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Chapter 1603 - Home is Under the Heng Yue Mountain

Although Wang Lin’s words weren’t loud, they were heaven-shaking!

The expression of the young man holding the flying sword changed greatly. He was only a early stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. When he looked at Wang Lin, Wang Lin seemed very large. That roar had also caused the sky to change colors.

That mighty aura formed an invisible barrier that caused the young man’s face to turn pale. He actually coughed out blood and his sword light dimmed. He didn’t dare to move forward, and the flying sword in his hand fell to the ground. Then he quickly retreated.

“Impossible, impossible!! You are just a mortal, you’re just an ant. You can’t make me afraid!!” The young man trembled like crazy and his mind rumbled. His voice became twisted as he retreated, causing the people kneeling to be filled with disbelief.

Throughout the ages, such a thing had never been seen before. A mortal had just dared to scold an immortal cultivator. That thunderous roar seemed to linger forever in one’s ears.

As the young man retreated, the other young man stepped out. His cultivation level was far above the other’s; he was at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment.

He stepped forward and his hands pressed against his fellow sect member’s back. He looked at Wang Lin and Big Fortune, who were the only people standing!

With this glance, he faintly saw an aura above Wang Lin that made him tremble. This aura was strong, and with just a glance, his mind was filled with countless complicated thoughts. It seemed like it was going to break his mind and force him to cough out a mouthful of blood.

“I have comprehended the world, so what if I see immortals as ants? Forget the two of you, even if all the immortals on planet Suzaku came, so what?” Wang Lin looked up, and thunder seemed to be flashing his his eyes. His long hair fluttered and he drank a mouthful of wine.

Terrified, the young man felt his scalp go numb. This kind of thing was beyond his imagination. Although Wang Lin looked fragile, he could sense a powerful, upright aura that didn’t fear the heavens or earth. It was comparable to a spell that could hurt them, and it made him feel a sense of respect.

“How can this be? He is just a mortal, just a mortal!! How could he give off such an aura, this person… this person…. can’t be offended!!!”

He didn’t dare to leave like this, but he remained in the air with a respectful expression. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin as if he was greeting an elder.

“It was our fault, I hope Grand Scholar won’t take offense. We will leave now and never enter the city of Su again.” With that, the young man quickly left while supporting the other young man.

The surroundings suddenly became silent.

Wang Lin stood there and drank a mouthful of wine. A gust of wind blew by, causing his clothes to flutter before everyone.

“What’s impossible about it?” Wang Lin put down the jug of wine and his gaze fell into the crowd. He saw the pale-faced Su Yi that had asked the question.

Su Yi lowered his head and his body started to tremble. It took a long time for him to struggle to get up and bow at Wang Lin.

“Su Yi greets Zhao’s grand scholar.”

“We greet Zhao’s grand scholar.” All the scholars clasped their hands. Their trembling eyes revealed indescribable reverence. What happened today was something they would never forget.

The many old men in the carriages outside lowered their heads. They were content with their loss!

They could have never imagined in their lives that a mortal could frighten an immortal, but now they had witnessed it. A complicated sense of pride appeared in their hearts.

“If your thoughts are infinitely large, if you understand the truth of the world, then you can even look at immortals as ants!” This line spread across the country of Zhao from today onward.

“I’m tired.” Wang Lin took the wine jug and looked at the restaurant. The middle-aged man in the restaurant was drenched in sweat and in a daze. He didn’t dare to look at Wang Lin but lowered his head and bowed. Wang Lin and Big Fortune turned and went back into the mansion.

The countless scholars bowed for a long time before they leaving one by one. Finally, everyone who came for their own reasons slowly left and the city of Su gradually became quiet.

No one dared to say a word of doubt anymore. The storm from before disappeared without a trace.

Due to this matter, Wang Lin’s reputation surged in Zhao and he completely replaced his teacher, Su Dao, as Zhao’s grand scholar. A grand scholar that could frighten immortals!

Time passed. Wang Lin’s 10-year lecture was still ongoing, but no one was qualified to question him. If anyone came, they were like students who respectfully listened to his teachings.

In the blink of an eye, eight years passed.

In eight years of time, Wang Lin had gone from his early 40s to someone who was almost half a century old. His hair had started to turn white.

