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Chapter 1555 - Qing Shui!

Because this person was facing Wang Lin, Wang Lin could see his expression. It was filled with joy and shock! It was as if he was very happy to be absorbing the power of this Black Tortoise, but when he was most excited, something terrifying happened, causing his death. This resulted in his happy and shocked expression!

Wang Lin had not seen this person before, but he felt like this should be the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor that betrayed the Four Divine Sect and joined the Alliance!

The Four Divine Sect and the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor were very puzzled as to why the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor would betray their clan and willingly become the dog of the Alliance!

When Wang Lin saw the Black Tortoise and the middle-aged man, he had his guesses.

This giant Black Tortoise stone beast was similar to the giant dragon he saw inside the Ancient Tomb. The aura they gave off was extremely shocking!

Although this aura was dead, the power of it when it was still alive shocked Wang Lin. He withdrew his gaze and stepped forward. In an instant, he shot toward the top of the highest peak.

The blood mist spat out by the 100,000 cultivators rushed toward Wang Lin from behind. However, Wang Lin ignored all of this and arrived at the peak of the highest mountain in an instant.

Just as he closed in, a frenzied roar came from the top. This roar caused everything nearby to tremble and Wang Lin’s clothes to flutter.

Even the seven-colored clouds were loosened by this roar and were pushed back quite a bit. This caused the top of the mountain to be exposed to Wang Lin’s gaze!

With one gaze, madness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

He saw Qing Shui!!

At the top of the mountain, a thin man with a ferocious expression was nailed to the mountain by nine thorns. These nine thorns gave off seven-colored light, but they weren’t the seven-colored nails.

This man with the ferocious expression was Qing Shui! Although, his appearance had changed greatly. He had lost the grace he had before and his hair was a mess while his eyes were red from madness and killing intent, but Wang Lin still recognized him as Senior Brother Qing Shui!

Roars seemed to come nonstop from Qing Shui’s mouth. He seemed to be trying to collapse the nine thorns on his body, but he couldn’t, so he could only roar loudly.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill!! Kill all of you, kill everyone! Kill!” A distorted and hoarse sound came from Qing Shui’s mouth.

There was another object before him!

It was a seven-colored index finger 100 feet long that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. It was three inches away from Qing Shui’s forehead, pointing at him.

It seemed to have existed for a very long time. Red threads seemed to be coming out from between Qing Shui’s eyebrows and being absorbed by the finger.

Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb. He faintly felt that these 100,000 mountains were not simple. This formation played a special role, and Qing Shui was the sky to this formation!

“Petrified Black Tortoise, 100,000 mountain formation, 100,000 living dead cultivators with their blood being condensed into resentment and transformed into killing intent… What the hell is this formation!?” Wang Lin silently pondered as he closed in. In a flash, he entered the gap between the seven-colored clouds and was less than 1,000 feet from Qing Shui!

However, just as he closed in, Qing Shui suddenly raised his head. His hair was covering most of his face and only his red eyes could be seen. He stared at Wang Lin and roared like crazy.

“Kill, kill, kill!! I’m going to kill everything, kill all of you, kill until there is nothing left, kill all life!!”

These roars contained a shocking killing intent. Wang Lin was within 1,000 feet, so he took the brunt of the force. This killing intent was powerful enough to break one’s dao heart; it was like the Ji Realm, which could penetrate your mind and kill you from fear!

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed sadness. He vaguely guessed a few things, but there were still things he didn’t understand. At this moment he moved forward despite the killing intent from Qing Shui.

1,000 feet, 800 feet, 600 feet, until 300 feet!

When Wang Lin was within 300 feet of Qing Shui, Qing Shui stared at Wang Lin,  and his body struggled. Qing Shui’s pupils suddenly shrank and a bolt of red lightning shot out.

This red lightning was his Ji Realm!

As he roared, the red lightning shot toward Wang Lin. They were too close, so the lighting closed in instantly. An extremely powerful killing intent erupted from the lightning along with the power of essence!

This was the slaughter essence!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. When the lightning closed in, Wang Lin formed a seal and waved with his hand. The red lightning touched his hand and collapsed. Wang Lin felt his hand go numb, and the power of the Ji Realm entered his body. He could feel it try to destroy his mind, but he quickly suppressed it.

