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Chapter 1624 - Three Steps to Draw the Bow

However, today he had met Wang Lin, who had comprehended the true and false essence!

Wang Lin didn’t open his eyes at all. At the moment Heaven Master Void God’s core attempted to escape and the green-robed young man turned to retreat in terror after seeing Heaven Master Void God torn apart, Wang Lin raised this right hand to his eyebrows.

With this, endless golden light shined and a drop of golden blood came out from between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. He grabbed it with his right hand.

The moment he grabbed this drop of blood, a bow instantly appeared from Wang Lin’s body. The moment the bow appeared, killing intent filled the stars. Wang Lin pointed the bow forward.

The Li Quang bow couldn’t be used unless Wang Lin had the golden blood. In fact, back when his celestial bloodline was forced out, the bow had fused with that drop of blood. The arrow was also inside that drop of blood.

However, this blood still belonged to Wang Lin. As long as he had the blood, he could summon the Li Guang bow and fire that heaven-shattering arrow!

With this bow and his current cultivation level, Wang Lin wasn’t afraid of the world or any cultivators!

This bow was Wang Lin’s most powerful attack!

With his eyes closed, Wang Lin’s left hand held the bow and his right hand held the bowstring. He pointed at the escaping Heaven Master Void God and pulled the bowstring.

 A buzz echoed as if space was going to collapse or was already collapsing. The space around Wang Lin began to collapse layer by layer with him as the center.

Heaven Master Void God let out a silent scream and a feeling of death surrounded him. He ran like crazy and merged with the world. In an instant, he disappeared from near planet Suzaku.

There was also the young man in green. As he quickly escaped in terror, he ripped open a rift and went inside.

There were also the escaping tens of thousands of cultivators that were around planet Suzaku. They had all escaped earlier and hadn’t witnessed what had happened around planet Suzaku, but at this moment, they felt the call of death from their souls.

“I’ll take back the Brilliant Void with his arrow!” Wang Lin closed his eyes. His voice sounded calm. He pulled back the bowstring and an illusory arrow with a round tip began to form. Soon, it became a real arrow.

The moment the arrow appeared, Wang Lin’s right hand loosened. The moment he let go, a buzzing sound echoed. Space itself seemed to tremble and collapse as the string slammed into the arrow. All the force was transferred and the arrow shot out!

Space collapsed once more as the arrow flew out, forming endless black vortexes. The arrow triggered an unimaginable amount of power.

No one could stop this arrow!

As the arrow flew out, a ripple spread out from space. The green-robed young man was forced out of his rift. As he looked back in terror, his face turned pale and his eyes were filled with despair. Unlike last time, where he was only a projection, this time he was with his original body!

Once he died, he would truly be dead!

Without any time to think, the arrow closed in instantly. The green-robed young man let out a roar for help. His hands formed a seal and he coughed out large amount of blood regardless of his body’s condition. He gathered all the essence he could now that he was facing the end of his life.

He ripped open his Joss Flame Realm and took out all his Joss Flame souls. They fused with his blood and formed billions of layers of ice. In an instant, he formed a block of ice as large as a planet.

Just at this moment, the arrow arrived. The moment the arrow touched the ice, the ice immediately collapsed. Inside the center, the green-robed young man’s eyes were filled with despair. He had caused his own clan mark to collapse in exchange for more power to resist the arrow!

However, in the end, the arrow penetrated the ice with a rumble that echoed across the entire Brilliant Void. The arrow went through the green-robed young man. His body trembled and he coughed out blood before exploding. His origin soul wanted to escape, but in the end, it trembled and died.

This was the first Arcane Void cultivator that died in this war!

There were many Outer Realm cultivators inside the Brilliant Void, but all of them felt the threat of death. The arrow traveled in a straight line, but the ripples that it sent out affected the entire Brilliant Void.

Any cultivator that was touched by a ripple would explode and die.

In the eastern part of the Brilliant Void, there were hundreds of Outer Realm cultivators chasing a few dozen Inner Realm cultivators when they felt this. The dozens of Inner Realm cultivators were all pale and looked like dried-up oil lamps.

“Fight with them to the death. Even if I die, I’ll die in my hometown!” The escaping middle-aged man revealed a desperate grin. He suddenly turned around and decided to self-destruct.

