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Chapter 1628 - Fantasy Reality Retribution

His open palm was karmic cause and his closed palm was karmic effect. The Karma Print shot out and the altar trembled. The two corners that came out of the rift released a thunderous bang.

Large amounts of cracks appeared on those two corners and then they suddenly collapsed. Countless fragments scattered and were burnt to ashes by the fire.

If only two corners collapsed, it wouldn’t be surprising. However, under the assault of the Karma Print, not only did two corners collapse, but even the four swords around the vague figure trembled and let out miserable buzzes.

Four smoke-like aura were extracted from the four swords by Wang Lin. They were invisible to the eye but could be seen with divine sense. They flew toward Wang Lin’s hand and were caught.

As the four aruas dissipated, the four swords that Wang Lin dreaded back then lost all luster. They were like ordinary swords without any spirit.

However, this was not over yet. Nothing that had essence could escape the Karma Print, as this spell was extremely domineering. Ordinary people were not qualified to dodge it; even third step cultivators like the green-robed young man were terrified before it.

The alter trembled violently and an aura seemed to be extracted. It began to tremble even more violently, and spider web-like cracks spread across the entire altar. 

All of this happened in an instant, and as Wang Lin’s right hand closed, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.


With one word, a monsterous rumble came from the alter. Even the half that didn’t have time to come out of the rift collapsed.

The countless fragments turned into a storm, but the moment the storm appeared, it was devoured by the surrounding fire.

A roar came from inside the collapsed altar. The vague figure that was sitting there looked up and rushed out. It dashed through the sea of fire and charged at Wang Lin.

This figure was still blurry, and even after it charged out, it was impossible to see its appearance. The figure raised its hand and seemed to murmur a spell. Its right hand released a yellow light and slapped toward Wang Lin.

“Life!” Wang Lin let out a cold snort. He didn’t dodge or hide. He waved his sleeve and white gas surrounded his left hand as he directly confronted that yellow palm. The two palms collided and a monstrous rumble echoed. The figure was forced back several steps.

Ordinary life force didn’t have the capability to do much damage, but Wang Lin had comprehended life and death. The life force injected now was used to help create death.

“You dare to attack me with this kind of strength?” Wang Lin moved and appeared before the retreating figure. He raised his right hand and black gas surrounded it. As he closed in on the figure, he pressed his right hand on its chest.

“Death!” As he pressed down, the black gas in his right hand rushed into the figure and triggered the life force that was sent in earlier. The life and death aura inside it completed a cycle and formed the Life and Death Seal!

When the Life and Death Seal was complete, a thunderous rumble appeared inside the vague figure, and it started to tremble and cough out golden breaths. The figure was thrown back and even the blur around it dissipated a bit, revealing its terror and disbelief. The Life and Death Seal had messed up the life and death aura inside him, causing his body to collapse.

The messenger of the heavens that made Wang Lin suffer before was now so weak, he couldn’t even withstand one blow.

“Divine retribution, what qualifications do you have to inflict divine retribution upon me?” Wang Lin’s words were calm, but they spread out from the fog into the ears of Master South Cloud, Situ Nan, and the thousands of cultivators outside.

Just this one line was enough to make the Inner Realm cultivators’ blood boil. This line was extremely arrogant, but no one questioned it!

Wang Lin had endured more than 1,000 years to say this. From when he first faced divine retribution in the Demon Spirit Land, he had endured until today. Now he had the qualifications to point at the sky and ask why what right it had to punish him!

Ask the heavens what qualifications it had to take away Li Muwan!

Ask the heavens who had given it the qualifications to punish other beings!

Ask the heavens who had given it the qualifications for it to become heaven!

Thunderous rumbles rang out and the million-kilometer clouds seemed to be enraged. Muffled roars loud enough to shake one’s mind came from the rift.

As the sound became even more intense, the clouds began to rotate. As they rotated, the roar intensified and a powerful pressure spread out.

As they rotated, countless vague figures appeared inside the clouds. These figures looked like souls and let out mournful cries.

