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Chapter 1565 - She is Zhou Zihong

“At that time. Planet Suzaku was a semi-abandoned planet, and the most powerful cultivator in Hou Fen was only at the Nascent Soul stage…” The woman’s eyes were filled with reminiscence. She had left planet Suzaku a long time ago, but she couldn’t forget these memories.

As she spoke, almost all the cultivators in the inn began to listen. Some even stepped closer with fascination in their eyes.

“Planet Suzaku is the hometown of the Lord of the Sealed Realm… He grew up there and slowly stepped toward his glory today…” The middle-aged scholar let out a sigh.

“I’m a cultivator from the country of Hou Feng, and the country Hou Feng faced a disaster which forced us to move to the neighboring country of Xuan Wu. The country of Xuan Wu was unwilling, so a war between the two countries began…” The fighting from the past seemed to flash before the woman in purple.

“Ma Liang… Perhaps he was really the Lord of the Sealed Realm. At the time, he had already left his mark. Even though he was only a Foundation Establishment cultivator, hundreds of people with the same cultivation level fell to him.” The woman in purple’s soft voice echoed inside the inn.

When she said this, it caused an uproar among the surrounding cultivators.

“At the Foundation Establishment stage and killing hundreds of people with same cultivation level. This… this is almost impossible!”

“There is nothing that is impossible. How can the Lord of the Sealed Realm be someone we can imagine?”

“The lower the cultivation level, the smaller the gap between cultivation levels. Although the gap is not that small, the spells and treasures a Foundation Establishment cultivator can use are very limited. I didn’t expect the Lord of the Sealed Realm to already be so strong then, no wonder he could reverse the tides at the Cloud Sea!”

As they debated, the man in white that had entered rubbed his nose and went toward the cultivator in black. He smiled gently at the excited cultivator in black and his hand pressed down. He pressed the cultivator in black that was about to get up to kneel down back into the chair.

“Teacher…” The cultivator in black was Thirteen. His eyes were filled with excitement and his mind was blank. Wang Lin had appeared so suddenly and Thirteen had no warning.

The young man in white was Wang Lin.

After dealing with the Seven-Colored Realm in the Summoned River, Wang Lin was going to planet Suzaku to pay tribute to his parents. He was going to refine his karma, life and death, and true and false essences there.

When he passed by, he sensed Thirteen and the aura from the ancient demon statue, so he came here.

Looking at the grown-up Thirteen, Wang Lin revealed a look of relief. He still remembered when he first met Thirteen in the Demon Spirit Land. His determination and loyalty, even though more than 1,000 years had passed, Thirteen was still the same.

“This child is becoming more and more like me in my early years.” Wang Lin let out a sigh. Thirteen’s cold aura was very similar to his when he was on planet Suzaku.

Thirteen took a deep breath and was about to speak, but when he saw Wang Lin shake his head, he no longer spoke. However, the excitement and respect in his eyes was intense.

For him, Wang Lin was his teacher and his benefactor. His entire life had changed because of Wang Lin. Even if he died, he wouldn’t forget what Wang Lin had given him.

He was Thirteen, the royal and cold Thirteen!

“Later, during that war, there was no more news of him. I remember that he was ready to leave the country of Hou Fen, and I met with him right before…” the woman in purple said calmly, and the discussions around her calmed down.

No one had noticed the young man in white that had walked in. All their attention was attracted by the woman in purple.

“Later, I faintly heard that he had saved Li Muwan and, under the pursuit of a Core Formation cultivator, entered an extremely dangerous place on planet Suzaku. It was called… the Sea of Devils.” The woman in purple’s voice echoed as she recalled the past.

Listening to the woman in purple, Wang Lin picked up a glass and drank a mouthful. His eyes were filled with reminiscence and he slowly smiled. He remembered Li Muwan being hunted by the Core Formation cultivator, her helpless gaze, and her call for help.

Thirteen picked up the wine jug and poured for his teacher.

“Core Formation cultivator? Hmph, is that Core Formation cultivator still alive? He actually dared to go after the Lord of the Sealed Realm. If he is still alive, his cultivation level can’t be high. Even if the Lord of the Sealed Realm doesn’t care, this old man will refine his soul!”

“That’s right, he provoked the Lord of the Sealed Realm, which means he provoked all the cultivators in the four great star systems!”

“Lady Zhou, what is the name of that evil cultivator that hunted the Lord of the Sealed Realm?”

The woman in purple shook her head and softly said, “I’ve forgotten… I never saw the Lord of the Sealed Realm after that. However, hundreds of years later, I heard that a cultivator named ‘Wang Lin’ shocked planet Suzaku. He was a cultivator from the country of Zhao, and when he was at the Foundation Establishment stage, he offended a Nascent Soul cultivator named ‘Teng,’ who killed his family.”

