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Chapter 1626 - The Third One?

The will charged out of the collapsed vortex and collided with Wang Lin’s aura. This caused Wang Lin’s face to turn slightly pale, but he didn’t take a single step back. He stood straight and stared at the vortex.

The will from the vortex didn’t have any offensive power, but it had the power to suppress. If one didn’t submit to this pressure, then their body, mind, and dao would collapse!

However, this pressure couldn’t suppress Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s aura of a grand scholar viewed the heavens and earth as ants, viewed everything as equals. As a result, Wang Lin directly confronted that will!

At this instant, the Heaven Defying Bead in Wang Lin’s mind seemed to awaken and began to rotate. It greedily absorbed that will.

That will touched Wang Lin slightly and immediately withdrew. When it withdrew, the Heaven Defying Bead also stopped rotating.

As the will withdrew, a faint and ancient voice echoed in Wang Lin’s ears.

“Everything was created by me, we wait for your repayment…”

When the voice dissipated, even more power surged out of the vortex and entered the ancient god gauntlet. This caused the gauntlet to quickly recover.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached into his storage space to take out a broken flag. Aside from the Heaven Defying Bead, this was the most meaningful treasure Wang Lin had ever received.

This was the One-Billion-Soul Soul Flag!

This flag was given to him by Du Tian in his earlier years, and he had given part of it to Thirteen. Right now, he only had this broken flag left, but when the power from the Void Gate rushed in, the One-Billion-Soul Soul Flag gave off a powerful aura.

After the One-Billion-Soul Soul Flag was repaired, the power of the Void Gate quickly dissipated from the world.

The vortex from the Void Gate dissipated. Wang Lin stood there with his white hair fluttering. His left eye contained fire, his right eye contained thunder, and between his eyebrows, aside from his ancient god stars, there were three vertical marks!

Those three vertical marks were karma in the middle, life and death on the left, and true and false on the right!

As for the slaughter essence, it was fused with his soul!

The third step! He had really stepped into the mid stage of Spirit Void, making him a third step cultivator! He closed his eyes and silently observed his body. After a long time, he opened his eyes and saw that a strange mark had appeared on his right hand.

He was not unfamiliar with this mark; it was the sixth gate he had broken open. The Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate!

The Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate was like a tattoo in Wang Lin’s right palm, and it slowly formed a deep imprint. Looking down, the thousands of cultivators slowly flew out from planet Suzaku. Master South Cloud, Situ Nan, and others flew in front to greet Wang Lin. Only Master South Cloud looked a bit worried. He looked into the distance at the muffled rumbles and a speculation formed in his heart.

Just at this moment, the muffled rumbles from the distance became even more urgent and violent. Wang Lin raised his head and looked into the distance with battle intent in his eyes. He was going to face the divine retribution, he wanted to see how strong the divine retribution this time was!

“Situ, we will talk later. Right now, divine retribution is coming. After I break this divine retribution, we will get drunk!”

“It indeed is divine retribution!” Master South Cloud’s eyes narrowed. He stopped and waved his sleeves to stop everyone else from moving forward.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm is undergoing divine retribution. We will wait outside and protect him!” When Master South Cloud’s words echoed, the thousands of cultivators all stopped and then slowly retreated.

Situ Nan gave Wang Lin an anxious look.

“Divine retribution… When I broke the Void Gate, there was no divine retribution. Wang Lin, he…” Situ Nan looked at Master South Cloud and also saw a hint of worry.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm has the will to defy the heavens and is called a heaven-defying cultivator. Heaven-defying cultivators have to face divine retribution, that is what has been passed down from ancient times… This old man has seen a few divine retributions. So the Lord of the Sealed Realm is also a heaven-defying cultivator…” Master South Cloud looked into the distance and saw a mass of clouds rushing over.

The clouds were endless, and they came closer and closer. Less than 10 breaths after everyone backed off, the thunderous rumbles echoed in everyone’s ears.

Some Inner Realm cultivators even bled from their orifices and retreated in fear. The clouds quickly surrounded Wang Lin until he was no longer visible to everyone.

As the endless clouds shrouded Wang Lin, an indescribable power of the heavens seemed to form countless giant invisible hands that swept out in all directions.

The thousands of Inner Realm cultivators, including Master South Cloud and Situ Nan, were pushed back by this force. Ten thousand feet, one hundred thousand feet, ten thousand kilometers, one hundred thousand kilometers... 