In the blink of an eye, those ghostly figures filled the area around Wang Lin. Soon, these figures became clear and turned into faces familiar to Wang Lin.

These faces included his parents, his fourth uncle, Wang Zhou, Zhang Hu, Liu Mei, and Li Muwan.

There was also Teng Li, Teng Yuan, and people he considered enemies, friends, or relatives. They charged at Wang Lin from all directions.

As they closed in, both roars and gentle calls filled the clouds and rushed into Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the figures that closing in on him. He saw his white-haired parents holding each other and trembling as they closed in. He saw the tears in their eyes and them raising their dried-up hands as if they wanted to touch his face.

He saw Li Muwan. Li Muwan had a tearful gaze, but she had a warm smile on her face. She wiped away her tears and quietly walked toward Wang Lin.

He saw Liu Mei, who was was holding a baby surrounded by black gas. The cries of the baby were sharp and could penetrate one’s mind.

He saw a lot, he saw everything.

This scene was extremely real, and it was formed by divine retribution, so it was very difficult to tell if it was real or not. It gave one the illusion that it could change between real and fake in an instant.

When you believe everything is false and you destroy it all, you may find it was all real. You would have just destroyed your loved ones’ last remaining souls in this world!

As Wang Lin silently pondered, even more figures closed in on him. These figures surrounded him and more continued to approach.

Wang Lin let out a sigh, looked profoundly at the surrounding figures, and closed his eyes.

He had comprehended the true and false essence, so this had no effect on him. When he closed his eyes, everything became false, and when he opened his eyes, everything became real.

With a sigh, Wang Lin closed his eyes once more and waved his right hand. Just like how he had made the Void Gate turn to dust, he waved the figures away whether they were real or not. Dust to dust, earth to earth, they will go back to where they came form.

“Since the heavens are ruthless enough to use such a method against me, then I will do the same! Heavens, open your eyes and see how many people other than me roar at the heavens!” Wang Lin opened his eyes. Then he pointed at the heavens and roared!

As he roared, his True and False Dao suddenly appeared!

Inside the rumbling clouds, as Wang Lin roared, many illusory figures appeared. These figures were formed by Wang Lin’s True and False Dao. If you say their real, they are real, but if you say their fake, they’re fake.

Among these figures was Zhou Yi, who held the female corpse and roared mournfully at the heavens...

Among these figures was Bai Fan, who pointed at the heavens and laughed like a madman...

Among these figures was Qing Shui, who had recalled his memories after awakening and roared at the heavens...

Among these figures was Tuo Sen, who arrogantly cursed at the heavens...

Among these figures were many more...

Among these figures was also the countless people from the 7 Million Worlds within the Scattered Thunder Clan. The countless cultivators that had died and Master Scattered Spirit, who let out a deranged roar of madness when he saw what he believed to be heaven.

Countless figures appeared within Wang Lin’s True and False Dao. Their roars formed a special kind of divine retribution. The heavens’ divine retribution had used an illusion against Wang Lin, so Wang Lin did the same. He used his True and False Dao to form this divine retribution as a response.

As the roars echoed toward the heavens, an invisible force rushed into the rift. However, there was no reaction from the rift, and the roar from within wasn’t interrupted.

“Not enough…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and his divine sense spread out in all directions. In a flash, his divine sense spread across the entire Brilliant Void. His divine sense entered each cultivation planet and looked into the memory of the soul of every planet..

Since ancient times, anyone who lived in the Brilliant Void Realm, whether it was mortals or cultivators, all let out roars of resentment as they looked up at the heavens. Perhaps no one saw them and perhaps they were long dead, but the planets they lived on remembered it all.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s divine sense felt it, and it took form with his True and False Dao. It transformed into a divine retribution that was targeted at heaven itself.

The rift that represented divine retribution trembled for the first time and the roar coming from inside suddenly stopped.

At the same time, on the other side of the clouds, Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes shined like never before. His eyes were filled with unabashed greed.

“There is a 30% chance he is the third one!!” Old Ghost Zhan licked his lips.

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