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Chapter 155 – After Image Sword Cultivation

If this stalemate were to continue, it would definitely be bad for Jie Donglei. After all, the formation would only last for two hours, and half of that time had already passed. He thought carefully about what he should do.

Originally, he planned on using the Core Formation cultivators to trap Wang Lin for a while to give him time to attack. However, at the most important moment, the fear of death swallowed those elders, so they backed down. His only choice was to act on his own, but he didn’t expect Wang Lin to be able to see through the weakness of the formation.

Now that he had gotten on the tiger it would be hard to get off, he silently stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at him, then grabbed Li Muwan and backed up 100 more feet. The mocking expression on his face intensified. Jie Donglei let out a sigh. He jumped back onto the head of the dragon and said, “Forget it. This old man admits defeat.” With that, he stomped on the dragon’s head and all of the spiritual energy in his body returned to the dragon.

The light inside the dragon’s eyes became brighter. As the spiritual energy returned to it, Jie Donglei’s body trembled and he revealed a painful expression.

Gradually, his expression became even more painful and his body began to shrink. After he finished shrinking, he knelt on one leg on the dragon’s head. He looked like he had aged decades. He raised his head and weakly said, “This old man admits defeat. From now onward, we will listen to what you say. This is the order from the Fighting Evil Sect’s sect head.” With that, his hand trembled as he took out a purple triangular token and barely managed to put some spiritual energy inside it to make it fly forward.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He looked at Jie Donglei and then at the token before suddenly pulling Li Muwan back several dozen feet.

The moment Wang Lin’s body backed up, an afterimage of Ji Donglei suddenly appeared at the spot Wang Lin was just in and turned into a ray of sword energy that stabbed toward him.

Wang Lin’s speed was really fast, but he couldn’t match a flying sword. By the time he backed up 30 feet, the flying sword had already reached him. This flying sword was very fast; it wasn’t much slower than the crystal sword using teleportation.

In the blink of an eye, the flying sword pierced his chest, but it was stopped for a moment by the dragon skin vest. Wang Lin’s fingers caught the body of the sword like a pair of claws.

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. The enemy’s flying sword was almost impossible to defend against. Luckily, he was far enough away to have a bit of time to react, or else the consequences would have been unthinkable.

The flying sword trembled a bit before snapping into two from the center. A black flame appeared where the sword broke and quickly turned the entire sword to dust.

The moment the black fire appeared, Wang Lin quickly let go and coldly looked at Jie Donglei, who was still at the top of the dragon’s head.

Jei Donglei let out a regretful look as his body turned to ashes. This last attack was his ace in the hole and his greatest secret.

“This… he was a sword cultivator!” Li Muwan’s face was filled with shock. The scene from before was still causing her body to tremble.

A lot of people in ancient times were sword cultivators, but nowadays, not many people cultivated only the sword. Instead, they used swords as treasures.

A sword cultivators’ speed and power are all stronger than normal cultivators’. There are many sword cultivation methods, but only with a top quality sword cultivation method and a top quality sword can one truly use a sword cultivator’s terrifying power.

Jie Donglei’s sword cultivation wasn’t very good, and his flying sword was also not good. Otherwise, with his power as a sword cultivator, he would have easily swept aside the cultivators in Nan Dou City instead of being forced to stay here.

If he was fighting one on one, then his flying sword was powerful, but he couldn’t split his attention when fighting multiple people, so he only had one chance to act.

Jei Donglei sent out his sword core on this last blow. This could be considered his golden core. This was planned to be a surprise final attack, but sadly, it failed.

With the death of Jei Donglei, Mu Nan and Mu Bei were the happiest. They quickly realized what was happening and knelt before Wang Lin. “Congratulations, sect head!”

Shang Guanmo secretly cursed these two brothers for being shameless, but he himself quickly flew up to Wang Lin and bowed. “Congratulations, teacher, on becoming the sect head of the Fighting Evil Sect.”

The ten elders of the Fighting Evil Sect that had formed the sword formation put away their swords. They were feeling very awkward. After pondering for a bit, they all bowed toward Wang Lin. Their meaning was obvious.

As for the tens of thousands of disciples on the dragon formation, they all had more than 80% of their spiritual energy used up by Jei Donglei. They struggled to stand up as they looked at the red “Punish” that looked like it would bleed and loudly welcomed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin felt no joy with Jei Donglei’s death. Instead, he felt helpless. There was no right or wrong in the cultivation world; only the law of the jungle. If he wished to survive, then he must destroy everything that threatened him. He imagined that if he hadn’t come here himself, what awaited him was the Fighting Evil Sect’s endless retaliation.