Thunderous rumbles echoed. As the clouds rumbled, it seemed even planet Suzaku was pushed off its orbit and drifted off.

From afar, this scene looked extremely shocking. The clouds spread until everything within one million kilometers around Wang Lin was covered. There was not one cultivator or cultivation planet within the area.

Wang Lin was the only person inside!

Looking at this unimaginable scene, all the cultivators became anxious, especially Situ Nan, who stared into the distance with a gloomy expression, wanting to help. However, he knew that aside from the person going through the divine retribution, it would be very difficult for others to get close.

Wang Lin could only bear it himself.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm is a heaven-defying cultivator. With this divine retribution, his cultivation will be fortified and he will stand above us all!” Master South Cloud muttered as if he was speaking to himself and to everyone else as well.

Everyone silently pondered.

Even further away, on the other side of the clouds, an old man wearing purple walked out. He wore a solemn expression as he looked at the churning clouds, and his eyes gave off a mysterious light.

“What a powerful arrow energy! He actually found that arrow!! When I met him back then, he hadn’t even reached the third step. I didn’t expect him to have six essences...

“Six essences, six essence. One essence is enough to become a third step cultivator. With six essences, this child’s cultivation skipped over the Nirvana Void stages and reached the mid stage of Spirit Void...

“With this cultivation and that arrow…” This old man was Old Ghost Zhan. He pondered a bit and looked at the clouds with bizarre and unexplainable gaze.

“Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate…” Old Ghost Zhan looked down at his right hand. In his palm, a tattoo appeared. This tattoo was also a door.

This gate was the same as the one in Wang Lin’s palm, they were both the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate!

“Could he be the third one…” Old Ghost Zhan frowned.

In the Ancient Star System, there was a palace floating among the endless void. The palace was dark, and it floated in darkness. It seemed to merge with the darkness of the void itself.

There were several candlesticks burning inside the palace. Popping sounds echoed as the flames flickered. The flames were dim, but some things were faintly visible.

There was a well at the center of the palace, and there was a man in a black robe standing next to it. Wang Lin was familiar with this person, he was the Sovereign!

He lowered his head and looked at the well, making it impossible to see his expression. After a long time, he raised his dried-up right hand and gently pinched a flame. The candlestick extinguished and smoke drifted up. The smoke enveloped him and hid him inside the darkness.

“He, why is he so hard to kill… Blue Dream stopped me the first time… The second time was a life and death trap, but in the end, Mas… Master actually showed up!!

“Master has gone crazy, he actually saved Wang Lin, even with his personality…” A hoarse voice echoed in the darkness and gradually became distorted. It was as if the Sovereign couldn’t hide the panic in his voice.

“The Li Guang Bow and arrow, it must’ve been Master who gave Wang Lin the blood to use it without rejection… Master… Is not dead… He is crazy right now, but once he recovers… He is bound to punish me... But at that time, he was seriously injured and went missing after being devoured by the Heaven’s Dao. What can I do?! What can I do beside submitting to Seven-Color!?”

The Sovereign’s body under the black robe seemed to tremble. He raised his head and roared at the empty palace hall.

The Summoned River had been completely occupied by Outer Realm cultivators. In the southern region, there were many broken planets with pieces of rock floating around them. There was one that was about 100 feet wide.

This rock was hollow, and a old man wearing white was sitting inside. This old man gave off the air of a celestial and there was a drop of blood between his eyebrows. This drop of blood seemed to have fused with him completely, which looked shocking. He slowly opened his eyes and lifted his right hand. After calculating for a bit, his eyes revealed a strange light.

“Wang Lin has finally reached the third step… The plan that this old man has been brewing for tens of thousands of years is about to commence… This old man has waited a long long time for this… Student, don’t let you teacher down…” The old man in white smiled. He was extremely calm, as if everything had gone exactly as he predicted.

He was the All-Seer, who had been missing for many years!

In the Brilliant Void, Wang Lin was in the middle of the endless clouds, where only the person going through the divine retribution could be. His white robes were fluttering and his eyes were calm. He had his hands behind his back as he looked up.

The clouds above him were rotating and there seemed to be countless silver snakes moving inside. A vortex that looked like a big mouth formed.

“I have a question: what qualification does heaven have to give me retribution? Today, I’m not only someone who will go through a retribution, I’m someone who will hand one out as well!

“Thunder retribution, in my name, Wang Lin, begin!”

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