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Chapter 1561 - Emotional Injury, Gifted Treasure!

“Entering the third step with the slaughter essence doesn’t require the help of Joss Flames. The slaughter essence inside Qing Shui was planted by the seven-colored figure but was not taken away. Instead, most of it remained inside Qing Shui, so when the seal was removed, it triggered the Void Gate!” Wang Lin immediately analyzed the situation.

“However, why didn’t the seven-colored figure take the slaughter essence… What is his purpose? Was he not after the slaughter essence like I thought… If not for the slaughter essence, what the hell did he do it for...

“What does he want from Senior Brother Qing Shui!?” Wang Lin’s eye shined. The more he thought, the more he felt like something was wrong. Then a thought suddenly flashed into his head. He remembered the thorn that was stuck through Qing Shui’s head that was off by several inches!

“The area between the eyebrows is the intersection of life and death, but the thorn was several inches off. The seven-colored figure said that this would open reincarnation… Reincarnation… Reincarnation is ethereal. Could the purpose of the seven-colored figure be for Senior Brother Qing Shui to enter reincarnation through the slaughter essence… But even so, what’s the use…

“There was also that remark where he said that he was certain I have no relation with him. Does that mean there is some connection between him and Senior Brother Qing Shui…. If so, what’s the connection…” The more Wang Lin thought, the more he felt like he had grasped something, but it was still unclear.

Ever since he met Greed in the Fallen Land and obtained the seven-colored statue, Wang Lin had faintly grasped a layer of fog. Behind this fog stood a grand secret regarding the Inner and Outer Realms!

Wang Lin still couldn’t see through that secret due to this fog. It wasn’t until the battle against the Outer Realm in the Cloud Sea, the exchange between the Sovereign and Old Ghost Zhan, that Wang Lin began to speculate once more.

From Wang Lin’s view, the repeated wars between the Inner and Outer Realm was connected to the secret hidden by this fog!

“What is the seven-colored figure is looking for?” Wang Lin thought about the crystal inside the Black Tortoise’s back that was taken by him.

A thunderous rumble interrupted Wang Lin’s thoughts. He looked up and saw Qing Shui point at the Void Gate.

The gate rumbled and showed signs of opening.

Staring at the Void Gate, Wang Lin revealed longing. He wanted to become a third step cultivator. Only with a high enough cultivation level would he be qualified to know the secret behind the fog and revive Li Muwan!

“Life and death, karma, true and false. I must complete these three essences… It shouldn’t be far!” Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning and he was filled with confidence.

“Now that I have two Dao Fruits, with one more, I’ll be 90% confident in succeeding! The third step is close!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. Thunderous rumbles echoed and Qing Shui laughed as he charged at the Void Gate.

He waved his hand and a monstrous slaughter essence appeared. Large amounts of black snow gathered before him and formed a long sword. He grabbed the sword and slashed down at the Void Gate!

“Today, this Celestial Lord will complete my dao, break the Void Gate, and enter the path of the grand dao!” 

The might of this sword was heaven-shaking. It formed a black storm that rushed at the Void Gate.

The black storm instantly closed in on the Void Gate, and the entire abandon planet trembled. The rumble echoed across the entire planet.

Fine cracks appeared on the Void Gate when the storm smashed into it. Before it even opened, it was opened by force!

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he looked at Qing Shui. The slaughter essence inside Qing Shui was extremely powerful, far stronger than any other essence Wang Lin had seen. This force, this aura, was extremely shocking!

A small part of the Void Gate was broken by Qing Shui and pushed inwards. A soft light appeared from within and shrouded him.

This light had no color and it filled the sky. The light gathered on Qing Shui, then his aura began to become stronger rapidly. Soon, the aura of an early stage Nirvana Void cultivator appeared.

This aura contained slaughter, and countless phantoms appeared around Qing Shui. There were countless phantoms, they were all people Qing Shui had killed!

These endless phantoms all trembled as they looked at Qing Shui. They seemed to be screaming, but no sound came out.

Under the silent screams, these phantoms all knelt down while trembling and began worshipping Qing Shui! However, there was one figure that didn’t kneel but looked at Qing Shui with a gentle smile.

It was a woman!

Qing Shui looked at the woman and two streams of tears fell. He stretched out his right hand. The woman’s smile became even brighter and she began to slowly walk toward him.

