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Chapter 1602 - You Dare!

10 years of lecture to welcome the scholars of the world!

This news spread out from the city of Su and spread through various channels. It quickly made its way throughout the country of Zhao. When the people that questioned Wang Lin heard this, they were all dumbfounded.

Su Dao had once lectured, but it was only for one year.

However, this Wang Lin dared to say “10 years.” This kind of thing couldn’t be considered haughty but extremely arrogant! The so-called lectures were like challenges in the martial arts world, to welcome anyone to battle in these 10 years.

This matter quickly spread. After a brief moment of calm, there was a violent reaction. Countless scholars and people that questioned Wang Lin with the secret support of the Zhao emperor all headed for the city of Su along with anyone who thought they were qualified.

There were many people in an inn on the official road 500 kilometers away. There were many scholars there, and people were all talking about Wang Lin’s lecture.

“Have you heard that Su Dao’s student Wang Lin arrogantly announced a 10 year lecture? 10 years! The entire world is shocked, all the skeptics are heading there.”

“Hehe, almost everyone already knows this. I say this Wang Lin does have talent, but he is not qualified to be the grand scholar of Zhao.”

“I don’t think so. Since he dares to say 10 years, that means he has confidence to back it up. I heard several dozen scholars visited him a few days ago and all returned in failure.”

A soft snort came from a table near the window in the inn. There were four people sitting there, three young ones and one old man. The old man drank tea as he listened. He looked calm, but there was disdain hidden in his eyes.

“Someone who merely passed the first exam dares to lecture! Sir shouldn’t have accepted him back then! The title of grand scholar should belong to me, Su Yi!”

Similar things happened all over the country of Zhao. The closer they were to the city of Su, the more common it became.

Inside the city of Su, the door to the Su mansion was opened all day long. It wouldn’t close for 10 years.

Wang Lin calmly sat inside the courtyard and drank osmanthus wine as he coldly looked at the hundred scholars before him. It had been four months since he said he would lecture for 10 years. More than 1,000 people had come to the mansion.

Today, another 100 people came, filling the courtyard. Some people were standing outside the door, and even further out were countless carriages with old men sitting inside.

As time passed, even more scholars from all over Zhao rushed over to the city of Su.

“I’m Dong Yun. I was in the same generation of examinee as Sir. I am now an official at the palace and have a question I’d like Sir’s help on.” A middle-aged man stood up from the ground. He gave off a proud aura as he stood straight.

“I don’t understand what the meaning of the changes of the four seasons are. I hope Sir can tell me.” The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin and slightly clasped his hands.

“You were born in spring, grew up in summer, became old in autumn, and died in winter. You ask me about spring, summer, autumn, and winter, but in my eyes you are growing old and dying of illness!” Wang Lin drank a mouthful of wine.

The middle-aged man was startled by Wang Lin’s response and asked in a daze, “Then why would one grow old and die of illness?”

Wang Lin leisurely said, “Because you’re still alive.”

The middle-aged man was startled on the spot for a long time, but there was still confusion in his eyes, he didn’t understand.

“The moment you die, you will think back about your life from birth to death. This process can’t escape the four seasons. Send off the guest!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and a servant arrived. The servant led the stunned middle-aged scholar that seemed to have understood something out.

“I want to ask Sir something. I’m a scholar of great talent. When I meet people in my hometown, no one can beat me. But why have others succeed while I have nothing after 30 years?” A fallen old man filled with confusion clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

“The country of Zhao has mountains that are high and low. The high mountains might not reach the peak, and the low mountains might contain a spirit vein. You only compare the height of the mountains, why not see them as mountains instead? Send off the guest!”

The surrounding people went into an uproar. The countless scholars were shocked and began to ponder.

A young man couldn’t squeeze into the courtyard, so he shouted, “I ask Sir why is there rain in this world, and what is rain?”

“Good question!” Wang Lin stood up and walked up the ladder with a jug of wine in his hand until he reached the highest point. Looking at the people below, there was something unusual about him. There were many people here right now, and when he looked into the distance, he saw even more people rushing over.

The entire city seemed to be moving. Almost all the scholars who had come to the city beside those that had already questioned him were here today. Wang Lin’s gaze fell on a restaurant in the distance. He could see a middle-aged man sitting in the restaurant.

This person wore an expensive robe and gave off a sense of might without being angry. He had many bodyguards behind him, and he coldly looked toward the Su mansion. His gaze fell on Wang Lin, who was standing on the high steps.

Looking at Wang Lin, the middle-aged man’s eyes became gloomy. Looking at Wang Lin, he felt like he was staring at Su Dao from the past.

