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Chapter 1562 - Summoned River

The Void Gate broke and the power flowed out. Qing Shui turned the soul of his wife, Han Yan, into a mark and placed it near his heart.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t put her in his storage space, but Qing Shui was unwilling.

Qing Shui was determined to give that slaughter sword to Wang Lin, so Wang Lin put it away. A sliver of slaughter essence was born within Wang Lin during the first battle against the Outer Realm. However, this essence was very weak and had just been born.

With this slaughter sword, Wang Lin would have six essences! As for the battle mark that was not an essence, it had long turned into the star of law and was engraved deep inside Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin didn’t intend to immediately refine the slaughter essence, it was not the time. He was going to wait for his karma, life and death, and true and false essences to be complete. Then, when he is about to open the Void Gate, he will absorb the slaughter essence and break open the Void Gate in one fell swoop to become an extremely rare third step cultivator with six essences!

Qing Shui descended from the sky and looked at the dissipating Void Gate. His right hand reached out at the void and grabbed the green gourd with the dragon blood wine. He drank a mouthful, and as the spicy taste spread across his body, his eyes slowly turned cold. He passed the wine jug to Wang Lin.

The two looked at the dissipating Void Gate on the abandoned planet while facing the cold wind. The wind kicked off layers of dust as the two silently drank wine.

No one spoke.

Wang Lin didn’t ask Qing Shui if he had found the answer he wanted inside the Seven-Colored Realm in the Alliance.

Qing Shui didn’t speak, only he understand what he had found and comprehended. However, in the end, the more he realized, the more he silently pondered.

“A game…” There was a flash of coldness in Qing Shui’s eyes, but there was a hint of bitterness on his face. He took the wine jug from Wang Lin and took a gulp before he laughed.

“Wang Lin, promise me one thing!” Qing Shui’s laughter was filled with determination as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t speak but nodded.

“If one day I die, if I still have a complete corpse, take my body and bury me in my hometown. Don’t leave any name on the tombstone, a clean burial is the best for me…” Qing Shui looked at the sky.

Wang Lin silently pondered. After a long time, he said, “If there is no hometown…”

“Then bury me in the world!” Qing Shui drank a mouthful of dragon blood. Some of the blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth and gave off a red light when the sunlight shined on it.

“OK!” Wang Lin took the wine jug from Qing Shui’s hand and took a drink. His expression became serious and his eyes lit up.

“If I die before you, send me back to planet Suzaku, country of Zhao, Wang family…”

Qing Shui looked at Wang Lin and slowly nodded.

This was a promise!

The dragon blood wine was very fierce and could intoxicate most, but it couldn’t make Wang Lin or Qing Shui drunk. The Void Gate started to dissipate when there wasn’t much wine left.

Qing Shui closed his eyes. Looking a bit lonely, he softly said, “Wang Lin, I have never asked you before… Do you have any descendants?”

“I have a son…” There was sorrow in Wang Lin’s eyes. He drank a mouthful of the little remaining dragon blood wine. The wine was no longer spicy in his stomach but turned into a stinging pain.

“I have a daughter…” Qing Shui opened his eyes, revealing a sense of remensience within them. It was bitter.

“However, I can’t find her… Perhaps she is no longer around anymore and is gone forever.” Qing Shui recalled the past filled with sorrow. At the moment he became sober and was holding the corpse of his wife, there was a little girl seven or  eight years old howling in the distance among the bloody wreckage. She was holding a dead crane and looking at him and her mother with hollowed eyes.

“Perhaps she has already entered reincarnation and is a different person. However, I left a red mark on her shoulder at her birth, and that mark will always stay with her. If you see such a girl, take care of her for me…”

The phantom gate in the sky disappeared completely.

Qing Shui stood up and let out a deep breath. Coldness appeared in his eyes.

“Wang Lin, I want to kill!” Qing Shui raised his right hand and an extremely powerful slaughter essence erupted from his body. It gathered in his right hand, and in a flash his right hand was surrounded by a black and chilly aura.

The chilly aura spread out and caused the entire abandoned planet to become cold.

The slaughter essence was an extremely special essence. Very few people possessed this essence, but those who did could easily break open the Void Gate. This essence was the limit of slaughter.

Although Qing Shui was at the early stage of Nirvana Void, thanks to his slaughter essence and his tens of thousands of years spent in battle, even a late stage Nirvana Void cultivator would fear encountering him!

“Killing… Good!” Wang Lin stood up and stepped toward the sky. Ripples echoed and he disappeared from the world. Qing Shui also stepped into the ripples Wang Lin had created and disappeared.

