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Chapter 2115 - Entering the polar regions

One person, without a shred of worry.

One man, Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild did not have a shred of scruples.

The main temple's bounty on him was secondary. Now that he had grasped five types of Code Power, he wasn't even afraid of seventeen or eighteen Code Gods.

However …

The ancient entry was different.

The Evil God said that the ancient entry was unreachable.

White Ape King had also said that this was a dead end.

In here.

Why did the ancient giant want to forget everything and try to get as far away as possible? Escape from the polar regions?

This also proved that the ancient entry could not be reached, this was a dead end.

However …

To defeat the main temple, to defeat the strongest BOSS in a hundred thousand dimensions, entering the battleground was the only way, and the ancient entry was the only entrance.

No matter how difficult it was, Long Fei had to enter!

He had to take down the third entrance.

At the entrance of the Dragon Gate Inn.

Long Fei reminded them, "You must find the other five King Kong, you are one body."

"Here it is!"

"Return to the Devil Island, and wait for news from me. If I don't connect to the ancient entry, you can escape if you can, and return to hell if you can't. By my father's side, he will definitely have a way for you to break past the 100,000 planes."

Long Fei smiled slightly.

This was a narrow escape from death.

He didn't know what he would encounter along the way, or what kind of powerhouse he would encounter. Right now, the only thing he could do was to let his brothers live on, and bear all the suffering alone!

Li Yuanba said heavily, "Boss, don't worry. We will definitely find the other brothers."

Li Yuanba also wanted to follow Long Fei.

However …

Their strength was not strong enough.

They, the Eight King Kong, were one entity. If they wanted to unleash their King Kong and Heaven Pillar's powers, they had to find eight people.

Only by fusing the power of eight people could it form an extremely powerful force!

Zi Yue held back her tears and said: "Long Fei, you have to be careful by yourself."

Long Fei laughed, and said: "Don't worry, I will be fine."


Long Fei looked at the Lady Boss, and said: "You go with them."

The Lady Boss gently nodded her head.

Long Fei walked with large strides into the snow, and half a minute later, he disappeared into the dusky world.

Li Yuanba turned and looked at the rest of the people, saying, "It's time for us to leave as well."

"We will pretend to be the boss to distract the main temple."

… ….

Ice and snow.

No night.

The silver white world seemed to have frozen over.

Half a month later.

"Huff …"

Long Fei looked at the glacier world that was not far away and exhaled a breath of hot air.

During this half a month, Long Fei did not encounter any killers.

Because of the ancient fire soul, Long Fei didn't feel a trace of cold at all, and his entire body felt warm.

Even if he met the Polar Storm, he wouldn't be cold now.

The ancient fire soul was from the Kyara Realm and on this plane. Was it actually a ancient inheritance from the Universal Large World?

Long Fei was also unable to explain it clearly.

After all, he had never entered the Universal Large World before, but he was certain of one thing.

He felt that this soul was the Fire Ancestor!

"I wonder how is Yuan Ba and the rest are doing?" Long Fei muttered, and immediately started to head towards the extreme regions.

A few minutes later.

Long Fei stepped onto the glacier.


As the cold wind blew past, streams of incomparably thick frost came face to face, and were instantly melted by the ancient fire soul on Long Fei's body. Even peak-stage Highgod powerhouse probably won't be able to hold on for long. "

It was indescribably cold.

Just as Long Fei stepped onto the polar glacier.


A roar.


An incomparably large White Ape roared as it stood at the peak of the glacier and let out a roar.

And then …

Hundreds of Variant White Ape rushed out of the glacier.

These were all members of the White Ape King.

Variant White Ape race.

After the last battle with the ancient giant, only a tenth of the thousand or so Variant White Ape remained.

When Deep Abyss Mountain saw them, many of them were covered with brown streaks. They were furry now and their fur was pure white like silver.

"My lord!"

The leading White Ape had already become the new White Ape King. Although it wasn't as strong as the previous him, it was obvious that the surrounding White Ape were especially respectful to him.

Long Fei replied: "Mhm!"

"This is the polar region?"

Leader of White Ape nodded. "This is the polar region, this is the polar region of the glaciers, and further in is the polar region of the ice plains. Any further and it will be the dark polar region."

"The ancient entry you are looking for is in the extreme darkness."

While they were talking …

Leader of White Ape looked at the darkness in the distance.

Long Fei also took the opportunity to look at the distant sky. His surroundings were completely silvery-white, but his place was also dark, as though he was in a state of chaos.

"The Dark Pole?" Long Fei repeated.

The Leader of White Ape said, "Legend has it that the ancient entry is located in the extreme darkness. However, no one has ever been able to enter the extreme darkness, and no one has ever been able to leave it.

"Lord, you …"

Long Fei interrupted him with a smile and said, "Since you're here, I'll definitely go take a look."

He knew what the Leader of White Ape was going to say.

The extreme darkness was extremely dangerous, but since he had come, he had to go take a look!

The Leader of White Ape didn't say anything more and said: "Okay, then you can rest for a day. I'll bring you there tomorrow!"

Long Fei said: "Give me a map or indicate the route, I should be able to find it."

Leader of White Ape said: Master, you have saved our White Ape Tribe, it is our honor to lead you. Furthermore, we are not the same as you in the human world, so any living being here can take your life.

They are the natives of the polar regions.

They knew a lot of things.

Long Fei also stopped arguing.

Inside the cave, Leader of White Ape was worried that Long Fei would feel cold and bring a special type of fuel to the cave. It was like a flame that emitted a strange heat, causing the entire cave to be extremely warm.

Long Fei sat cross-legged, and the idea moved.

And then …

Entering the world of Dragon Coffin cultivation.

"Alchemy mode!"

The martial arts training mission and the refining mission were completed, but there were still many tasks that were not completed.

Alchemy mission.

A mission was drawn.

Charm mission...

A series of missions had to be completed.

In this half a month, Long Fei did not relax either, as long as he stopped, he would immediately enter the training space to cultivate crazily.

He had to do what he had promised the dragon.


"Alchemy failure!"


"Alchemy failure!"


"Alchemy failure!"

… ….

The system once again issued out a sound of failure.

Every failure would allow Long Fei to summarize it, and he was one step closer to success.

god's mountain!

Zhan Wushuang clasped his hands behind his back, looked in the direction of the extreme lands, and said slightly: "Have you come?"

Black Robe Destiny God said: "I'm here!"

Zhan Wushuang laughed coldly, and said: "It's time for me to go on stage, hehe …"

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