Beside him sat two youths wearing daoist robes. They had their eyes closed and wore calm expressions.

“Su Dao died, he will also die. The country of Zhao doesn’t need a grand scholar! However, he can’t die to us mortals. I trouble you two immortals to help us, I’ll do my best to meet your requirements.”

One of the young men had an arrogant expression as he slowly said, “Mere mortal, you want him die, then he will die.”

Wang Lin drank a mouthful of wine and revealed an easygoing expression. He looked at the young man who had asked the question.

“I heard something in my dream. I’ll gift it to you. The rain is born in the sky and dies on the earth. The process in the middle is life!”

After he spoke, the uproar became shocking. As it spread, even the people outside heard it. Most of the old men in the carriages outside were moved. A few silently got up and clasped their hands at Wang Lin before summoning their servants to leave.

Just this sentence alone let them knew that the title of grand scholar was not false!

“I heard Sir followed Su Dao for more than 10 years and is very knowledgeable. I ask why are there immortals in this world and why are we mortals but ants to them?” An old voice came from the courtyard. The surrounding people moved aside as an old man slowly walked forward.

This old man obviously had a high reputation. Wang Lin didn’t know him, but many people here did. They all respectfully bowed at him.

“Immortals have power, and the power fuses with their hearts, making their hearts increase infinitely so they can see mortals as ants. However, if you have an ideal and expand that ideal to comprehend the world and understand the truth, you can see immortals as immortals without the awe. So what if you look at immortals as if they are ants?” Wang Lin drank a mouthful of wine and began to laugh.

The old man’s body trembled. After murmuring for a moment, he bowed at Wang Lin. He then left with the support of his servant.

As the scholars asked questions, Wang Lin continued to drink osmanthus wine and laugh as he answered. More and more scholars clasped their hands at him and left. Some looked back at Wang Lin with respect that had never appeared before.

However, although a lot of people were leaving, even more people were coming in.

“Sir, about the old saying ‘the ancient words have clouds.’  Er Gen had heard it at the start of a song…” Before the scholar could finish, Wang Lin interrupted him.

“I have forgotten the old texts and have comprehend the truth of the world so I can have my own thoughts. I have forgotten such things, don’t ask again!”

“Sir, Scholar Su had been seeking the meaning of karma his whole life, and it is something scholars have searched for for thousands of years, but no one knows. I ask if Sir understands it and if Sir can explain it so I can understand as well!”

“Karma is karma, there is no need to comprehend it, it can only be experienced. There is nothing to explain. If you understand it, then you understand it. If you don’t understand it, you don’t understand it. I could stand here explaining it for 10 years and you still would not understand!” Wang Lin looked up when he finished drinking his wine and threw the jug to the side.

“Big Fortune, bring more wine!”

Instead of heartache, Big Fortune felt proud. He quickly took out a jug and handed it to Wang Lin.

“I want to ask Scholar Wang this: before, you said that if you expand your thoughts infinitely to include the world itself, there is no need to fear immortals and you can view immortals as ants. Then can you do it?” The speaker was a gloomy old man. He stared at Wang Lin from within the crowd as his hoarse voice echoed.

Wang Lin knew this person, he was the Su Dao’s first student, Su Yi, who was already famous in the imperial court.

“Why can’t I?” Wang Lin drank and laughed.

As soon as he said this, one of the two youths sitting next to the middle-aged man in the restaurant, the one that spoke earlier, opened his eyes. His body flickered and he turned into a ray of light and charged toward Wang Lin.

“Ignorant ant,disrespecting immortals means death!” A gloomy voice filled with majesty echoed. The expressions of all the scholars below changed and they all kneeled in terror.


“It’s actually an immortal!”

“Wang Lin disrespected immortals and now an immortal came here to punish him. He deserves it!”

The ray of light closed in and the cold sword light was chilling. The young man in the robe held a sword with contempt and disdain in his eyes. He looked around and then instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

The moment the young man in the daoist robe closed in, Wang Lin let out a roar without any sense of fear.

“You dare?!” After he spoke, a powerful aura erupted from his body and an invisible pressure covered the world. The heavens rumbled and countless bolts of thunder and lightning appeared. Before, the world was calm, but now it suddenly changed!

This sudden change caused the expressions of all the kneeling scholars to change. This also caused the expression of the middle-aged man in the restaurant far away to instantly turn pale.

“Impossible!!” The other young man in the daoist robe suddenly opened his eyes. There was disbelief and terror in his eyes.

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