If the entire Brilliant Void Star System was a lake and what floated in the water were the planets, then right now the ripples on the surface were like two fish swimming rapidly through the water.

There weren’t many Outer Realm cultivators in the Brilliant Void. After all, the Alliance was only their temporary headquarters, and most of them had died during the heaven-shaking slaughter earlier.

This slaughter was set off by a teacher and his disciple. With Master Long Pan’s cultivation level, hardly any Outer Realm cultivators could survive.

However, Master Long Pan’s goal was the Summoned River, so he didn’t stay in the Brilliant Void. This allowed some fish to run free.

Three Outer Realm cultivators with marks between their eyebrows were carefully flying through the stars. They didn’t dare to move too fast in fear that the fluctuations would attract others’ attention.

“There is no response from the message jade. I fear everyone else is facing danger. Damn it, what the hell happened!?”

“We can’t go back to the Cultivation Alliance, I fear there is some problem there. Could it be that the Inner Realm has launched a counterattack? It’s best we look for a cultivation planet to hide in until the main army slaughters their way in.”

As the three moved forward, they were sending messages to each other. Just at this moment, two ripples passed by and a monstrous killing intent pierced through the three of them.

When the two ripples passed, the three Outer Realm cultivators trembled, unable to utter a sound. Countless fine cracks appeared on their bodies and they suddenly collapsed. Their origin souls were torn apart and they died.

Similar scenes could be seen in other places in the Brilliant Void, Allheaven, and the Cloud Sea. Shortly after Master Long Pan swept through, the remaining Outer Realm cultivators experienced Qing Shui’s madness.

The blood flowers bloomed, revealing the beauty of their deaths.

The two ripples swept across the three major star systems and then entered the Summoned River! The Summoned River was completely occupied by the Outer Realm cultivators, so there were many Outer Realm cultivators here.

Just as they entered the Summoned River, there were a powerful smell of blood. However, this smell of blood couldn’t stop these two ripples. They quickly moved past, planet by planet.

In the end, they charged into the depths of the Summoned River, toward the last Seven-Colored Realm! This was were Master Hong Shan’s original body was sealed!

Among the stars, there was a giant rift emitting seven-colored light. Outside the rift floated broken limbs everywhere. Large amounts of dead Outer Realm cultivators scattered the area.

Thunderous rumbles were coming from within the Seven-Colored Realm. There was obviously a fierce battle happening inside!

The two ripples closed in. The ripple filled with a monstrous killing intent left a trail of ice and shot toward the seven-colored rift.

When he arrived, the broken limbs and countless corpses were shrouded in ice and the coldness spread everywhere. As the powerful killing intent ripples closed in on the seven-colored rift, the ripples disappeared and Qing Shui appeared. He entered the Seven-Colored Realm without hesitation.

Wang Lin also appeared. He looked a bit tired as he entered the Seven-Colored Realm.

Just as Wang Lin stepped into the Seven-Colored Realm in the Summoned River, he immediately heard miserable screams. This Seven-Colored Realm was different from the other two Wang Lin had seen before. There were several large, floating continents forming this Seven-Colored Realm.

However, this area was filled with fragments of a continent. Only three continents remained. Master Long Pan was fighting a black-robed person. As the two waved their hands, heaven-shattering rumbles echoed.

Wang Lin had seen the old man in black before. This person was the Heaven Punishment Palace’s palace lord that was trapped by the Lord of the Sealed Realm during the first battle in the Cloud Sea!

This person’s cultivation level was just below that of the five masters of the Outer Realm, early stage Arcane Void! He hadn’t obtained it by destroying his lifespan like Master Long Pan but had truly reached the early stage of Arcane Void!

Tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators were sitting on the three floating continents. They were all murmuring a chant. Strands of Joss Flames floated into the sky, forming strange creatures that surrounded Master Long Pan. They were attacking together with the Heaven Punishment Palace’s palace lord.

Qing Shui had entered a step before Wang Lin. When he appeared, he looked at Master Long Pan and the old man in black before flash of coldness appeared in his eyes and he rushed at the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators. The miserable screams Wang Lin heard when he entered came from those cultivators.

Qing Shui was killing. After he broke open the Void Gate, his slaughter essence reached completion. He had spent his life in slaughter, and now when he waved his hand, countless died.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked past Master Long Pan and the old man in black. He saw that there was a giant Dao Fruit hanging down from the seven-colored cloud above.

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