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Chapter 156 – I’ll Fight Him to the Death

Inside the secret room inside the dragon’s head, a rainbow-colored light appeared. More and more lights suddenly gathered until Wang Lin’s figure finally came into view.

The moment he appeared, Shang Guanmo’s heart started beating rapidly. He wondered what kind of technique this fiend was cultivating that would allow him to hide his presence completely. Before, he was wondering if he could use this time to escape Wang Lin’s control, but now he didn’t dare to have those ideas anymore.

Li Muwan touched the dragon’s scale as if she was calculating something. The current her looked very graceful and focused as she touched the dragon scale.

Even the fluctuations of her soul essence blood didn’t affect her. Gradually, a look of understanding appeared in her eyes as she looked at the piece of dragon scale before her.

Wang Lin appeared inside the room and sat down in the lotus position before taking out his bag of holding. After killing all those cultivators, there were hundreds of golden cores inside his bag of holding.

In addition to this, almost all of the bags of holding of the dead cultivators were taken by Wang Lin. He quickly sorted them all and found that there were a lot of treasures and flying swords. However, besides a scroll, none of them were good enough to catch Wang Lin’s eyes.

This scroll was about two feet long and as thick as his arm. It also emitted a hint of spiritual energy. Wang Lin remembered that it came from a Core Formation cultivator who had already opened it half-way. There were currently waves of roars coming from the scroll.

However, Wang Lin’s Ji Realm Divine Sense’s power wasn’t affected by the amount of people. Whether it was one person or a group, once it swept past them, as long as they were below the Nascent Soul stage, they would die. Toward the Ji Realm, Wang Lin still had an indescribable feeling. Under the pressure of the transfer array at the Foreign Battleground, he clearly felt its existence for the first time and gained a hint of understanding. The following years of use and fighting allowed him to understand the Ji Realm’s terrifying power.

However, he didn’t know that the Ji Realm’s limit was late stage Nascent Soul. If he wished to enter the Soul Formation stage with it, the chances were very low.

The original owner of the scroll was already dead, so the divine sense imprinted on it had long since disappeared. Wang Lin had imprinted his divine sense on the scroll, but the weird thing was that there was nothing different about the scroll. It felt the same as before he imprinted his divine sense.

Wang Lin quickly revealed a look of interest. If it was a normal treasure, he would have been able to use it freely after wiping out the previous owner’s divine sense and imprinting his own. As long as it was not a Nascent Soul level treasure, this would always be true.

Judging by the spiritual energy fluctuations coming from the scroll, it didn’t feel like a Nascent Soul level treasure. Wang Lin had a few Nascent Soul level treasures himself, one of them being the protective jade given to him by Hou Fen’s Nascent Soul cultivator, Zhou Jin.

The most notable feature of Nascent Soul level treasures was the powerful spiritual energy fluctuations that they emitted. A Core Formation treasure could never compare to it.

In addition to the jade, there was the flying sword that could teleport. According to his guesses, it was also a Nascent Soul level treasure. If he hadn’t blood refined it, there was no way he would be able to use it without refining it for a very long time.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the ancient sword sheath. When combined with the flying sword, it could increase the flying sword’s power.  Even Situ Nan couldn’t see through its true nature. It must be at least beyond Nascent Soul level, maybe a Soul Formation, or even Soul Transformation treasure. After all, there wasn’t much Situ Nan couldn’t see through.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. It was destroyed when Teng Huayuan destroyed his bag of holding. Then Wang Lin suddenly realized that something was off. If that treasure was indeed that high quality, then Teng Huayuan shouldn’t have been able to destroy it.

If it wasn’t destroyed, then where could the sword sheath have gone?

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he put down the scroll and suddenly stood up. He walked back and forth for a bit before putting some low quality materials into a bag of holding. Then he gathered a bit of spiritual energy on his finger and turned the bag to dust.

Wang Lin’s eyes focused on the bag of holding as it turned to dust. Then he tried it out a few more times before a hint of understanding appeared in his eyes.

Although the bag of holding was destroyed, the items inside it were not. The space inside the bag was like a boundless vault with the bag itself as the lock. Even though the lock was broken, the vault would forever be shut with the items still inside.

If he could find a way to open it up again, then it wouldn’t be impossible to take back what was inside.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He then sat down in the lotus position again. Looking at the scroll, it didn’t seem to be a Nascent Soul level treasure, but Wang Lin couldn’t guess why he didn’t get the feeling he could control it as he wished after he imprinted his divine sense into it. After thinking for a bit, he suddenly opened the scroll. His expression became serious.