If he wanted to protect himself, then he must let everyone know that he was someone they couldn’t mess with and that the consequences of doing so would be very serious. Wang Lin’s first display of power in the Sea of Devils was over.

This first display of power was very successful. At least within one million kilometers of Nan Dou City, no one hadn’t heard of the mountain of corpses Wang Lin had created. At least this stopped any more people from being greedy over the killing order.

Looking at the tens of thousands of disciples bowing before him, Wang Lin looked toward the inner sea and thought, “Teng Huayuan, whether it’s being an immortal or a devil, as long as I can get my revenge, what’s wrong with becoming a demon king?!”

He let out a cold smile as his gaze swept over to Shang Guanmo. “From today onward, you are the Fighting Evil Sect’s sect head,” said Wang Lin.

Shang Guanmo was startled. He was about to speak, but when he saw the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes, he quickly stopped himself and nodded.

“Prepare a room for me. I’m going into closed door cultivation.” Wang Lin grabbed Li Muwan and flew toward the Fighting Evil Sect.

The room was quickly prepared. It was Jei Donglei’s personal room, which was located inside the head of the dragon. Wang Lin sit down cross-legged and looked at Li Muwan, who had a complicated expression on her face, and said, “After my closed door cultivation is completed, I’ll bring you back home. Until then, you are free to do as you wish.” With that, he closed his eyes and silently cultivated.

Li Muwan stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, she said, “Thank you…” With that, she felt her heart tighten as she turned and left.

After she left, Wang Lin opened his eyes. Instead of the usual coldness, there was confusion. The confusion became even stronger as time went on, until there was a hint of sadness as he recalled a scene from the past…

“Tie Zhu, you are not young anymore. Many people have come to ask about marriage in these past few days. Mom heard that immortals can marry too. Since you came back, you should stay for a while. Come with mom to look around, and if you find someone you like, then we can settle things.”

“Little brat, other people your age already have kids running around the village.”

“My wife, why are you worrying about pointless things? Our son is an immortal! Do you understand what an immortal is? How could he take a mortal as a wife? Tie Zhu’s meaning is that he will find you an immortal daughter-in-law.”

“What is so good about an immortal daughter-in-law? An immortal cannot come home for five years. If I have an immortal daughter-in-law, then they might not even come home once in ten years.”

“Fine, I’ll listen to your dad. If your standards are too high for one of the girls in the village to catch your attention, then mom will wait to see who you bring back.”

“Mom, you can rest assured; your son will definitely bring you back a good daughter-in-law.”

Gradually, two rows of blood flowed from his eyes as he clutched his fists. After a long time, he wiped away the blood tears, hit the side of the wall, and the dragon’s mouth closed, leaving no cracks.

Then, after placing a few more formations around him, Wang Lin focused his divine sense on the heaven defying bead in his mind. His body suddenly disappeared from the room. Even the word “Punish” disappeared.

This was the first time Wang Lin had entered the heaven defying bead after reaching the Core Formation stage. The moment he entered the heaven defying bead, Shang Guanmo, who was managing the Fighting Evil Sect, trembled as he could feel that that terrifying fiend had disappeared.

To be more accurate, his soul essence disappeared without a trace. This caused him to be shocked and terrified as he quickly flew into the air. After awhile, he turned around, revealing a look of disbelief.

Li Muwan, who had just walked down from the dragon’s head, was startled as she looked up before letting out a sigh.

Somewhere in the heaven defying bead’s space, Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul floated in the sky with both of his eyes closed and spiritual energy flowing through his body. On his sides floated two faint white lights.

Wang Lin stood below the Nascent Soul and looked at the two balls of light. He knelt on the ground, kowtowed, and said, “Mom, Dad, Tie Zhu will definitely bring you two back a good daughter-in-law, but now is not the time…”

After a long time, Wang Lin took a deep breath and raised his head toward Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul. His eyes revealed a deep sense of gratitude as he whispered, “Situ, you can rest assured, as I have already reached the Core Formation stage. Someday, I’ll reach the nascent soul stage, then soul formation, and finally soul transformation so I can bring you out of here. Then I’ll find you a body. This is my promise to you!”

With that, Wang Lin stood up and bowed at Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul. Then his body disappeared as he left this place.

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