as thick as ink rushed out. The devilish energy formed four ancient devils who had eight ancient devil stars. They revealed cruel and bloodthirsty grins as they rushed at Wang Lin.

This didn’t end here. After the four ancient devils, a monstrous demonic energy rushed out and dissipated the devilish energy. Four 8-star ancient demons appeared like smoke and had a terrifying appearance. Their sharp nails and green skin were shocking as the four ancient demons step out.

Four ancient gods, four ancient devils, four ancient demons. The 12 member of the Ancient Ones all roared and rushed at Wang Lin.

It became closer and closer!

Wang Lin still had his eyes closed and was still deducing the structures and flaws of the golden ring above. As billions of runes flash through his mind, every time he understood one, the golden light from the ring would dissipate a bit. 

In this short period of time, more than 30% of the runes among the one billion runes had been taken control of by Wang Lin. As a result, the golden ring wasn’t shining as brightly as before.

Wang Lin didn’t seem to realize that 12 ancient killing intents were closing in on him. The first to appear was an ancient god!

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