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Chapter 1618 - Breaking the Gate Means Reaching the Third Step

Outside planet Suzaku, a vortex appeared next to the Void Gate. As the vortex rotated, a shocking aura spread out.

The moment Heaven Master Void God turned around, the green-robed young man trembled as he felt something and looked over. Zhou Jin did the same. Even the tens of thousands of cultivators that were about to charge into planet Suzaku all felt this terrifying aura.

They were familiar with this aura. The green-robed young man was familIar with this aura. Heaven Master Void God was familiar with this aura!!

Zhou Jin was even more familiar with this aura, and it made him almost lose his wits!

Similarly, the aura coming from vortex next to the Void Gate made the thousands of Inner Realm cultivators around the statue feel a sense of familiarity that had been buried for decades!

“I said he can’t die. He can’t die. He is my brother, he can’t die!!” Situ Nan trembled, joy filled his eyes, and he began to laugh.

Master South Cloud gasped. He was guessing before who had the fortune to trigger the Void Gate with six essences. Now that he felt this aura, he also began to laugh.

“Good, good, good! How could the Lord of the Sealed Realm die!”

Thirteen, Master Lu Fu, and the weakened Azure Dragon Divine Emperor all trembled as they looked at the vortex next to the Void Gate with excitement in his eyes.

In particular, Thirteen was extremely excited.

Master Long Pan smiled as he looked at the vortex next to the Void Gate. He seemed to see the figure that angrily roared at him back then.  

“Lord of the Sealed Realm! Lord of the Sealed Realm!”

The thousands of cultivators around the statue became excited and roared, “Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!! Glory to the Brilliant Void!!” Some of them weren’t familiar with this aura, but when they saw the reaction of Situ Nan and company, a name popped into their heads!

A name they could never forget!

Lord of the Sealed Realm, Wang Lin!

The roars of the thousands of cultivators around the statue became even more powerful. Eventually, the voices fused into one and spread into space, into the ears of the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators.

The moment the nightmare that had been forgotten by the Outer Realm cultivators awakened, a cold, white-haired young man in white stepped out of the vortex next to the Void Gate.

His white hair danced and his clothes fluttered. At this moment, he gave off a feeling that he had just returned from the nether world, just walked out of death’s grasp. He was Wang Lin, he was the Lord of the Sealed Realm!

“I have returned.” Wang Lin walked out of the vortex and his cold eyes gave off a cold intent. He looked at the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators. Everyone that met his gaze trembled and subconsciously retreated in terror.

In particular, Zhou Jin was sweating like crazy and rapidly retreated.

The green-robed young man’s eyes were filled with disbelief. In his mind, Wang Lin should have died already, but now only was he alive, he had returned and triggered the Void Gate with six essences.

This caused his calmness to collapse.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!! The Lord of the Sealed Realm has returned!!”

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!”

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” The thousands of cultivators on planet Suzaku seemed to become filled with infinite power. They rushed out with an unprecedented aura and shook the stars.

Just as Wang Lin appeared and the Inner Realm cultivators became excited, Heaven Master Void God’s expression became extremely gloomy. Killing intent appeared in his eyes and he stepped toward Wang Lin under the Void Gate.

“Little child, you didn’t die back then, but you will die today! This old man wants to see how a little junior that hasn’t reached the third step will survive against me. Back then, this old man didn’t succeed in taking your body, but since you came here yourself, this old man will take it!” What happened back then was a big disgrace to Heaven Maste Void Gate, but it also scared him greatly. He was afraid of the arrow!

However, as one of the Five Masters, he couldn’t just escape without battling.

As he spoke, he sped up and instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was indifferent. As Heaven Master Void God closed in, he closed his eyes and then suddenly opened them. When he opened his eyes, the aura of a grand scholar spread out from him. It was the aura of someone that had comprehended the heavens and was not afraid of ghosts or gods!

Even the heavens would have to retreat from this aura and even ghost had to be afraid. Even the laws of the world distorted before it. This was something that belonged to humans, belonged to the grand scholar of humans!

Cultivators were also human. Even if they reached the third step, they were still human!