Just as he was about to close in, Qing Shui opened his mouth and let out the most powerful roar since Wang Lin entered this place.

As this roar rumbled, the slaughter essence inside reached a terrifying degree. Just as he roared, a blood shadow appeared before Qing Shui. This was a giant head, and it rushed at Wang Lin as it opened its mouth.

Even Wang Lin’s expression changed when facing this slaughter aura. This aura was extremely powerful, enough to shake his body and cause him to feel a sense of crisis. The golden fire from his left eye and the golden thunder from his right eye flew out at the same time and collided with the blood shadow.

There was a thunderous bang and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, forcing them to retreat. However, he still looked at Qing Shui, and the sadness in his eyes became even stronger.

“Senior Brother Qing Shui!! I’m Wang Lin, I’m your junior brother Wang Lin!!” Wang Lin bit his lower lip and roared at the crazed Qing Shui.

The blood shadow dissipated under the golden fire and thunder. The impact blew back Qing Shui’s hair, revealing his eyes and his face.

This allowed Wang Lin to see swollen veins on Qing Shui’s face, and there seemed to be something moving inside.

As Wang Lin’s words echoed, Qing Shui’s eyes narrowed and revealed a painful expression. This pain contained sadness and a sense of despair after finding out some secret!

“My soul is chained to the Black Tortoise’s body. Wang Lin… Kill… Me… Kill, kill, kill! I am going to kill all living being!!”

The moment he became sober, the petrified Black Tortoise trembled and a grey gas appeared. It instantly went toward the top of the highest peak and rushed into Qing Shui’s body.

After the grey gas entered his body, the brief moment of sadness in Qing Shui was replaced by killing intent. Even his previously struggling speech became roar of madness.

His head was shaking, his expression was filled with pain, and his eyes became even redder.

When the impact blew back Qing Shui’s hair, Wang Lin clearly saw that there was another thorn that was three inches away from the area between Qing Shui’s eyebrows. The 10th thorn!

This thorn was hidden inside the hair and was very difficult to find.

“10 thorns!! It’s not nine but 10!! I understand!” Wang Lin quickly retreated. He then lowered his head and looked at the 100,000 mountains below him, his eyes shining.

“The 100,000 mountains turned into 10 thorns to seal Qing Shui’s body!

“The cultivators on the 100,000 mountains are using their blood to nourish the Black Tortoise and their killing intent to stimulate Qing Shui!

“This Black Tortoise isn’t dead but its true body! They’re using the Black Tortoise’s body to trap Qing Shui’s soul!

“The purpose of all this is to create the slaughter essence, or maybe it’s correct to say Senior Brother Qing Shui is a furnace for creating the slaughter essence!!

“I understand, the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor betrayed the Four Divine Sect because the Cultivation Alliance managed to find this Black Tortoise body somewhere. This Black Tortoise was likely one of the four great generals under the ancient celestial emperor. It contains the aura of the Black Tortoise clan, and as a descendant, the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor had to betray the Four Divine Sect! Only this kind of temptation would be enough for him to become a traitor!

“Senior Brother Qing Shui came here to find the reason for his madness. He must have found something that caused him to become crazy again! That seven-colored finger is the root of all of this. The red gas it absorbs is slaughter essence!” Wang Lin retreated and his mind trembled. He faintly grasped the truth!

As he retreated, the blood mist from the 100,000 cultivators condensed before Qing Shui. Bloody images began to appear within the red mist.

Inside the image, a small, mortal country was overthrown and a teenage prince fled with sorrow. However, there was a seven-colored light in the sky, with a vague, seven-colored shadow.

The image flashed, then the teenager entered a sect and was humiliated. He stood on a peak as his weak body let out a cry. He hated the heavens, the earth, and all life!

The Ji Realm was born!

The seven-colored light was still in the sky and the seven-colored figure seemed to be looking at the young man below.

Wang Lin’s mind was shaken. When he looked at what was happening inside the blood mist, he was no less horrified than when he found out about the Scattered Thunder Clan’s 7 Million Worlds. He had a terrifying speculation!

“Raising dao…”

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