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Chapter 1585 - The Might of an Arrow!

Wang Lin’s gaze was as cold as ice as he looked at the four people retreating rapidly, including the man in white who was extremely arrogant and had frozen the ancient umbrella. Their expressions changed greatly and they desperately tried to escape.

All of them were powerful cultivators with much higher cultivation levels than Wang Lin. However, right now only their projections were here, so their cultivation levels were suppressed to mid stage Spirit Void, a level that wouldn’t be detected by the Inner Realm cultivators.

However, these four people had forced Wang Lin to face several life and death crises. If Wang Lin hadn’t learned the Realm Burning Umbrella in the Fallen Land, he would have died to their first combined attack!

If Wang Lin hadn’t obtained the fortune from the madman, he would have died to the two celestial imperial concubines!

Similarly, if he didn’t have this bow and arrow, even if he had given it his all, he wouldn’t have been able to escape!

Staring at the four of them, Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He only had the power to launch this one arrow. Once the arrow was used, he would need to sacrifice life force to use this bow, and he had no life force left to sacrifice.

He had prepared this arrow for the Sovereign, the strongest person that hadn’t appeared yet. He intended to wait until everyone who wanted to kill him had shown up and then use this arrow to end this calamity!

However, not everything could go as Wang Lin wished. He was not the heavens, so he couldn’t change how others acted or control their thoughts.

As the four closed in, Wang Lin knew that if he didn’t take out the bow and arrow, he would die before the Sovereign arrived!

His Immortal Celestial Body was not complete. Although it could help a bit, it had also damaged Wang Lin too much. Wang Lin knew that if he experienced a few more collapses, his soul might truly collapse and he would really die before they could even kill him.

The only thing remaining would be an immortal body!

What was immortal was his body, not his soul!

“Kill!” Wang Lin loosened his right hand that had pulled the bow into a full moon. His right hand trembled and the bowstring released a buzz that echoed across the world. All the force from the bowstring was transferred to the arrow!

That arrow moved with the bowstring. When the monstrous force from the bowstring passed through, the arrow shot out!

The world changed greatly!

A deafening, howling sound echoed across the world! This arrow was like a ray of death that shot out like crazy.

What charged out along with it was Wang Lin’s soul, origin soul, and all the power inside his body. His ancient energy, celestial bloodline energy, and everything else!

At the moment the arrow flew off, all of these things turned into invisible smoke and were absorbed by this arrow.

He only had enough power for one arrow!

Wang Lin’s body trembled due to the bow and showed signs of collapsing. He retreated hundreds of feet but still couldn’t offset the force of drawing the bow. Blood flowed out and he was knocked into the water in the distance.

However, he stared ahead with a grin. He stared at the shocking arrow that had shot out!

Once the arrow shot out, a geep gully appeared in the calm water. This gully seemed to match the arrow and extended as the arrow flew forward. It was as if there was a pair of giant hands forcing the water apart.

A huge crack even appeared in the sky. The crack continued to spread and seemed like it was going to break this extremely powerful killing formation that was set to kill Wang Lin!

The four people escaped in terror. Heaven Master Void God was the fastest and was the furthest away. The two celestial imperial concubines followed closely after. Their faces showed pain and despair appeared in their eyes.

The man in white was lowest in cultivation level and status. He couldn’t keep up and fell behind, which resulting in him becoming the person closest to the arrow.

The arrow broke through the heavens and earth as it closed in, creating ripples that spread in all directions. A monstrous killing intent came from the arrow, and the runes on the body of the arrow gave off a faint flicker.

It was as if at this moment, no person or thing in this world could stop this arrow. In an instant, it closed in on the man in white.

The man in white turned deathly pale. He attempted to crush the jade to leave, but although the jade shattered, there was no reaction. At this moment, as the arrow closed in, he felt a sting of pain in his forehead and coughed out blood.

He knew he couldn’t escape. He let out a roar and turned around to use a spell. However, just as he turned around, the arrow closed in at an unimaginable speed and hit the area between his eyebrows.

