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Chapter 1586 - Celestial and Ancient Separate!

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the person in the black robe. How could Wang Lin forget this appearance? This person was the Sovereign!

The leader of the five masters of the Ancient Star System. Someone with great cunning who had schemed against heaven and earth!

Whether it was killing the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm, the destruction of the four Celestial Realms, scheming against Celestial Emperor Qing Lin, setting up the Tattoo Clan to find Li Guang’s arrow, the betrayal of Daoist Water, Master Simo’s fall, the death of the Zhan family ancestor, and various other things all contained the shadow of the Sovereign!

In the Ancient Star System, Wang Lin faintly felt like his mind was being manipulated. Thinking about it now, it must have also been an act of the Sovereign.

In Wang Lin’s memory, there was a spell he couldn’t erase, it was Fishing the Moon in the Well!

He had seen that spell when he faced the third Vermillion Bird that he suspected to be the Sovereign. When he saw the water, he feared that this calamity was also a Fishing the Moon in the Well!

What was fished out was planet Suzaku and Wang Lin!

“Fishing the Moon in the Well…” Wang Lin stood up on the water and calmly looked at the sky.

The celestial imperial concubine that hadn’t died stood in a daze between the two of them. She retreated a few steps and became silent.

The man in the black robe seemed to smile as he said in a hoarse voice, “If it wasn’t for Blue Dream taking pity on you, you would have already become this old man’s pawn.” He then leisurely squeezed and the arrow trembled and dissipated in his hand.

He dreaded the power of this arrow, which was why he had delayed his appearance. He had waited until after Wang Lin used the arrow to reveal himself.

This arrow had already already formed a connection with the bow in Wang Lin’s body. After it dissipated, it reappeared inside Wang Lin through some strange method. If Li Guang hadn’t died, this arrow would have returned to Li Guang’s body.

“Tell me, where did you obtain your celestial bloodline?” After the black-robed man squeezed the arrow, he slowly walked toward Wang Lin. Although his pace was slow, each step he took caused Wang Lin to tremble. It was as if endless pressure was pressing on his body from all directions.

What was even more bizarre was that a reflection of the black-robed man had appeared on the water’s surface and was walking toward Wang Lin.

It looked like there were two Sovereigns, one in the sky and one on the ground.

That pressure suddenly doubled and came from both the sky and the earth. This caused Wang Lin’s face turn pale, and he couldn’t move his body at all, as if he was being stopped by the Stop spell.

However, his eyes were calm. Things had already reached this point, and Wang Lin knew that it would be very difficult to survive this calamity. He understood this when he released that arrow.

“Not going to speak? It doesn’t matter. I’ll get my answer from you.” The black-robed man shook his head and raised his dried-up right hand. He pointed toward Wang Lin.

With this, the blue sky disappeared without a trace and was replaced with golden light. This golden light was sunlight that came from a sun that had suddenly appeared in the sky.

The sun appeared suddenly and hung in the sky. The aura of the law of origin spread out. As the sunlight flashed, the Sovereign’s figure became dark. As he walked forward, halos appeared around him.

“Aside from that arrow, you have nothing left to use against me… Since the beginning, there was light, and this light is one of the essences this old man has comprehended. Law of origin essence… under the power of the law of origin, your ancient and celestial powers will separate!” The Sovereign’s voice was ancient, and all the light in the world formed a pillar of light that shined on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin couldn’t resist absolute power. Intense pain came from his body as the light surrounded him; the light was as hot as the sun. Wang Lin felt the familiar law of origin as it burned everything inside him, including the wandering souls.

This law of origin was extremely deadly to the wandering souls. Miserable screams echoed and all the wandering souls inside Wang Lin dissipated.

Without the wandering souls, Wang Lin’s body collapsed under the rejection force and the light. The law of origin forced its way into Wang Lin’s flesh and blood. It was going to force Wang Lin’s ancient and celestial powers apart.

One could faintly see that after Wang Lin’s body reformed, the golden light in his body was about to rush out.

That feeling of being separated by force was several times more intense than when he fused. Wang Lin’s expression became twisted, but he didn’t make a sound, he just stared at the Sovereign. He was going to remember this, remember everything that had happened to him today!

If he had another life, if he didn’t die today, then all the pain he had suffered on this day would be paid back 10, 100 fold!!

He still had one ace he hadn’t used!

This ace was likely out of his control, but at this moment, Wang Lin didn’t care. But he was waiting, waiting for the most critical moment, waiting for the Sovereign to come closer. Maybe then this ace might be able to change everything!

