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Chapter 1629 - Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

Wang Lin was using his True and False Dao to create an illusion divine retribution. The countless figures within the fog let out roars of struggle, and they were all targeted at the rift above Wang Lin.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the entire Brilliant Void. The rift that was hit by Wang Lin’s divine retribution trembled violently. Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered as he stared coldly at the rift and calmly walked toward it.

His pace wasn’t fast, but every step he took would cause a thunderous rumble and cause the rumble coming from the rift to become even more intense.

The trembling from the rift and Wang Lin’s calmness created a sharp contrast.

Wang Lin was not afraid of divine retribution. He had the heart of a great scholar and a mighty aura. Everything in the world was equal, not even divine retribution was an exception.

“Everything has an origin. Today, I want to see why divine retribution exists, how it came into existence, and where it came from!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he walked closer and closer to the rift.

When he was less than 100,000 feet from the rift, bright light came out of it. 

As the bright light shined, something slowly floated out from the rift. It was a very ordinary-looking horsetail whisk that was only seven inches long. It had a purple wooden handle and white hair as the brush. There were 3,000 hairs symbolizing the 3,000 grand daos.

This object slowly flew out of the rift and gently waved at Wang Lin. The 3,000 hairs moved without any wind and scattered. An invisible ripple spread out from the horsetail whisk.

As the ripple echoed, Wang Lin’s footsteps paused slightly and his eyes shined brightly. Then his paused step landed without hesitation and he moved like a meteor toward the horsetail whisk that had flown out of the rift.

The ripple spread out and penetrated through the clouds. Just as Wang Lin closed in, one of the 3,000 hairs separated from the whisk and drifted like smoke. The white hair from the whisk silently turned into a spell.

Attraction spell!

At the same time, the second white hair separated from the whisk and turned into the second spell. Fireball spell.

The third white hair quickly followed and turned into a slaughter aura. It became the slaughter aura from a slaughter sword.

The fourth, fifth, sixth… In a flash, hundreds of white hairs flew off. turning into the Finger of Death, the Underworld Finger, the Devil Finger, and other spells Wang Lin had seen in the first step. 

Some of these spells were ones he had mastered and some were ones he had seen others use.

After the hundreds of white hairs, the rest of the 3,000 hairs followed, turning into various spells. There were Qing Shui’s spells, Situ’s spells, and even Bai Fan’s Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Mountain Crumble, and Land Collapse.

All of this happened in an instant. The 3,000 hairs turned into 3,000 different spells that Wang Lin had seen in his life.

There were also Qing Lin, Daoist Water, and Master Lu Fu’s spells. There were even spells from the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System, the first and second generation Vermillion Birds, and many other included!

3,000 hairs, 3,000 grand daos, 3,000 spells! A majority of the spells in Wang Lin’s memory appeared before him.

These 3,000 spells fused together perfectly. As the whisk waved, the spells surrounded the space around Wang Lin and closed in on him.

Perhaps a few or even 100 would be no problem, and even all 3,000 were nothing to Wang Lin. However, these 3,000 spells were formed by the hairs on this whisk, which gave off a familiar aura. This aura was celestial energy!

As a result, its power was enough to shock the world.

This celestial energy was not the celestial spiritual energy from the Celestial Realms of the Inner Realm but real celestial energy, like the drop of golden blood. If he hadn’t met the madman and obtained the Immortal Celestial Body, he would not be able to recognize the celestial energy used to create these 3,000 spells.

At this moment, he instantly felt it, which caused his pupils to shrink. He looked at the 3,000 spells closing in on him and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“I had already suspected that divine retribution came from the Ancient Celestial Realm. Now that I am feeling this pure celestial energy, it is clear that the ancient celestial realm has great connection to the Immortal Astral Continent!”

Bursts of soft, golden light came from the 3,000 spells as they closed in on Wang Lin and descended.

A thunderous rumble echoed, causing the heavens to shake. Wang Lin’s figure was covered by the soft, golden light, making it impossible to see his figure anymore.

At the same time, another object flew out from the rift: a nine-floor pagoda. The pagoda was golden and gave off endless pressure. It expanded as soon as it flew out. In the blink of an eye, it was hundreds of thousands of feet tall. It gave off a golden light and flew toward Wang Lin.