“Back off!” Wang Lin’s glance landed on Heaven Master Void God. No matter how powerful the enemy was, in Wang Lin’s eyes, Heaven Master Void God was the same as a mortal, no different from the ants, rocks, trees, or grass!

Heaven Master Void God’s avatar suddenly stopped and his eyes filled with disbelief. He clearly felt an aura from Wang Lin that made Wang Lin feel like the world itself. The aura that Wang Lin gave off terrified him. This aura rushed into his soul and made him feel the shock he felt when he looked up at the sky when he was a mere mortal.

This aura rushed into his soul with no regard to his cultivation level or identity. These words were like the law of the world, or even above the law of the world. It was the decree of an emperor. No different than a mortal being hit by a bolt of lightning.   

Heaven Master Void God was terrified. He didn’t dare to believe his eyes and didn’t believe his own trembling body. At this moment, he was no different from that Foundation Establishment cultivator from Wang Lin’s dream.

“You… You…” Heaven Master Void God subconsciously retreated several dozen feet. His eyes revealed horror that was rarely seen. What Wang Lin said could shake the heavens and shock ghosts and gods!

This scene caused Zhou Jin’s face to turn deathly pale. His eyes were filled with despair.

There was also the green-robed young man. He originally wanted to step forward to kill Wang Lin, but he froze and his dao heart became unstable. The feeling Wang Lin gave him was like the time he met the grand scholar when he was still a kid, before he started cultivating.

If the three of them were like this, there was no need to talk about the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators. They retreated once more from Wang Lin’s words, and they all looked at Wang Lin with endless fear in their eyes.

Wang Lin waved his sleeves. After shocking Heaven Master Void God to retreat with a roar, he lifted his right hand to face the Void Gate.

“Thunder, fire, karma, life and death, true and false, slaughter. Six essences with my name, Wang Lin, I order you all to break open the Void Gate!” Wang Lin’s words spread out and the Void Gate gave off endless pressure.

Break the Void Gate!

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the Void Gate above him. He had waited for this day for more than 2,000 years. He had waited too long for this day!

When he began cultivating, he never thought he would become a third step cultivator, but this day had arrived!

This was the second time Wang Lin had faced the Void Gate. The first time was when his thunder essence reached completion, but he wasn’t able to open it at the time. However, today Wang Lin was confident that he could open the gate and reach the third step!

The six essences appeared on his raised hand and formed a ball of spinning light. He crushed it and they entered his body.

He rushed upward. Before the gazes of the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators, thousands of Inner Realm cultivators, and several third step cultivators, Wang Lin charged at the Void Gate.

Once he broke open the gate, he would be a third step cultivator!

Once he broke open the gate, he could do as he wished!

Once he broke open the gate, he would be qualified to know the final secret between the Inner and Outer Realms!

When he was young, he lacked talent and had a hard time cultivating. He had made it past the first step and the second step. Today, he would break open the Void Gate before the eyes of tens of thousands of cultivators and reach the third step!

Wang Lin clearly remembered the attack Qing Shui had used with the slaughter essence against the Void Gate. The attack that caused a corner of the Void Gate to collapse.

Having the power to break a corner of the gate was extremely rare. For people like Zhou Jin, “breaking” the Void Gate was just doing their best to push it open. It was like a mortal trying to push a thousand-pound rock. Even with the help of joss flames, one would feel like they had been through a tough fight after pushing open the gate.

Since ancient times, very few people could do it as easily as Qing Shui.

The more essences used to create the Void Gate, the more difficult it would to open, much less break it. Six essences had never appeared before, so the Void Gate they formed was the strongest that had ever been seen in the Inner and Outer Realms!

The difficulty of breaking this Void Gate was several times higher than when Qing Shui broke his. Compared to Zhou Jin’s Void Gate, the difference was simply too much.

But similarly, once Wang Lin breaks open the gate, he could accept the power of the Void Gate and it would integrate with his six essences. His power would improve by leaps and bounds.

“Breaking this gate is not difficult! I have seen this gate many times and have some understanding of it. This time I’ll break it in an unprecedented way that no one has ever done before and no one ever well!” Wang Lin looked up and his white hair started to dance. His right hand formed a fist as he got closer and closer to the Void Gate!

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