The black-robed figure didn’t seem to have any change in his expression from being stared at by Wang Lin. His right index finger slowly stretched out with the other four fingers and formed a palm. As the law of origin caused Wang Lin’s ancient and celestial powers to separate, he walked closer and closer to Wang Lin. Then his right hand reached toward Wang Lin.

“Fishing the Moon in the Well!” As the black-robed man reached out, his reflection on the surface also reached toward Wang Lin.

He wanted to reach out to the celestial bloodline that was forcibly being separated from Wang Lin’s body!

As he moved, a tearing pain came from Wang Lin’s body. This pain almost caused him to scream, but he held back. The veins on his face swelled up and his eyes were bloodshot, but he continued to stare at the Sovereign!

“A little closer…”

Large amounts of golden light spread out from Wang Lin’s body and endless golden blood came from his orifices. Also, inside Wang Lin’s bones, the most important bone marrow that made the blood also squeezed its way out of his body.

In a flash, under the intense pain, all the blood inside Wang Lin’s body spread out, including the bone marrow. All the fortune the madman had given him erupted from his body.

From afar, this scene looked extremely shocking. The golden blood that was spraying from Wang Lin’s body took human form, and it was shaped like Wang Lin!

It was like a soul. Wang Lin seemed to have been split in half, and the figure made of golden light slowly separated from Wang Lin’s body. It floated seven inches above Wang Lin, and less and less golden light connecting them remained!

When the golden figure flew out, Wang Lin’s ancient god stars appeared, but there was no golden light. Even the ancient devil stars in his right eye had lost the golden light!

The black-robed man’s eyes lit up and he mercilessly reached out. The remaining golden light broke. Wang Lin’s celestial bloodline was completely separated from his body!

When it was separated, the golden figure moved and then turned into a drop of golden blood!

This drop of blood contained the half-complete rune for the Immortal Celestial Body. This drop of blood was refined from the fortune the madman had given Wang Lin!

Without the celestial bloodline, there was no rejection force. Wang Lin returned back to the way he was when he met the madman. Popping sounds echoed inside him and he returned to his ancient god body.

“Immortal Celestial Body… This is the Immortal Celestial Body… Where did you get it?!” The black-robed man looked at the drop of golden blood floating above Wang Lin. There was strong excitement in his eyes but also a strong sense of fear.

The Sovereign would rarely lose his composure like this; only this blood could make him like this! He could know everything about Wang Lin, but there was no way for him to know what had happened to Wang Lin inside the Nether Beast.

At this moment, the Sovereign stepped forward and his right hand reached out for the drop of golden blood.

Just as he did so, there was a monstrous cold gaze in Wang Lin’s eyes. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of his ancient blood like an arrow. This opened his storage space and a black palace flew out!

The moment this palace appeared, the world darkened and Wang Lin’s ancient blood landed on one of the windows, dying it red.

“With my name as Ancient Wang Lin, I release your seal to give you your freedom and help me kill my enemy!!” With Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he could only open one window and release one of the powerful souls sealed by Ye Mo!

As his voice echoed and the blood fell, the window on the black palace trembled. Cracking sounds echoed and it suddenly collapsed. A powerful and excited roar came from the collapsed window.

“Damn Ye Mo, you sealed his old man, Master Scarlet Soul, for countless years. Today this old man is finally free!!” With this roar, a red shadow charged out. It was impossible to see the face of the figure, just that it was blood red. A shocking aura appeared with him.

The Sovereign was too close, so he was hit by the blood shadow when it appeared. He was knocked back several hundred feet and his hood was knocked off, revealing his appearance.

“Master Scarlet Soul!”

The red shadow laughed and didn’t even look at the Sovereign or Wang Lin. In a flash, he went toward the celestial imperial concubine in the distance. The blood shadow surrounded the celestial imperial concubine as she screamed. Her delicate body melted and was devoured by the blood shadow.

The blood shadow laughed and charged at the sky. With a flash of blue light, a giant hole appeared. The blood shadow charged out through the hole.

At this moment, in the Inner Realm, on the real planet Suzaku, in a mortal city, the madman was holding an oily chicken leg. Sitting among a group of beggars, he proudly took a bite under the envious gazes of the beggars. He stared at the sky and was in a daze.

“Damn, he is no longer here. He doesn’t care about this king anymore… No, I need to go find him. He can’t just leave me…. Eh?”

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