The woman got closer and closer until she was before Qing Shui and was being hugged by Qing Shui. Tears flowed from Qing Shui’s eyes as he looked at the woman in his arms and wept in pain.

He was a Celestial Lord, a third step cultivator with a slaughter essence that didn’t even cry when enduring the imaginable pain of having the 10 thorns being pulled out. But at this moment, when Qing Shui hugged this woman, he cried.

He was like a mortal holding on to the woman as more and more tears flowed. He hugged her very tightly, as if he was worried that she would disappear and leave him forever.

The woman bit her lower lip, and her eyes seemed to become watery as she smiled. However, these tears were only illusory as souls didn’t have tears. You could see her cry, but there was no trace of tears.

This was the sorrow of a soul.

The woman silently smiled and silently cried in Qing Shui’s embrace. She slowly raised her right hand toward Qing Shui’s face to wipe away his tears, but she couldn’t touch him.

The sadness in Qing Shui’s eyes would cause your heart to ache. He also raised his left hand to touch her hair, but he also couldn’t touch her.

He watched the woman slowly go through his arms and retreat as if something was pulling her body. Her body was like smoke just like her name and was about to disappear.

“Han Yan!!!” Qing Shui let out a heaven-shaking roar. At this moment, he had forgotten that he had broken open the Void Gate, forgotten everything. At this moment, the only thing in his eyes was this woman!

His wife, Han Yan! In order to retrieve his wife’s belonging, he had destroyed the entire Slaughter Realm. His love for his wife was his world, his joy, and also the source of his pain.

His wife had appeared because he had broken open the Void Gate and completed his slaughter essence. However, seeing that she was going to disappear once more, he let out a mournful roar. He rushed forward, he wanted to keep his wife’s soul!

Even if didn’t reach the third step, even if he had to give up everything, he would keep this soul! Even if this soul was incomplete, even if it was just a weak projection created by the Void Gate...

However, the woman’s figure went further and further. There were no tears in her eyes, but the sadness on her face was something you could never forget.

Even with all this sorrow, she still smiled and silently looked at Qing Shui.

Wang Lin looked at all of this and silently reached at the void. A rift appeared in the void and more than 10 Ancient Leaves appeared. He didn’t know if it would help Qing Shui, but he had to try.

The moment the Ancient Leaves appeared, Wang Lin formed millions of restrictions, increasing the power of the Ancient Leaves. Wang Lin waved his sleeves and pointed at the woman that was dissipating. The 10 plus Ancient Leaves shot forward.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth before he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out golden blood. This blood had the power of his bloodline, the blood of celestials!

The moment the golden blood appeared, celestial spiritual energy shrouded the Ancient Leaves, causing them to become golden. They flew past Qing Shui, surrounded the woman, and sealed!

The woman’s body suddenly stopped. The golden aura shrouded her and more than 10 Ancient Leaves shot toward her. They turned into a seal and solidified her body.

Qing Shui grabbed the woman. Tears flowed down his face and he murmured some words to her. The woman also silently held Qing Shui, and this seemed to last for an eternity.

After a long time, Qing Shui raised his head and he waved his hand. An ancient hairpin appeared. This was what his wife had left behind and what he had taken back from the Slaughter Realm. He slowly put the hairpin in the woman’s hair.

As he looked at the woman, the sadness in his eyes became even stronger. A moment later, he turned to look at Wang Lin. The gratitude in his eyes was indescribable.

His left hand reached at the void and the black sword he had used to break open the Void Gate appeared. He shook it and then all the kneeling souls beside the woman were absorbed by the black sword.

An extremely powerful slaughter essence erupted from the sword and swept across the world.

“Wang Lin, this sword is formed from my broken Void Gate. It helped me open the Void Gate and contains the aura of the void. It also contains my life of slaughter and my soul. It is formed by my slaughter essence. I gift it to you! If you refine it, you will have the slaughter essence!”

Qing Shui threw the black sword toward Wang Lin and it floated before him. The slaughter aura coming it even shocked Wang Lin.

This sword was a complete slaughter essence!

This sword could be said to be Qing Shui’s most powerful treasure and his first essence treasure! Not all third step cultivators could form an essence treasure when they break the Void Gate, these people were extremely rare!

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, Esteemed Nan Zhao, Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, Zhou Jin, Ling Dong, none of them could do it. Not even Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud could do it.

This showed just how precious this treasure was!

1. Her name means smoke

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