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Chapter 1556 - Strange Gaze

The image changed once more. The teenager grew up and returned to his destroyed country. The red moon hung in the sky for seven days and blood flowed… The seven-colored light was still there.

In another image, a river of blood flowed as many cultivators that came from afar were slaughtered. Then the sad young man left.

Wang Lin’s mind trembled as he looked at the images. He saw Qing Shui’s past, he saw Qing Shui enter the Celestial Realm, and he saw Qing Shui’s face filled with happiness instead of killing intent.

Beside him was a woman. The woman wasn’t an absolute beauty, but she exuded a sense of gentleness. She looked at Qing Shui and revealed a sweet smile.

Before the two of them was an old man. This old man was Bai Fan. He had a kind gaze as he looked at the two, seeming to be saying something.

However, in this image, the seven-colored light was still faintly present in the sky. The indifferent gaze from the seven-colored light stared at Qing Shui. This gaze appeared many times, and the more Wang Lin saw it, the more strange he felt. It was as if someone was looking into the mirror at another self...

Blood mist surged and the image changed. The new image was a shocking change that caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow and fill with sadness.

In the image, Qing Shui was sitting on top of a mountain. The seven-colored figure in the sky suddenly raised his right hand and pointed down.

With this point, Qing Shui suddenly trembled and the look in his eyes was replaced with bloodlust and killing intent. He let out a shocking roar that echoed across the entire Celestial Realm! A distance away, Bai Fan also stared at the sky with a look of disbelief. He vaguely felt something!

Qing Shui went mad!

The slaughter that had been buried in his body for a long time suddenly erupted and descended upon the Thunder Celestial Realm. Wang Lin saw a lot of celestials die to Qing Shui. He was like a bloodthirsty demon that went more and more crazy as he killed!

Then that woman appeared before Qing Shui. Her eyes were filled with sadness but were still gentle. She died to Qing Shui, but she hid her pain and looked at Qing Shui gently. She then lifted her jade-like hand in an attempt to touch her lover’s face but was powerless and her hand fell. She seemed to have said something...

It was what she said and her flowing hot blood that caused Qing Shui to become sober. He let out a heaven-shaking roar of sadness that could only be produced once you had reached the limit of your despair!!

As this roar of sorrow echoed, the image collapsed. The blood mist surged and everything repeated from the first image. This continued.

It seemed there was a force that was going to use this cruel method to force Qing Shui to recall this memory so that he could always be trapped in his slaughter, madness, and sorrow, trapping him inside his cycle forever.

This method was stimulating Qing Shui so the slaughter essence inside him would grow stronger and stronger...

Wang Lin felt empathy. He vaguely knew Qing Shui’s story before, but now that he was seeing it himself, he felt even more sorrow. He felt sorrow for Qing Shui’s life and mourned for what Qing Shui had to face.

“Senior Brother Qing Shui, I, Wang Lin, will give it my all to save you!” Wang Lin turned around and no longer looked at the images inside the blood mist. He charged toward the Black Tortoise that was trapping Qing Shui!

This Black Tortoise was extremely large, as large as this Seven-Colored Realm. Although it had already turned to stone, the aura it released was extremely powerful. Wang Lin could clearly feel that aura coming from it.

He even had an illusion that this Black Tortoise wasn’t dead but sleeping!

“In order to save Qing Shui, I must free his soul!” With Wang Lin’s understanding of restrictions, he had already seen that this Black Tortoise was the key to breaking this formation!

If the suppression from the Black Tortoise on Qing Shui’s soul wasn’t broken, it would be impossible to remove the 10 thorns from Qing Shui’s body! Wang Lin was sure of this!

Wang Lin charged downward and his right hand formed a fist. Ancient god power gathered in his fist, forming an phantom punch that shot toward the Black Tortoise.

The moment the punch appeared, a powerful gust of wind appeared and landed on the Black Tortoise. The Black Tortoise trembled, but there was no damage.

A powerful rebound force landed on Wang Lin, forcing him back several hundred feet.

