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Chapter 162 – Reaching an Agreement

As the old man said this, he waved his hand and lightning came from all directions. Soon, there was cage of lightning trapping Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. He stopped moving, turned to the old man, and coldly asked, “What does senior want?”

The old man stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, he said, “I want to borrow your death spell.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, then looked at the surrounding lightning cage. The sounds of crackling from the lightning came in from all around him.

“I want to know why.”

The old man pondered for a bit before shaking his head. “It is not yet time to talk about this matter, but don’t worry; this old man won’t ask you to go for nothing. If you come with me, I’ll gift you an earth transformation pill!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm, but he was very tempted. He had heard of the earth transformation pill from Li Muwan and how it was very rare. It was a pill that was used to help increase cultivation by one level during the Core Formation stage. It had a high chance to elevate an early stage Core Formation cultivator to the mid stage. While the chances to increase from mid stage to late stage weren’t as high, it would still increase his spiritual energy and lay the foundation for the future.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before raising his head to look at the old man, but he didn’t say a word. He was very confused. Although he couldn’t see through the old man’s cultivation, he was able to destroy the Hou Fen Union’s sect protection formation with one palm and was able to scare away Nascent Soul cultivators with one roar. He either had to be at the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul or already stepped into the Soul Formation stage.

With the old man’s cultivation, he could easily put a few restrictions on Wang Lin to threaten him, or even just refine Wang Lin into a puppet that would listen to his every command. There didn’t seem to be a need for the old man to talk to Wang Lin with a bargaining tone.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “There must be a problem here.” However, he didn’t reveal anything abnormal on the surface. He pondered for a bit before staring back at the old man and shaking his head.

The old man calmly said, “You’re looking for death.” He closed his right hand and the lightning cage that was surrounding Wang Lin began to shrink. Wang Lin stared at the old man, revealing a mocking expression.

The lightning cage got closer and closer until it was almost touching him. The edges of his hair and clothes touched the cage when the wind blew and turned to dust.

As the cage was about to come into contact with Wang Lin, the old man stopped and looked at Wang Lin. “Your mental strength is good, but you don’t know your place. Do you really think I won’t kill you?”

The mocking expression on Wang Lin’s face intensified as he calmly said, “One earth transformation pill is not enough.”

The old man stared at Wang Lin and secretly cursed. If it wasn’t for that fact that people going to that place couldn’t have any restrictions placed on them, he would have already placed restrictions on this brat and avoided all this trouble.

Even if he were to use any restrictions, all of them would be destroyed once they enter that place. Also, at the stage where they would need the death spell, if the brat had any resentment, he could easily lead everyone to death.

This was the exact reason why he almost died the first time he had entered 1000 years ago. It had taken him 1000 years to recover his cultivation, and although it was now a bit higher than it was before, he couldn’t help but shiver every time he thought of that place.

Therefore, he couldn’t place restrictions or anything of the sort on Wang Lin. After hearing Wang Lin’s words, he relaxed a bit as he waved his hand and the lightning cage loosened.

Wang Lin didn’t even blink or look at the lightning cage. He only calmly looked at the old man.

The old man firmly said, “What do you want? Just speak your mind.”

“I want to know how dangerous the place I’ll be going is,” Wang Lin said, with a calm but determined voice.

The old man laughed. “This old man won’t lie to you about how dangerous it is. Early stage Nascent Soul cultivators have a 90% chance of dying. As for mid stage Nascent Soul cultivators, with luck, they can survive. Only late stage Nascent Soul cultivators who have reached pseudo Soul Formation can safely move around there, but if they aren’t careful, they will still die.”

“However, although that place is dangerous, the harvest is also great. Magic treasures, pills, cultivation methods… it can be said that anything you want is there. There is also the rumored Soul Transformation Pill. With just one pill, there is a chance for you to become a Soul Transformation cultivator.”

“As for the dangers, you don’t have to worry too much. Your death spell has a great use in one of the trials there. At the least until then, you won’t encounter any danger. After that, as long as you aren’t too greedy and wait, then once the time has passed, you will naturally be teleported outside.”

Wang Lin heard this and began to ponder. After hearing the old man’s words, he only believed 30% of it.

“I see that you have just reached the Core Formation stage. Forget it; I have a Nascent Forming Pill that I will give you if you agree to come with me. Also, I promise to give you one magic treasure that I get from that place. How about it?”

