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Chapter 1627 - My Retribution

Wang Lin didn’t know if anyone had ever faced divine retribution with a mighty and calm heart like him and delivered divine retribution onto the heavens.

He didn’t know if anyone would do this in the countless years after him. He only knew that he had to gave it his all to suppress this divine retribution. He would turn himself into the heavens’ dao not to punish life but to punish this divine retribution!

This was a battle between two divine retributions. This was something that had never happened before.

As Wang Lin spoke, the thunder mark in his right eye flashed and endless lightning surged out under the giant vortex.

In an instant, several bolts of thunder flew out from his right eye and spread across his face and body. Eventually, thunder flowed into his white hair, creating popping sounds. From afar, Wang Lin seemed to be dressed in thunder; he was like the king of thunder.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the vortex above rotated even more violently. As it rotated, endless thunder gathered at the center. A green light shined at the center, Wang Lin’s first divine retribution, thunder retribution, appeared!

The green light penetrated the million kilometers of cloud. From outside, the clouds were dyed green. It was a spectacular scene but also schoking.

However, in Wang Lin’s eyes, the green light formed a large bolt of thunder in the depths of the vortex. It gave off a strange aura that didn’t belong to this world.

It came from an unknown place and charged out of the vortex with a deafening roar toward Wang Lin. It was like a vicious, green dragon that wanted to devour Wang Lin.

It wanted to devour Wang Lin and destroy him to prevent a heaven-defying third step cultivator from existing!

Wang Lin remained calm as he looked coldly at the vortex above him. His gaze locked onto the green thunder and his eyes lit up.

“Today, I, Wang Lin, will deliver retribution upon the divine retribution. The first will be named My Will Thunder Retribution!” As Wang Lin spoke, thunder erupted from his body and spread like crazy. In an instant, a giant thunder mark appeared above Wang Lin. 

This thunder mark was completely different from the green thunder. It was red, blood red! This blood-red light gave off an endless red glow and turned into a thunder retribution that belonged to Wang Lin. The red thunder caused the world to change colors. The clouds were pushed back and the entire Brilliant Void trembled.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the descending, green heavenly thunder. The red thunder mark trembled and turned into a bolt of heavenly thunder that shot upwards.

This scene was extremely shocking! If one looked from afar, they would clearly see a bolt of green and a bolt of red thunder moving at unimaginable speeds toward each other from above and below.

This made it impossible to tell which one was the divine retribution. Some might even feel that both were divine retribution. It also made it difficult to tell if the heavens were punishing Wang Lin or… if Wang Lin was punishing the heavens!

In an instant, the two bolts of heavenly thunder collided with a thunderous roar, creating a violent impact.

They were like two meteors that were devouring and cancelling each other out. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the green thunderbolt dissipated rapidly. After just a few breaths, it had shrunk a lot and couldn’t move forward at all, then it was devoured by Wang Lin’s red thunder.

However, just at this moment, the vortex suddenly started rotating in the opposite direction. Thunderous rumbles echoed once more and another bolt of green thunder appeared. It fused with the first bolt and pressed down on Wang Lin’s red thunderbolt.

It wasn’t just one; the third, fourth, fifth… Until the nine bolts fell at once and fused with the first bolt. The endless thunder was like a flood that was going to destroy the world!

Wang Lin’s red thunder rapidly dissipated under the green thunder that had suddenly expanded.

A shockwave filled with thunder spread in all directions and pushed back the clouds. This caused Situ Nan and company outside to feel terror.

However, this wasn’t able to cause Old Ghost Zhan to move at all. He calmly looked ahead as if he could see everything and slightly shook his head.

“He shouldn’t be the third one. If he were, he wouldn’t be so weak… Forget it, I have looked for the third one for countless years; how could it be so easy…” Old Ghost Zhan let out a sigh as he withdrew his gaze from the clouds and looked dispirited. He seemed to lose all interest and was about to leave.

However, just as he was about to leave, he exclaimed and suddenly turned around. His disappointed eyes shined brightly.

Deep within the fog, Wang Lin’s white hair moved without wind. The red thunder disappeared and the incomparably large, green thunderbolt filled with destructive power descended. Wang Lin took a step and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was directly below the green thunderbolt.

His right hand rose up and gently pressed against the endless, green thunderbolt.

“I don’t know where this thunder came from. I, Wang Lin, have comprehended the essence of thunder and am the lord of all thunder. You either obey me or… break!”

Time seemed to stop at this moment, forming an eternal picture. In this picture, Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered as his raised hand touched the green heavenly thunder that was formed from nine bolts and stopped it from descending.

Before the green thunderbolt, his body was very small, but when his palm touched it, it was as if he had grabbed the soul of the thunderbolt!

His expression remained calm and he closed his eyes. He felt the green thunderbolt’s unyielding will and roar. He felt the struggle of the thunderbolt along with its thoughts and fears.

“I understand. Then you can break,” Wang Lin soft said. Then he opened his eyes and waved at the green thunderbolt.

With this wave, the green thunderbolt trembled and silently collapsed before Wang Lin!

It turned into countless specks of green light and spread out like countless green fireflies. It then slowly dissipated and scattered.

As Wang Lin stood within the dissipating, green thunderbolt, his figure seemed a bit blurry. He looked up at the vortex above and pointed with his right hand.

“With my will, create a thunder retribution to punish the heavens!”

An instant later, a bolt of red thunder retribution appeared out of thin air to his left and shot toward the vortex. Then a second and third… Countless bolts of thunder appeared with Wang Lin as the center and bombarded the vortex.

In a flash, the area Wang Lin was in was like a minefield. The bolts of thunder went form dozens in number to hundreds, until there were tens of thousands that shot out.

Ten Thousand Red Thunderbolts to punish the divine retribution!

Tens of thousands of red thunderbolts shot up and closed in on the vortex above. In an instant, these bolts of thunder slammed into the vortex!

A heaven-shattering rumble echoed as Wang Lin’s divine retribution bombarded the vortex, causing it to become thin as if it was going to dissipate. In the end, the vortex in the sky disintegrated and disappeared.

However, just at this moment, a giant rift appeared where the vortex dissipated. This rift was hundreds of thousands of feet long and released thunderous rumbles. A giant, four-cornered palace that looked like an altar slowly came out.

As it appeared, the thunderous rumbles became even more clear. In an instant, half of the altar came out, revealing its four corners. Wang Lin saw a vague figure sitting in the center, and there were four swords stabbed into the altar around the figure.

“With my intent, begin fire retribution and burn the heavens and earth!” The fire tattoo Wang Lin’s left eye flashed and then a menacing fire spread out around him, forming powerful flames.

As Wang Lin pointed above with his left hand, the flames around him suddenly spread out. One thousand feet, ten thousand feet, one thousand kilometers, ten thousand kilometers...

The fire spread with just a thought from Wang Lin. At this moment, the sea of fire that was tens of thousands of kilometers wide flew into the sky with a point of Wang Lin’s finger.

In a flash, even the surrounding clouds seemed to get lit up by the fire. The rift above was completely engulfed in fire. It was different from the rumbling of thunder. The popping sounds of the fire burning fused together. The heat wave spread in all directions.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He waved his sleeves and took a step forward. He appeared inside the sea of fire near the rift next to one of the four corners of the altar. Then he raised his right hand and directly pressed down on the vague figure sitting on the altar.

As he pressed down, his hand clenched to form a fist as if he was grabbing something.

“Karma Print!”

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