“Break for me!!” Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot and he roared once more. He raised his right hand and threw 10 more punches! Each punch contained the full power of his 7-star ancient god body. These punches turned into a storm and smashed down on the Black Tortoise.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the stone Black Tortoise trembled, but its back was unimaginably hard. There was no sign of breaking after the 10 punches, but at the same time, a powerful rebound force shot toward Wang Lin.

Cracking sounds came from Wang Lin’s right arm and he was knocked back over 1,000 feet. Blood started flowing from the corner of his mouth, but his expression became even more fierce.

Just at this moment, as the thunderous rumbles echoed across the Seven-Colored Realm, a muffled hiss came from the Black Tortoise’s body. It couldn’t be heard by one’s ears, it could only be felt by the mind.

When the hiss appeared, the 100,000 cultivators on the 100,000 mountains began to roar. Their bodies seemed to regain freedom and all the thorns embedded their bodies were pulled out. Blood sprayed everywhere and the wounds on their bodies instantly healed.

From the outside, aside from their torn clothes, there were no signs of injuries. The 100,000 cultivators were filled with madness as they roared at the sky. They then charged toward Wang Lin from all directions. The spells they shot out shrouded the entire Seven-Colored Realm.

There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes and the golden fire shot out from his left eye. Although the fire was now golden, it was still Ethereal Fire. It shot toward the incoming cultivators.

However, there was no Ethereal Fire born from these 100,000 cultivators. This meant only one thing: these 100,000 cultivators were not living and had long died. Although they looked alive, they were actually being controlled by a mysterious force.

Although no Ethereal Fire appeared, Wang Lin’s celestial fire was much more powerful than it was during the first battle against the Outer Realm in the Cloud sea. The fire spread and golden thunder rushed out in all directions. 

However, just at this moment, the 100,000 cultivators exploded by themselves before the golden fire and thunder. The flesh and blood condensed together to form a giant blade!

This blade was made of flesh and blood. It was formed by the flesh and blood of 100,000 cultivators. When it was lifted into the sky, it casted a giant shadow.

From afar, there were countless twisted faces and dismembered arms and legs on the body of the blade. The blade rapidly chopped down on Wang Lin as the 100,000 cultivators howled miserably!

A sense of crisis filled Wang Lin’s mind. At this moment, he could still retreat and leave the Seven-Colored Realm, not caring about what would happen to Qing Shui. But how could he do that? He couldn’t do it!

A sense of crazed pride arose in Wang Lin’s eyes. His right hand hit his forehead and the seven golden ancient god stars began to rotate rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a 10,000-foot ancient god!

Wang Lin’s body trembled. He clearly felt countless mournful roars filled with resentment and killing intent enter his body from the blade. A powerful force also came from the blade and shook his body!

This was the physical force of 100,000 cultivators that had been increased several fold by some mysterious spell. It was enough to hurt a 7-star ancient god!

However, Wang Lin’s body didn’t retreat a step as he kept this force inside his body. He let out a roar and waved his right hand to push back the blade of flesh and blood once more.

“Still not enough strength, once more!” Wang Lin’s voiced echoed. The blade of flesh and blood that was bounced back descended once more!

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo and the blade of flesh and blood unexpectedly chopped down 100 times in a row! These 100 chops turned into one blade that wanted to chop Wang Lin in half.

At this moment, Wang Lin released all the rejection force and allowed his body to erupt with 10 times his current power. This brief fusion of ancient god and celestial gave Wang Lin the power to kill a mid stage Spirit Void cultivation. This was how he had killed Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao!

Thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin’s body trembled and he swallowed the blood that was surging up his throat. He smashed toward the Black Tortoise, borrowing the power of the impact from the blade of flesh and blood!

Wang Lin was so fast that he he descended upon the Black Tortoise in a flash. At this moment, Wang Lin turned around and both of his hands formed fists that smashed into the stone Black Tortoise!

“Break for me!!”

The entire Seven-Colored Realm trembled. The world seemed like it was going to collapse. When Wang Lin’s fist smashed into the stone Black Tortoise’s back, cracking sounds echoed!

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