However, just at this moment, a ripple came from the stars and penetrated the dozens of them but didn’t cause them any harm. However, they were gobsmacked when they saw the hundreds of Outer Realm cultivators chasing them all let out a miserable screams and die to the ripple.

In the southern part of the Brilliant Void, there were two Outer Realm cultivators who had reached the Heaven’s Blight. They were suppressing the bad feeling they had and were chasing after a young man before them. This young man was covered in fresh blood.

However, just at this moment, the ripple echoed. The two grinning Outer Realm cultivators trembled and collapsed, leaving behind the stunned young man.

In the west of the Brilliant Void, there was cultivation planet. Most of the sects had been destroyed and were now occupied by Outer Realm cultivators. Some of them had gone crazy from killing and had actually gone to kill mortals. Screams echoed inside the cities.

Some Outer Realm cultivators had captured the beautiful female cultivators of various sects. They were going to turn them into cultivation furnaces and sell them back in the Outer Realm.

However, just at this moment, the ripple swept past the cultivation planet. After the ripple passed, all the Outer Realm cultivators on the planet trembled and collapsed into piles of flesh and blood.

In the northern part of the Brilliant Void, there were 1,000 rays of light representing 1,000 Outer Realm cultivators going to help the other star systems. However, they collided with a ripple and not a single person survived.

Similar things happened everywhere within the Brilliant Void. As the ripples spread, a shocking amount of Outer Realm cultivators died!

At the border of the Brilliant Void and the Cloud Sea, Heaven Master Void God’s avatar reformed his body. His expression was gloomy and his eyes were filled with fear as he looked ahead.

“Who can kill him when he has that arrow?!? Damn it, without that arrow, at most I’d be injured, but it’s not impossible to kill him. It’s just… It’s just that… Why does he have to have that bow and arrow!?!

“Sovereign, you gifted him that bow back then. You made a big mistake!! With that bow, who in the Inner or Outer Realm can handle him?!

“This old man is no longer participating in his war. If my avatar can survive, it will return to my original body!” Heaven Master Void God’s fear had reached a limit. At this moment, he was escaping toward the Cloud Sea. He wanted to leave through the gap in the Cloud Sea. He had already made up his mind to never enter the Inner Realm again!

However, just at this instant, his expression changed greatly and he turned around. The space behind him broke and the arrow shot out. It moved at an unimaginable speed that was impossible to dodge as it shot through his body.

Heaven Master Void God’s body collapsed and his aura disappeared without a trace.

The moment his avatar died, a miserable scream came from a star domain covered in endless fog in the Ancient Star System. The fog within the star domain rapidly shrank until it formed a body. This was Heaven Master Void God’s original body.

He coughed out a mouthful of blood and staggered back a few steps. He looked toward the Inner Realm with dread in his eyes.

In the Brilliant Void Realm, outside planet Suzaku, Wang Lin opened his eyes. The bow in his hand disappeared and the arrow returned from the void. It went back inside the drop of golden blood in his right hand.

He pressed the drop of blood back into his forehead and charged up to the vortex formed by the collapse Void Gate.

He still a needed bit more time to solidify his third step cultivation.

Not far away, Zhou Jin was the only Outer Realm cultivator not killed by the ripples. His body was trembling and he didn’t dare to move. He watched Wang Lin step into the vortex and absorb the power of the Void Gate like crazy.

“So powerful… He… He became so powerful!” Zhou Jin’s mind was blank and his face was ashen.

Not only him, the thousands of Inner Realm cultivators were all startled. What they had just witnessed was simply unbelievable!

“Lord of the Sealed Realm… This is the Lord of the Sealed Realm, the hope of our Inner Realm!!” Master South Cloud’s eyes were filled with excitement. As someone who had cultivated for so many years, he knew that something of this magnitude shouldn’t happen, but whether it was the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate or the power of the arrow, either was enough to shock him.

Situ Nan laughed as he looked at Wang Lin inside the vortex. Excitement filled his eyes.

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” No one knew who spoke first, but soon, everyone followed. The thousands of cultivators cried in excitement. Behind them, the statue of Wang Lin on planet Suzaku looked up at the sky as if he was looking at the heavens like looking at ants!

However, only Wang Lin knew that his divine retribution, his third step divine retribution, was about to arrive!

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