It was the first time many of the surrounding cultivators had heard this. They could imagine that the pain the Lord of the Sealed Realm suffered at that time was not something ordinary people could withstand.

“Then he went back to country of Zhao and did something that shocked planet Suzaku. Rivers of blood flowed in the country of Zhao… It was really rivers of blood. That Nascent Soul cultivator’s entire family was killed, none remained alive...

“He wasn’t a gentleman but completely vented the hatred from before. Everyone who had the bloodline of the Teng family was killed… Rumors said that the sky of the country of Zhao was blood-red…” The woman in purple’s voice was calm, but the surrounding cultivators could all feel the monstrous killing intent and hatred.

They could faintly hear the heaven-shaking roar Wang Lin let out after exacting revenge and completely eradicating the Teng family down to the roots!

Wang Lin silently pondered and drank the wine cup by cup. Thirteen continued to pour. This was the first time he had heard Wang Lin’s story, so he had also become silent.

“Good, this is what should be considered revenge!”

“That little Nascent Soul Teng cultivator should be killed, but his entire family…” Some cultivators seemed to disagree.

“Hmph, you are not the Lord of the Sealed Realm, how could you experience the sorrow and despair of all your loved ones being killed? This old man doesn’t think he went too far!”

As everyone murmured, the voice of the woman in purple continued to echo.

Wang Lin drank all the wine at once, then he put down the cup and looked into the distance. He was really homesick, he missed his parents and he wanted to go see them.

“Let’s go.” Wang Lin stood up and walked out of the inn. Thirteen left a few spirit stones and followed Wang Lin.

“I only heard about the past of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. He originally had the chance to become lord of planet Suzaku, but in the end he chose to leave… On planet Suzaku, there is a statue of him guarding the planet…” As the woman in purple spoke, she seemed to notice something and subconsciously turned to look at the door of the inn.

Her gaze passed over Thirteen and paused on Wang Lin’s back.

“This person is a bit familiar…”

Wang Lin raised the curtain of the door to the inn and turned his head. He looked at the woman in purple that was looking at him and revealed a smile. He gently shook his head and walked out.

Thirteen followed Wang Lin out of this inn.

The woman in purple trembled and was frozen there. The smile of the man in white filled her mind. That image began to overlap with the figure from her past.

“He… He is…” The woman in purple trembled and was filled with disbelief. Her mind was blank, but that smile became more and more clear and profound. It was as if it was going to rush out from her mind.

“It’s him!!”

“Senior Sister, what’s wrong?” The woman in pink saw the woman in purple being startled, so she gently pushed a few times. She followed her senior sister’s gaze, but only the curtain at the door was gently swaying.

Not only her, but all the surrounding cultivators looked over. However, they only saw the curtain swaying gently and nothing else.

“Nothing…” The woman in purple was called Zhou Zihong.

She subconsciously moved the strands of her hair behind her ear and continued to speak about her memories. As she spoke, she revealed a melancholy smile and recalled Wang Lin’s smile as he turned around.

At the top of a high mountain, the wind blew by as if it was trying to topple the mountain. Wang Lin stood there with Thirteen kneeling on one knee before him.

“Teacher, Thirteen is willing to follow you!”

“Thirteen, you’re my first disciple and the one that has followed me the longest.” Wang Lin’s voice was soft and his gaze toward Thirteen was very kind.

Thirteen gently nodded and looked at Wang Lin with a hint of attachment in his eyes. To him, Wang Lin was a teacher that was like a father.

“However, if a bird wants to grow, it needs to face the wind and rain alone, face the might of the world and overcome the wind and rain to step above the clouds. You have done very well…” Wang Lin patted Thirteen’s shoulder.

“But Teacher…” Thirteen was about to speak when Wang Lin shook his head and interrupted Thirteen.

Wang Lin faced Thirteen and slowly said, “Thirteen, my disciple can’t be a cultivator who stays under my protection. My disciple must have the heart of a heaven-defying cultivator. My disciple must have the determination to fight against the heavens!

“My disciple must be dragon amongst men, to be above heaven itself. He must be attract the admiration of everyone when he says he is my first disciple!”

“Teacher!!” Thirteen was excited and nodded.

“Of course, if anyone dares to bully you, your teacher won’t allow it! From today onward, you will create your own path as my first disciple!” Wang Lin had spent the most time on Thirteen among his disciples and had the most attachment toward Thirteen. As he spoke, his right hand patted Thirteen’s head.

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