A thunderous bang rang out and the man in white’s head exploded. His body disintegrated layer by layer as the arrow pierced through.

His mournful scream disappeared just as it began. This caused the other three to tremble and almost lose their minds.

The celestial imperial concubine that was covered by the dark moon looked hideous, but there was terror and despair in her eyes. The arrow closed in and pointed at her forehead.

This celestial imperial concubine suddenly turned, exposing her twisted expression. She raised her right hand and layers of lightscreens appeared. However, the arrow penetrated them all and closed in.

At this moment of crisis, the celestial imperial concubine coughed out blood and formed a blood person. It began to take shape, but the arrow pierced through as it shot toward the celestial imperial concubine that had reached the limit of despair!

All of this happened in an instant. The celestial imperial concubine took out the ancient harp she had played before. This harp was a gift from the celestial sovereign and an extremely powerful treasure.

But just as the ancient harp appeared to block for her, it collapsed into countless fragments. The celestial imperial concubine let out a scream and retreated. But she only retreated two steps before the arrow pierced through the harp and through her head.

The celestial imperial concubine’s head exploded like the man in white’s and her body dissipated. The arrow rushed through as her body dissipated.

The shocking arrow had killed two people in a row, so it had lost some momentum, but it still had monstrous power. At this moment, it shot toward the third person, the woman who had used the divination spell!

The woman had witnessed the death of the man in white and then saw her sister collapse. Her face revealed a miserable expression. Although this body was a projection and a normal death would be fine, dying to this arrow would apply serious injuries to her original body. This arrow didn’t belong in this world. This arrow came from her hometown; it was a famous treasure of the Li family!

Feeling despair, the woman no longer fled. She turned around to face the arrow that was growing larger and larger until it filled her vision. She closed her eyes.

Just as she closed her eyes, the arrow closed in on her forehead. Just as it was about to pierce through, a seven-colored light came from her chest. On her neck was a pendant made of a piece of a black, oval-shaped stone. The seven-colored light came from this stone.

The pendant floated before her and the seven-colored light surrounded her body.

Just at this moment, the arrow pierced through the woman’s forehead. She didn’t open her eyes until after the arrow passed. She didn’t receive any injuries, but a crack had appeared on the floating black stone before her.

“My most beloved concubine, I give this stone to you. It can protect you… So that even if one day I’m not there, it will still be with you…” These soft words from the celestial sovereign echoed in her ears.

The arrow pierced through the woman and chased after Heaven Master Void God, who was in fog form. A thunderous rumble echoed across the world when the arrow pierced into the fog.

The fog suddenly collapsed. The moment it collapsed, it rapidly condensed into an old man wearing black. His face was pale, and just as he retreated, his body collapsed once more.

A miserable scream echoed. In a short period of time, Heaven Master Void God had collapsed several times. When he reformed the last time, the mark between his eyebrows shattered and the arrow pierced through his body.

One of the five masters of the Ancient Star System, Heaven Master Void God, let out a miserable smile and exploded. Large amounts of fog dissipated without a trace.

“Sovereign, this old man has blocked the arrow for you. You have to give this old man an explanation!!” His mournful roar echoed as he dissipated.

The only words that could describe the power of this arrow were “heaven-shaking!”

After killing three people, there wasn’t much power left in the arrow, but it still howled toward the sky. It was going to attempt to break open the sky and release Wang Lin from his calamity!

However, just as the arrow closed in on the sky and the blue light began to flicker, a person silently walked out. This person was wearing a black robe that even covered his face. A powerful pressure spread out from his body. This pressure was far stronger than the mid stage Spirit Void cultivation limit allowed in this sealed space!

He stretched out his dried-up right hand and grabbed the arrow!

His body trembled and then he slowly raised his head to look at Wang Lin. He spoke in a calm and hoarse voice.

“The roar from borrowing the power from the Ancient Tomb, blocking the Outer Realm cultivators in the first battle in the Cloud Sea. Wang Lin, we finally meet again… This old man is the Sovereign…”

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