The 3,000 whisk hairs were divine retribution!

The pagoda suppression was another divine retribution!

The third step divine retribution that was targeted at Wang Lin was extremely powerful! If Wang Lin’s cultivation was only at the  early stage of Nirvana Void, he would’ve without a doubt died here!

Even if he were at the peak of Nirvana Void, he would have died to this divine retribution!

Even with his mid stage Spirit Void cultivation, if he had reached it normally with one essence, he would still have no chance of survival against this divine retribution!

The nine-floor golden pagoda immediately smashed toward where the 3,000 spells were. After a violent rumble, everything became quiet.

The only that remained within the clouds was the nine-floor golden pagoda that seemed to have exist since ancient times.

Master South Cloud and company outside the clouds trembled due to the silence. As Master South Cloud stared at the clouds, he became anxious.

Situ Nan silently pondered and felt like something bad was going to happen. Without saying a word, he wanted to rush into the clouds. However, just as he moved, Master South Cloud waved his hand to stop Situ Nan.

“Master South Cloud! You aren’t going to stop me!!!” Situ Nan suddenly turned, and his eyes were filled with madness. He stared at Master South Cloud as he spoke, and his words were filled with monstrous killing intent.

He knew he was not Master South Cloud’s match, but at this moment, he had a feeling Wang Lin was in danger. Given Situ Nan’s personality, even if his teacher, Qing Lin, was here, he would attack without hesitation.

Master South Cloud didn’t care about what Situ Nan had said. Instead, he silently pondered a bit and then spoke with a serious tone.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm is going through divine retribution, we shouldn’t interfere… If you force your way there, not only would you not help, it would also distract him.”

Situ Nan’s gaze fell on the clouds and he clenched his fists. After pondering for a bit, his hoarse voice slowly echoed.

“I’ll wait for half an incense of time. If after that, if it remains this quiet, I must go there!”

Master South Cloud and didn’t speak. He looked at the clouds and became even more anxious.

On the other side, Old Ghost Zhan became even more excited. His eyes shined as he licked his lips and muttered to himself.

“Three-Nine Whisk, Celestial Suppression Pagoda. There should be another one called the ‘Fate Sealing Ring…’ When he set up the divine retribution in the cave, he put those three treasures inside…” Old Ghost Zhan’s words became unfathomable and his gaze toward the clouds became even more strange.

Time slowly passed. Half an incense stick of time felt like several years for Situ Nan. The thousands of Inner Realm cultivators became nervous and had a bad feeling in their hearts.

“Could the Lord of the Sealed Realm survive his divine retribution…”

“Impossible, the Lord of the Sealed Realm can’t fail…”

“It has been silent for a long time, what the hell happened in there…”

Panic began to appear in the hearts of those thousands of cultivators, making them even more anxious. Situ Nan found it increasingly hard to control himself. Just as half an incense of time was about to pass and Situ Nan was going to charge into the clouds, a heaven-shaking rumble echoed!

Deep within the clouds, the pagoda suddenly trembled. The rumble came from within the pagoda.

There was chaos inside the pagoda. Wang Lin’s body was tangled by the 3,000 hairs that were the 3,000 spells. They seemed to return to their original form and sealed Wang Lin.

Inside the pagoda, there were burst of golden light that was extremely domineering. The light wanted to refine Wang Lin, it wanted to use celestial energy to melt Wang Lin!

However, the divine retribution didn’t know that between Wang Lin’s eyebrows existed the purest celestial bloodline!

“The so-called divine retribution only has these spells… If that’s the case, this divine retribution is… too weak!” Wang Lin was wrapped in 3,000 hairs. He shook his head and jerked. The ancient god stars between his eyebrows started rotating rapidly, and as ancient god power surged through his body, his body grew rapidly.

100 feet, 300 feet, 1,000 feet… Until he was thousands of feet tall, like a giant. The hairs around him were pulled straight and some even snapped. Once Wang Lin turned into his ancient god form, his ancient god power spread out and all the hairs collapsed!

“Can’t even withstand one blow…” Wang Lin shook his head once more and then he stepped upwards. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch at the top of the pagoda!

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