The entire scroll was completely black without any pictures on it.

Looking at it, Wang Lin suddenly felt a sense of danger coming from the scroll. A pair of triangular eyes on the black paper suddenly opened up. Then a loud roar came from inside the scroll, causing it to shake.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to quickly close the scroll. The roar slowly became softer and softer until it completely disappeared.

Sweat covered Wang Lin’s forehead. The moment the roar came out, Wang Lin could feel that its power was no less than the dragon’s that had died in the 14th valley. The only difference was that the spiritual energy was trapped inside the scroll.

At this moment, he finally understood why he still couldn’t use this scroll even after imprinting his divine sense into it. This scroll was only a seal. The real power of this treasure came from the spirit beast trapped inside.

After carefully putting away the scroll, Wang Lin began to ponder. After a long time, he took out a golden core from his bag of holding. Its color had already darkened. He pondered for a bit before taking out more than 100 golden cores. All of them were dim, emanating a feeling of death.

If it was in the past, Wang Lin would immediately devour them as he got them, but on the way here, Li Muwan told him that although devouring golden cores would increase his cultivation level, it would also cause his spiritual energy to become tainted, as well as cause the spiritual energy in his body to become a mess. Also, golden cores had different properties. If too much of the opposite was absorbed, it would make his spiritual energy go crazy, making him lose control and go mad half the time.

After hearing this, although Wang Lin was unwilling, he dismissed the idea of consuming them directly. According to Li Muwan, eating them would inflict no negative effects if they were first refined through the five element method.

It was just that this type of refining skill was considered a demonic method, so she had only ever heard of it. Wang Lin pondered a bit before putting all of them into one bag of holding for when he finds the five element refining method.

Then Wang Lin took out the dragon tendon. With a gentle flick, the devil flew out. The devil flew around the room once before looking at Wang Lin with an aggrieved expression.

The red light on the devil was much richer than last time. Wang Lin looked at him with a cold expression and said, “To what degree has your cultivation level recovered?”

The devil carefully backed up and said, “I have only recovered to the late stage of Foundation Establishment. If it wasn’t for that sword stealing from me, I could have recovered to Core Formation!”

Wang Lin sneered and stared at the devil. The devil felt his hairs stand up from the stare. He  backed up some more and then muttered, “I am at the peak of late stage Foundation Establishment, only one step from the Core Formation stage.” With that, he secretly cursed and thought that if Wang Lin kept pushing him, then he would just go and fight him with all his might. But this was only an idea. The devil believed that even if he gave it his all, he wouldn’t get anything good out of it.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his hand reach out. The devil let out a scream. He wanted to dodge, but he found formations around him. He could only watch himself be caught and brought toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin searched through the devil’s body. Little by little, slivers of red kept appearing until a golden core appeared in the devil’s gas-like body.

The devil’s anger quickly disappeared. He embarrassingly said, “”What is this? When did I form my core? I must have devoured too much and formed it without realizing…” As he spoke, he saw Wang Lin’s cold gaze and stopped talking.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before suddenly asking, “You recovered your memory?”

The devil immediately trembled. This was his biggest secret. When he reached the Core Formation stage, something extra suddenly appeared in his mind, but he didn’t dare to tell Wang Lin. Now that he was seen through by Wang Lin, he immediately became scared.

He kept thinking inside his heart, “Should I go out all against him? Fight? No, I don’t think I can beat him… I have decided, I’m going all out!”

He just had finally made up its mind and was ready to act when he raised his head and saw a red light inside Wang Lin’s eyes. He immediately realized that things were getting bad when he suddenly let out a miserable scream from the pain. Green smoke came out of his body and even his golden core shrank.

Wang Lin’s Ji Realm Divine Sense originally wouldn’t be this powerful, but he used to be a soul devourer. The pressure and the abilities of a soul devourer were still there.

This made Wang Lin the devil’s biggest weakness. After the devil screamed for a while, Wang Lin withdrew his Ji Realm Divine Sense. The devil stood there shaking. All traces of resistance were gone. Instead, he revealed an obedient expression.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone but Wang Lin. If Wang Lin had kept it up for half an hour, then his newly formed golden core would have shattered.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Spit out all the souls you devoured.”

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