During these eight years, Wang Lin would spend a few days out of every month sitting on the boat with Big Fortune while drinking osmanthus wine. He was always waiting for that person that hadn’t come according to the agreement.

Not just these eight years, but he did the same thing in the 20 years before that.

A total of 28 years, 28 changes between the spring and autumn. However, in the end, as the boat passed under the bridge, that person still didn’t arrive.

“Master, what are you waiting for…” Big Fortune was still healthy, but he had become even more stingy. He often looked at his right wrist in a daze, trying to recall something, but he still couldn’t remember.

Wang Lin’s face was a bit old and he looked up at the sky. He slowly spoke with a hoarse voice, “I’m waiting for myself… Waiting for a meeting with myself.”

There was still a white bird swirling in the air. It had accompanied Wang Lin for 28 years without any change.

As Wang Lin looked, he became a bit tired and leaned against the boat. He fell asleep as the zither music echoed in his ears. The music seemed to fuse with his dream; there seemed to be zither music in that dream too.

Big Fortune let out a sigh and he looked at his right wrist in a daze.

The sunlight at noon was very soft and warm when it landed on Wang Lin’s body, so Wang Lin slept very well. However, during this season, there were some willow leaves floating through the air. One flew softly across Wang Lin’s face, causing him to open his eyes.

The boat was still moving.

Looking at the willow leaf floating before him, Wang Lin suddenly smiled.

“Big Fortune, do you still remember when we just arrived at the city of Su more than 20 years ago? Back then, there was also this many willow leaves, and we were also on a boat.”

As he laughed, a boat passed by. Just as the boat passed by, two soft and alluring voices came from the boat.

“Senior Sister, these willow leaves are very annoying. They are very uncomfortable when they land on your body.”

“If you don’t think about them, then you won’t think they exist. Junior Sister, your heart is not calm.”

After he heard these voices, he was startled. He felt like they were faintly familiar, as if he had heard them before. He stood up and looked over. He saw the figures of two women above the boat.

These two women were very young and very beautiful. They stood among the endless willow leaves like two celestials. The wind caused their clothes to flutter, making them even more beautiful.

“It’s… Them…” Wang Lin stared at the boat as it disappeared. In his mind, that boat from that rainy night from more than 20 years ago appeared.

As he looked, he revealed a gentle smile. He could not forget how he looked at the ink-like dark clouds in the rain. How he looked at the mighty world and recited a poem. He still remembered how happy he was.

The reprimand from the girl named Xu Fei still lingered in his ears.

His own blush and heartbeast inside that boat along with the beauty of those two girls were still in his memory, they hadn’t faded. That thick coat was placed in the bamboo backpack from back then by Wang Lin. He still kept it there and had never taken it out.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He touched his white hair but didn’t call out to them. He sat there and drank his wine.

In his life, he had never met a woman that made his heart move. Aside from Big Fortune and wine, the only other thing that accompanied him was the white bird in the sky.

He didn’t have a wife; he seemed to have walked through 28 years of his life in this loneliness.

If there was a woman that made his heart move, it would have to be when he first met her. The girl named Zhou Rui, who had gifted him the coat.

Leaning against the bow and drinking wine, Wang Lin looked down at the water and saw his own old face in the reflection. He had a lot more white hair now.

The boat the two women were in gradually closed in until they passed by Wang Lin’s boat. It was like two different trajectories in life, and they continued on their different paths.

“Eh, Senior Siser, I think that old man was looking at us.” Xu Fei looked at Wang Lin’s back.

The boat floated under a stone bridge.

Zhou Rui turned around and her sharp eyes swept by. However, from her position, with the stone bridge blocking the way, she couldn’t see anything. She was also not someone who would check with her divine sense just because someone had looked at her. 

The two boats floated further and further away from each other.

Wang Lin sat on the boat and softly spoke to Big Fortune.

“Big Fortune, let’s leave the city of Su. I have waited here for 28 years, we aren’t waiting anymore. Let us go home.”

“Home? Where is home?” Big Fortune was startled.

“Under the Heng Yue Mountain.” The boat docked on the shore and Wang Lin and Big Fortune got off. He looked back at the river and at the city of Su, where they had lived for 28 years.

When they arrived, it was when the willow leaves had just begun to fall. There were a few jugs of wine, a carriage, and the two of them.

When they left, it was the same.

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