He had heard of this Nascent Forming Pill from Li Muwan before. It could increase the chance of forming a Nascent Soul by a little. It was very scarce in rank 3 cultivation countries and still rare in rank 4 countries. As for the recipe, it was controlled by rank 5 cultivation countries.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He was a bit tempted by the mysterious place the old man was talking about. He didn’t really think about obtaining the Soul Transformation pill, but hoped to find some pill and cultivation method to help him reach the Nascent Soul stage. Otherwise, without any external help, he didn’t know how long he would have to cultivate for to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

And if he continued to reject the deal, the old man would kill him in a fit of anger. There was only one path before him right now.

Wang Lin nodded and calmly said, “Okay, I agree!”

The old man stared at Wang Lin for a while before suddenly asking, “Those last two times where you completely disappeared, how did you do it?”

Wang Lin stared at the old man and didn’t say a word. The two of them just looked at each other for a while. The old man withdrew his gaze and no longer questioned Wang Lin. He coldly said, “Let’s go. There is less than half a year of time before that place opens up. If you attempt to escape along the way, then you won’t get another chance. I’ll simply refine you.” Then the old man quickly drew a symbol in the air that flew into Wang Lin’s body.

“This is a divine sense marker. It will do you no harm as it is only used to track you. Once we have arrived at that place, I’ll release it for you.”

Wang Lin was already prepared for this as he would have done the same if it was him. Also, if the old man wanted to place any harmful restrictions, there was no need to wait until now.

Wang Lin didn’t move. He looked toward Hou Fen and said, “Junior still has one more thing to do. I hope senior can wait a few more days.”

The old man frowned as he stared at Wang Lin and asked, “What is it?”

Wang Lin suddenly thought of something and asked, “Has senior heard of the War God Shrine’s Divine Path?”

The old man sneered. “The cultivation method that can increase one’s chance of forming their Nascent Soul. Back then, that little brat who found it caused such an uproar with it. However, even if you go, you won’t find the original Divine Path unless you go a rank 4 cultivation country called Tian Gang.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same on the outside, but his heart skipped a beat. As he originally thought, the War God Shrine indeed no longer had the original Divine Path.

However, he wasn’t going to let this go before going and checking it out himself. As a result, he flew toward the Hou Fen Union. The old man’s eyes lit up before casually following behind Wang Lin.

Not long after, the Hou Fen Union’s mountain appeared before him. He waited until the old man caught up before shouting, “Ma Liang greets War God Shrine senior Feng Luan!”

His voice spread out like thunder across the mountain. Soon, a few people flew out from the mountain. There was a beautiful lady leading the group. It was Feng Luan.

The first thing she noticed was the old man behind Wang Lin, which caused her pupils to shrink, before her gaze settled on Wang Lin. She was secretly shocked. In a few short years, he had already formed his core. However, thinking about how he had taken over the body, he must have already been at the Core Formation stage. This was why he was able to reach it again so quickly. She pondered for a bit before coldly asking, “The person he was searching for in the past three years was you?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he dodged the question and said, “Senior Feng Luan, junior has one request that I hope you can agree to.”

Feng Luan looked at the old man with dread before she calmly said, “Speak.”

Wang Lin calmly and slowly said, “Junior would like to look at the Divine Path.”

Feng Luan pondered for a bit before looking at the old man to find that he was looking at the sky. In these past three days, they had gained an idea of what the old man’s cultivation level was. Seeing that he had come to their doorstep, they couldn’t help but be secretly shocked.

At this moment, a red-faced old man walked out from behind Feng Luan. He looked at Wang Lin with a serious gaze and said, “Since you are a disciple of my War God Shrine, there is no problem for you to see it. Follow me.” With that, he looked at the old man in his peripheral vision.

Without a word, Wang Lin flew behind him.

The old man’s expression remained indifferent. He wasn’t an idiot, so it was obvious to him that Wang Lin was using him to see the Divine Path. However, he really couldn’t be bothered to get mad at such a little thing. Since he was going to help the brat, he might as well help to the end. This way, he would be doing the brat a favor to mend their relationship.

Thinking of this, he said, “Little friend, I’ll wait for you out here. If you are harmed in any way, I’ll make sure every living thing on this mountain is buried with you.”

The red-faced old man’s body shivered slightly, but he quickly recovered. Along with Wang Lin, the two of them went into the back mountain and stopped before a slab of stone.

The red-faced old man decided to break the silence as he turned around toward Wang Lin and said, word for word, “Should I call you Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin silently nodded.

The old man took a deep breath and said, with a heavy tone, “Wang Lin, let everything in the past be wiped clean. I don’t care what trouble you have gotten yourself into, but don’t drag the War God Shrine into it. If you can promise me that, then I’ll open up the temple to let you see the Divine Path!”

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