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Chapter 1622 - Attacking With Grand Dao

Wang Lin didn’t know that it was the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate, but he felt that this gate was strange and his eyes narrowed. He looked at the giant gate before him and a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

No matter how strange this gate was to Wang Lin, it was all the same, merely a gate to reach the third step. He leaned forward and raised his right hand. The red snowflakes scattered across the area quickly gathered toward his right hand.

An instant later, Wang Lin’s right hand gave off an endless red light. His hand became a blood palm. The dazzling red light gave off a cold killing intent that permeated the area. The surrounding cultivators were all shocked by this aura, and they didn’t dare to escape.

“Slaughter essence…” Wang Lin muttered as he rushed forward toward the bone gate. In a flash, Wang Lin closed in and his right hand slammed toward the gate.

There was a thunderous bang and a giant blood handprint appeared on the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate. This blood palmprint contained all of Wang Lin’s slaughter and all of Qing Shui’s slaughter. This slaughter had already become a type of essence. There seemed to be countless ghosts howling within the blood palm, wanting to rush out. However, they couldn’t escape and turned toward the Void Gate.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy. The Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate was indeed not ordinary. Before the slaughter essence and its countless raging ghosts, it only trembled. A few cracks appeared, but it didn’t collapse.

Not only did it not collapse, but a rebound force erupted toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. The more difficult the gate was to open, the more interested he became. He retreated a few steps and let out laugh before pointing at the sky. Determination filled his eyes. 

“Thunder!” In an instant, thunder filled the world and shot toward the Void Gate.

“Fire!” Fire raged as a storm and burned everything!

“Karma Print!” Wang Lin opened and closed his right hand.

“Life and Death Seal!” He raised his left hand and his two hands closed.

“True and False Dao!” Wang Lin closed his eyes. and when he reopened them, a powerful aura filled his body. This was the aura of a grand scholar. This aura fused with his early stage Spirit Void aura and then he took a step forward. His right hand formed a fist and he punched toward the Void Gate.

“Six essences, open the Void Gate!” Wang Lin let out a roar as he closed in on the Void Gate like a ray of light. Then his right hand landed on the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate with a bang.

This punch contained the expectations of Wang Lin’s 2,000 years of cultivation.

This punch was his full power with six complete essences.

This punch was his determination to make himself stronger to revive Li Muwan.

This punch was his entrance into the third step!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars. The giant bone gate trembled and cracks spread rapidly. In just a moment, it collapsed!

This was the sixth gate!

He had blown open six Void Gates at once! There was no longer any force that could stop Wang Lin from reaching the third step!


The moment the gate shattered, an infinitely large vortex appeared. A surge of Void Gate power vast like the sea rushed out and entered Wang Lin’s body.

Under this power from the Void Gate, popping sounds came from his body. The six essences in his body rapidly fused and the aura around him rapidly increased from early stage Spirit Void.

It went directly from early stage Spirit Void to mid stage Spirit Void!

As the Void Gate’s power entered his body, Wang Lin’s body was constantly being refined. His body broke through some kind of limit and took the step past the peak of the second step!

This step was a step into the third step. This step wasn’t just an increase in his aura, but his cultivation had also reached the third step!

From now on, Wang Lin was a third step cultivator!

The popping sounds in his body, the endless roar in his mind, and the extremely comfortable feeling from his body was like him going through a metamorphosis. His entire body was evolving!

The first step of cultivation, from Qi Condensation to Ascendant, was allow a cultivator’s body to be reborn. Then, when they reached the Nirvana Scryer stage, they would be able to absorb origin energy!

The third step was the second time a cultivator was reborn. His body would expand infinitely so it would be no different from the world itself.

This step was extremely heaven-defying as it melted the talent of a cultivator. For third step cultivators, there was no longer talent, only comprehension!

The six essences continued to fuse. When the thunder and fire essences fused, Wang Lin’s cultivation level climbed from early stage Nirvana Void to mid stage Nirvana Void!

When the karma essence fused in, his cultivation level increased to late stage Nirvana Void!

When life and death followed and the true and false essences merged, Wang Lin’s cultivation level broke through the peak of Nirvana Void and reached early stage Spirit Void!

Wang Lin’s cultivation level continued to increase, and the pressure spread out, catching everyone’s attention. Killing intent appeared in Heaven Master Void God’s eyes, and with a roar, he rushed forward.

The Void Gate was there earlier, so he couldn’t attack, but now that it was gone, he had to kill Wang Lin. He had a feeling that if he didn’t kill Wang Lin today, he would never have another chance. The appearance of the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate had caused his scalp to go numb.

At this moment, he gave it his all. Even if he lost his avatar, he wouldn’t care. The grudge between him and Wang Lin was life and death. If Wang Lin didn’t die today, he would die in the future!

“He is now fusing his essences, it is the best time to kill him! Once they fully fuse,I fear not even early stage Arcane Void cultivators would be his match. We can’t allow him to live!”

The green-robed young man had the same thought. He was already retreating when he saw Heaven Master Void God act. He clenched his teeth and his eyes turned bloodshot. He surrounded his body with endless ice and then charged at Wang Lin.

There was also Zhou Jin, who was scared out of his wits. However, he was still a third step cultivator and the ancestor of the Blood Wolf Clan. With a desperate expression, he let out roar and a blood wolf tens of thousands of feet large appeared.

These actions caused Master South Cloud and company to rush forward, disregarding the injuries they had suffered. However, at this moment, a gentle voice echoed in their ears like a spring breeze.

“No problem!”

Although this voice was soft, it contained an indisputable force that stopped Master South Cloud and company. They looked at the vortex that had appeared after the Void Gate collapsed. Wang Lin was absorbing the power from the Void Gate while Heaven Master Void God’s group of three were closing in on him.

Wang Lin was using the power of the Void Gate to fuse the sixth slaughter essence. The moment those three closed in, Wang Lin pointed at them.


This spell was used after reaching the third step and absorbing the power of the Void Gate. The world changed, and it seemed as if the stars themselves had been frozen.

Wang Lin had also used the unused chaotic dao intent from the three Dao Fruits in this Stop spell.

With this, Zhou Jin’s body trembled and he couldn’t move half a step. The green-robed young man also felt endless dao intent hold himself and was unable to move.

Only Heaven Master Void God could still move forward, but his spell slowed down.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin moved. He had spent his life in slaughter and was not afraid of fighting. He directly charged at the green-robed young man and closed and opened his eyes. A moment of confusion appeared in the green-robed young man’s eyes. During this moment of confusion, Wang Lin raised his right hand and opened it up. Then he pressed down and his fingers closed as if he was grabbed something.

“Karma Print!”

The green-robed man trembled, then he coughed out blood and was knocked back. He was at the early stage of Arcane Void, but with years of battle and injuries that hadn’t healed, he could only use peak Spirit Void cultivation. Now that he was frozen by the Stop spell, he had no chance of resisting.

As Wang Lin raised his right hand, a blob of mist flew toward. No one could say what it was, but when the mist left the green-robed young man’s body, his body trembled violently. His eyes widened and his face distorted in pain.

What was pulled out was a karma force, a dao force. What was pulled out was the green-robed young man’s essence!!

That mist quickly changed in Wang Lin’s hand. In a short period of time, it turned to ice several times, trying to escape, but Wang Lin held on tight.

The Karma Print was extremely tyrannical!

Essence was also a part of karma. The person was the karmic cause, their cultivation was karmic fate, and forming their essence and reaching the third step was karmic effect! At this moment, Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered and he was calm. He looked like the Sovereign did in the past!

Attacking with grand dao!

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