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Chapter 1554 - Black Tortoise

“Master Flamespark, the matter of the past is not what you thought…” Master Zhong Xuan was filled with remorse and sadness toward his teacher. As he left, he looked back at Master Flamespark with a complicated expression.

There was no wind among the stars, and even if there was, it would be created by a spell. The storm Master Long Pan had created destroyed the red light and released all the seals, so the Seven-Colored Realm appeared clearly before Wang Lin.

As the seven-colored light shined from the rift, a roar of madness came out from within. It was a beast-like roar that was filled with bloodthirst and killing intent.

Listening to this roar, Wang Lin calmed down. He silently looked at the seven-colored rift, and after a long time, he looked back at Master Flamespark.

Master Flamespark’s gaze was still locked onto where Master Zhang Xuan had gone. The hatred in his eyes was powerful.

Wang Lin didn’t know the vendetta between Master Flamespark and Master Zhong Xuan. However, seeing how Master Flamespark did everything he could to launch an attack on the Alliance after escaping to Allheaven, it was obvious this vendetta was as deep as the ocean!

“I can’t help you with this matter…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He knew the power of hatred, it was enough to make one crazy.

Master Flamespark silently pondered, and after a long time, he withdrew his gaze. He then clasped his hands and whispered, “The matter between Junior and Master Zhong Xuan is private, so the Lord of the Sealed Realmd doesn’t need to be concerned. The overall situation is more important, Junior understands this… If by the end of this war Junior dies, then this matter will be over, and it is the same if he dies...

“However, if in the end both of us are still alive, then it will be time for junior to get revenge!” Master Flamespark hid the hatred in his eyes. He had endured for countless years and wouldn’t mind waiting a bit more.

He could never forget what happened back then. He was originally best friends with Master Zhong Xuan. It was also because of Master Zhong Xuan that he and his dao partner had joined the Alliance.

The three of them would often debate dao, and he was so enlightened by Master Zhong Xuan’s insight that he was willing to obey him. Master Zhong Xuan was also extremely polite, and the two were good friends. At first their relationship was like water, but as time passed, it became like fine wine.

However, all of this changed because of one matter. Master Flamespark would often awaken from his cultivation with the memory engraved in his mind replaying. Every time, he would clench his fist and let out a roar of anger and humiliation.

He doesn’t want to recall it, but the memory was deeply engraved in his mind, becoming a thorn in his heart. This thorn was buried deep inside him and had begun to rot. It had corroded his flesh and blood and become an eternal pain!

Wang Lin let out a sigh and shook his head. “If you can absorb the power of the Joss Flame Black Dragon, it will be a great fortune for you. Now I’m going to enter this Seven-Colored Realm. It is filled with danger, so don’t follow…”

Master Flamespark nodded and said his goodbyes to Wang Lin before leaving. He look a bit crestfallen, old, and helpless. There was a hint of faint loneliness around him.

It wasn’t until Master Flamespark left that Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. The hatred between Master Flamespark and Master Zhong Xuan obviously involved their own private matters. Wang Lin didn’t want to guess, and he wasn’t going to try.

Although that story was buried in time, it had to still hurt, just like water that had flowed out of your palm. Although it was gone, the coldness was still there, covering up the warmth and spreading across your body...

While pondering, Wang Lin walked toward the Seven-Colored Realm. His pace wasn’t fast, but each step was filled with determination. He didn’t turn back nor hesitate, and with three steps, he entered the second Seven-Colored Realm in his life!

Seven-colored light filled this world and reflected off the ground. At a glance, it was extremely gorgeous and easy to lose oneself inside.

Seven colors, like the rainbow!

Wang Lin floated in the sky of the Seven-Colored Realm and observed. This was not quite the same as the Seven-Colored Realm he had entered before. Although there were mountains everywhere, they seemed to form a large formation!

This formation was made of nearly 100,000 mountains. It give off a powerful aura.

Every mountain was part of the formation. The deeper the mountain, the more majestic it was. The mountain in the deepest part pierced into the sky and was shrouded by seven-colored clouds. Only half of the mountain was revealed outside the seven-colored clouds.

What was even more shocking was that there was a cultivator sitting on the peak of every single one of the 100,000 mountains.

