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Chapter 161 – Eight Clawed Divine Sense

One main body and three avatars. Their divine senses linked together and completely locked down Xuan Wu.

Any cultivator entering or leaving Xuan Wu would have to go through this line of divine sense. This way, the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord would have full control.

This old man was forced to do this. He chased Wang Lin all the way from the Sea of Devils, through Hou Fen, and pushed his way to Xuan Wu, but then Wang Lin’s presence just completely disappeared.

Despite his power, he still couldn’t find Wang Lin. He thought that Wang Lin was hiding deep underground, but even after scanning there, he still found nothing.

But he didn’t give up. After he heard that Wang Lin could use the death spell in Nan Dou, he was tempted. In his grand plan, one part would be very easy if he had someone who could use the death spell.

This was the only reason he had expended all this effort chasing Wang Lin. Normally, with his abilities, catching Wang Lin should’ve been easy, but Wang Lin was elusive like a worm and disappeared without a trace. He waited for 97 days the first time, but when Wang Lin finally came out and he was just about to have his way, the little brat went underground using an earth escape technique.

Fortunately, he had borrowed the earth boat. This treasure contained a powerful earth escape technique, so using it would make things a lot easier. Although he couldn’t use a lot of his techniques underground, he thought that it would be fine as long as he got close. However, he didn’t think that the little brat’s destination was the Hou Fen Union’s mountain.

Although he was able to destroy the sect’s protection formation with one palm, he once against lost track of the little brat. This was why he risked angering the rank 4 cultivation country behind Xuan Wu and Hou Fen to lock down the country with his divine sense.

In truth, he hadn’t killed a single person from either of the two countries. This was largely due to the rank 4 cultivation country behind them. The higher someone’s cultivation level, the more they know about the inner workings of Suzaku. Both Xuan Wu and Hou Fen had the backing of the same rank 4 cultivation country, so no matter how much they fought each other, it would be fine. However, if someone from the outside came in, then they would act.

If it was before, it would have been fine to just kill as needed, but since that place was going to open up soon, he didn’t want to cause too many problems here.

This lockdown lasted two years.

During these two years of time, both Xuan Wu and the Hou Fen Union had become used to being scanned by the old man’s divine sense. This could occur several times throughout the day.

Almost everyone knew the source of all of this. The elders had all warned them that they were not allowed to go the four directions from which the divine senses were coming from..

The Eighth Extreme Demon Lord became more and more nervous because that place was going to open up in only one year, and if he were late, the consequences would be unimaginable. In the heat of the moment, he decided that he would wait for half a year more. If he still wasn’t able to find that brat in half a year, then he would risk angering the rank 4 cultivation country and would refine the entire country to find that little brat.

Time slowly passed. One month, two months… until five months had passed. As time passed, the complexion of the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord darkened, and the hostility on his face gradually increased.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position inside the heaven defying bead’s space. His face was even more ugly than the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord’s. He had checked everything on his body and found something different about Shang Guanmo’s soul essence blood. It seemed the reason the old man was able to chase him this far was due to Shang Guanmo’s soul essence blood.

On this day, the limit of the heaven defying bead’s space was drawing near. He could feel that if he didn’t leave soon, he would never be able to leave again.

He had to leave and go out for three days before he could return again. However, if the person that was chasing him was still out there, then it would be very difficult to stay safe for three days.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. The light in the heaven defying bead was gradually dimming. The moment they completely went out, he came out of the heaven defying bead.

The moment he appeared, the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord suddenly opened his eyes and disappeared from where he was.

Wang Lin’s body slowly condensed. He suddenly felt very dizzy, but he forced himself to take out Shang Guanmo’s soul essence blood from his brow. Without a word, he quickly flicked it up and shot it far away.

At the same time, he suddenly felt a sense of danger. Wang Lin sneered as he quickly flew toward the opposite direction.

The old man followed the soul essence blood’s connection and arrived in the air above its location. He let out as smile as he hit the ground, causing it to tremble. His body entered the ground using the earth boat. However, he soon came out of the ground holding Shang Guanmo’s soul essence blood. In a fit of anger, he crushed it.

“You can’t run away!” The old man shouted as he spread out his divine sense. It covered all of Xuan Mo, then he let out a snort before quickly chasing after Wang Lin.

As Wang Lin traveled through the earth, he suddenly sensed that the surrounding earth was filled with spiritual energy fluctuations. He knew that the old man was already chasing after him and that he wouldn’t be able to get away for three days. After thinking about it, he quickly flew up and out of the ground.