They weren’t cultivating but howling in pain! The the howling voices fused together to form a mournful cry that echoed throughout the heavens and earth!

This howl couldn’t be heard outside the Seven-Colored Realm, but it would enter directly into your mind if you were inside. It was the struggling cries of 100,000 ghosts. It was so powerful, it could shake the world itself.

Every cultivator had countless sharp thorns penetrating their body. They didn’t look like they were cultivating at all, more like they had been forced into this position with the thorns imprisoning them!

Every cultivator had their head raised and their hollow eyes looked at the sky as they let out unconscious cries.

Fresh blood seemed to flow endlessly from the cultivators down the mountain as if it would never dry up.

There wasn’t much blood, however. There was only one person per mountain, and that amount of blood was insignificant to the large mountain… However, nothing could compare to the passage of time, through which blood had continuously flowed down over the years… It would go on for as long as the cultivators imprisoned there didn’t die and their bodies continued to create more blood...

Red smoke came from each mountain and shot toward the highest mountain within the seven-colored clouds.

100,000 mountains, 100,000 cultivators!

Half of these 100,000 cultivators had marks between their eyebrows; they were clearly Outer Realm cultivators! The other half seemed to come from the Alliance. It was unknown how long they had struggled here.

The smell of blood filled this Seven-Colored Realm and seemed to fuse with the seven colors. It caused the beautiful seven colors to become demonic.

Ghost-like shadows floated between the 100,000 mountains. They muttered dao scriptures from their mouths.

There were corpses walking within the 100,000 mountains in confusion, unable to ever get out. Their clothes were in tatters and their eyes were grey.

Wang Lin silently looked at everything before him. After a long time, he slowly walked forward and entered the 100,000 mountains. As he closed in, a restriction inside the 100,000 mountains seemed to trigger, then the endless howling seemed to suddenly stop.

The gaze of every cultivator on the mountains that were originally looking at the sky suddenly turned to Wang Lin! They no longer howled, and their confused gazes were now filled with resentment as they stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as the bizarre gazes of 100,000 cultivators locked onto him. His steps stopped for a moment.

At the same time, the large amount of Enlightened Ones floating between the 100,000 mountains suddenly stopped murmuring. Their hollow eyes stared at Wang Lin.

It was as if Wang Lin’s appearance had broken the balance here, or a living person had suddenly appeared among the dead. His abrupt entrance was felt by all the dead cultivators here.

“Blood… Blood…” In this extreme silence, a gasping sob slowly spread. It came from one of the closest mountains to Wang Lin and from the mouth of an Outer Realm cultivator.

When this voice appeared, even more sobs appeared. All the cultivators said the same thing!

“Blood… Blood…” The 100,000 cultivators’ eyes were all bloodshot. They were no longer sane as they stared at Wang Lin and let out mournful screams.

Just at this moment, one of the cultivators at a mountain peak coughed out a mouthful of blood. This blood mist spread out, and there seemed to be countless shadows inside his blood mist.

Shortly after, even more cultivators coughed out blood. The blood mist quickly filled the sky above these 100,000 mountains and gathered.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. There was no longer any hesitation; he stepped forward and moved fast enough to break the void. Thunderous rumbles echoed as Wang Lin charged ahead.

He was extremely fast. Before the blood mist had completely fused, he had already rushed out quite a distance. He charged toward the depths of the mountain range, toward the highest peak.

In a flash, Wang Lin closed in on the highest mountain. When he closed in, he saw a scene that caused him to gasp!

At this position, he could clearly see that the 100,000 mountains were not connected to the earth but were being held up by a petrified Black Tortoise. These 100,000 mountains were on the back of this Black Tortoise!

It could be said that these 100,000 mountains weren’t mountains at all but torns of this incredibly large Black Tortoise!

The Black Tortoise was large enough to fill the entire Seven-Colored Realm. At the head of the Black Tortoise sat a middle-aged man, but his body gave off an ancient aura. As he sat there, he emitted no trace of life.

His body seemed to be connected to the Black Tortoise, and there was a three-inch thorn sticking out of his head. If you looked closely, you would see that the thorn penetrated through his whole body and only three inches of it were sticking!

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