The moment he stepped aboveground, four identical figures appeared around him.

The old man coldly stared at Wang Lin as his four clones slowly fused back into one. He loudly shouted, “Including the 97 days at the start, I have waited for you for almost three years.”

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he coldly stared at the old man. He didn’t say a word.

The old man snorted and asked, “What is your name?”

Wang Lin said “Ma Liang!” The old man’s cultivation was like a calm sea to Wang Lin, too deep to see through.

The old man’s eyes stared at Wang Lin as he said, word for word, “Ma Liang, I’m going to ask you this: do you know the death spell?” There was killing intent hidden in his eyes. If Wang Lin’s response was no, the old man would immediately kill his brat in his anger. He would then go back to Nan Dou to kill everyone for lying to him and use their souls to refine treasures.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then nodded. He could feel the killing intent from the old man. If he took one wrong step, he would die without a grave.

The old man’s eyes narrowed. Without a word, he slapped his bag of holding and a three-foot-long green python appeared in his hand.

The green python stuck out its tongue as its black eyes stared at Wang Lin.

The old man threw the green python on the ground and coldly said, “Use your death spell. The target is this python!”

The moment the python landed on the ground, it curled up before jumping toward Wang Lin with its mouth open. Wang Lin looked down at the python. Red lightning flashed across his eyes as he muttered, “Die!”

Wang Lin’s target wasn’t the python, but the old man. This time, he used his ji realm to its limit.

The moment he said the word “die,” Wang Lin immediately backed up. The old man felt his mind shake as a ray of red lightning drilled into his sea of consciousness. His consciousness was completely empty except for an octopus laying on its stomach. The moment the red lightning entered, the octopus opened its mouth, creating a powerful suction force. The red lightning was immediately sucked into its mouth.

But the ji realm was powerful beyond imagination. Although the old man’s cultivation level was very high, the octopus still shivered after sucking in the red lightning.

This shiver caused a chain reaction in which even his consciousness shivered, forcing his body to pause for a moment.

As Wang Lin backed up, he opened his mouth and spat out the crystal sword. The sword cut the snake in half and moved like lightning to stab the old man’s brow.

However, rings of white light came out, preventing the flying sword from getting any closer. Wang Lin waved his right hand to call back the flying sword before quickly escaping underground.

Soon, the old man recovered from the shock as he looked at the python on the ground and touched his brow. He was filled with rage as his hand formed seal. He shouted, “Go!”

A knife emitting a rainbow-colored light appeared before him. The knife was made entirely of a clear crystal and light traveled within it. Following the order of the old man, the knife flew out with rings of rainbow-colored light. It pierced into the ground and quickly chased after Wang Lin.

Along the way, as the knife traveled the dirt around, it just disappeared and soon was within 100 feet of Wang Lin. Wang Lin felt his head go numb. Without any hesitation, he took out the charm Yang Sen had given him.

This charm could block the attack of a Nascent Soul cultivator. The moment he threw the charm, the knife arrived.

The charm immediately expanded and protected Wang Lin from behind. It collided with the knife and, after a series of crackling sounds, it shattered. The knife was also pushed back a few feet. From where they collided, a shock wave spread, causing the dirt on the surface to kick up.

If one were look from aboveground, they would see a small circle expand as the earth was kicked up. It was as if there was an earth dragon moving underground.

Wang Lin was hit by the shock wave and coughed out a mouthful of blood. He quickly came out from underground and barely dodged the main shock wave.

After he came out of the ground, he didn’t pause at all and quickly continued to escape.

Feeling the shock wave underground, the old man’s anger lessened as he muttered to himself, “That attack just now was even able to stop me for a moment. Rumor has it that the death spell focuses on training one’s divine sense and using it to attack. Following that logic, that little brat really does control the death spell.”

Thinking about this, his body disappeared from the spot. Wang Lin felt pain in his chest as he quickly took out one of the pills Li Muwan had given him to heal his wounds. Suddenly, he sensed fluctuations of spiritual energy before him. He had dealt with Nascent Soul cultivators a lot, so he knew that this was sign of teleportation. Without any hesitation, he turned around and began to fly the other way.

At this moment, the old man walked out from where the spiritual energy fluctuation was.

“Little friend, this old man doesn’t want to hurt you. How about you listen to me first?”

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