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Chapter 1546 - I Have Returned!

Wang Lin moved among the stars by himself. His body was extremely powerful, so he didn’t even need to avoid spatial rifts. The spatial rifts would often collapse when they touched him, causing him no harm.

There was a faint golden light inside his body. As he moved forward, space itself seemed to shrink under his feet. Just one step would carry him over countless kilometers.

Without the madman following, Wang Lin’s speed had reached a peak. He was far away from the Alliance Headquarters, but it only took him three steps to sweep through the star system.

With the first step, he appeared within an area filled with cultivation planets and cultivators. No one noticed Wang Lin’s presence!

Most only felt a faint ripple appear and immediately disappear.

Master Lu Fu was among these cultivators. The Brilliant Void had very few third step cultivators, and those that knew ancient formations were even less. Master Hong Shan had invited Master Lu Fu here to place down formations.

Even he only felt his vision blur, as if someone had passed by. His eyes immediately narrowed.

“If feel as if someone has just passed… A very familiar aura…” Master Lu Fu looked ahead and shook his head.

“This aura is very similar to him… It has been a few decades, but there has been no news of him… Maybe my vision just went blurry.” Master Lu Fu’s expression seemed down.

Wang Lin also saw Master Lu Fu, but time was of the essence, so he didn’t stop and took the second step!

With this second step, he arrived at the center of the Brillant Void. This area was rather empty, and soon spatial rifts appeared like scars.

It was as if there had been a great battle here years ago! This battle was very fierce, so much so that it caused the space here to collapse. It was because of these collapses that countless spatial rifts had appeared. It was as if this area was cut off from the Brilliant Void Star System. The rifts also made it very difficult for divine sense to cover this area.

Coupled with the ripples that filled the area, it was impossible for divine sense to sense anything. This became an area where divine sense was useless!

There was even the faint smell of blood lingering about. This revealed the the tragedy that had taken place here! Wang Lin clearly remembered that the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance was not this intense. There was only one answer to this change!

“It is unknown how much time I spent inside the Nether Beast. I wonder how many more battles against the Outer Realm have occurred… The Seven-Colored Realms should had been found and destroyed…” Wang Lin was about to take the third step, but before he put his foot down, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he looked into the distance.

There were three rays of lights flying in the distance. The one in front was an Inner Realm cultivator. It was an old man with a pale expression who was constantly coughing out blood, but his expression was ferocious.

Behind him were two Outer Realm cultivators with different marks between their eyebrows. One of them was from the Fire Sparrow Clan and the other was actually from the Heavenly Wolf Clan!

The two had gloomy expressions and revealed a cruel intent. The Fire Sparrow Clan cultivator sneered and waved his right hand. A fire rushed out from between his eyebrows.

“Master Flamespark, you have entered this place several times. Do you think this place belongs to your Inner Realm? We let you go the last few times, but this time you can stay!”

The fire shot toward the old man like crazy. That old man was Master Flamespark!

Master Flamespark’s eyes were filled with madness. His hands formed a seal and he waved forward. More than a dozen fragments appeared and formed rotating barriers. They collided with the sea of fire.

There was a thunderous bang, and as the impact spread, Master Flamespark coughed out blood. He borrowed his impact to charge forward like crazy.

The fragments behind him were burned by the sea of flames and three of them collapsed. The remaining fragments followed Master Flamespark.

“If not for the vice deputy of the Sovereign Council, Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, having an agreement with your Inner Realm to cease all fighting, do you still think the Brilliant Void Realm would belong to your Inner Realm?!” The Heavenly Wolf Clan member revealed a look of contempt. He waved his right hand and a green wolf phantom thousands of feet tall appeared. It pounced at Master Flamespark.

There two cultivators from the Ancient Star System were both at the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage, same as the current Master Flamespark. The fact that he was able to persist until now was evident of how powerful he was.

As the green wolf closed in, Master Flamespark suddenly turned around. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood at the dozen fragments behind him. His expression became ferocious and he shouted, “Explode!”

Thunderous rumbles continued as more than a dozen fragments exploded, creating a powerful destructive force. The green wolf let out a miserable scream and collapsed.

However, similarly, Master Flamespark’s body trembled. His face turned pale and he staggered.

“Remnant Outer Realm cultivators, if Master Hong Shan wasn’t trapped, if Master South Cloud came out from close door cultivation, if the Lord of the Sealed Realm wasn’t missing, how would you dare to be so arrogant?”

Master Flamespark’s voice was mournful and his eyes were filled with madness. He knew that as long as he escaped, these two wouldn’t chase him anymore. After all, once he left this area, there would be no special rifts sealing his movement and he would be able to use spatial bending. If those two continued to chase, they would have to worry.

However, he was still a certain distance from the edge of this area. Master Flamespark clenched his teeth and retreated with all his power.

The Fire Sparrow Clan cultivator and the Heavenly Wolf Clan cultivator stepped over the impact from the collapse and got closer and closer.

“Ridiculous. Forget Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud. but what about the so-called Lord of the Sealed Realm? That person just got lucky and gave up his own life. He is clearly dead. but you continue to insist that he is just missing!” There was hatred in the eyes of the cultivator form the Fire Sparrow Clan. He let out a cold snort and his right hand formed a seal. A black fire bird appeared behind him and let out a cry.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm is already dead, you all are more aware of this than us. If he’s alive, why did he not appear in the second and the third battles? Why did he not appear when Master Hong Shan was trapped? Lord of the Sealed Realm! That’s just a false name; in this old man’s eyes, he is but a child!” The words from the Heavenly Wolf Clan cultivator were sharp. His right hand formed a seal and green hair soon grew on his entire right arm!

Master Flamespark’s expression was dim as he retreated, but he still laughed wildly. He pointed at the Fire Sparrow Clan cultivator and smiled fiercely. “Ridiculous? He killed your Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor in an instant and cut down more than 100,000 Outer Realm cultivators! Did you hear the miserable screams of your ancestor before he died!?”

The killing intent in the Fire Sparrow Clan cultivator’s eyes became monstrous. This was the pain their entire Fire Sparrow Clan was suffering!

“And you from the Heavenly Wolf Clan, your ancestor is slave to the Lord of the Sealed Realm. Although he fled, do you see a day where he isn’t afraid? A day he isn’t frightened?”

The expression of the Heavenly Wolf Clan cultivator changed greatly. The green hair on his hand grew more and soon covered most of his upper body. His right arm suddenly turned into a giant wolf head!

“Go to the underworld to find your Lord of the Sealed Realm!” With a roar, the Heavenly Wolf Clan cultivator threw a punch. A shocking wolf howl echoed and his right arm flew off. It turned into a giant wolf that shot toward Master Flamespark!

At the same time, the cultivator from the Fire Sparrow Clan let out a roar. The black fire bird let out a hiss and a monstrous sea of black fire surrounded it. It charged toward Master Flamespark at a shocking speed with the giant wolf.

All of this happened in an instant. Master Flamespark revealed a miserable smile and gave up all thoughts of escape. Madness appeared in his eyes and a sense of haughtiness surged!

“This old man isn’t afraid of death!! If I die, I’ll die with a bang!” He didn’t retreat but laughed like crazy. He was going to burn himself to gain that burst of power!

The black firebird carried a monstrous fire and the giant wolf carried a murderous aura as they closed in. The Fire Sparrow Clan and Heavenly Wolf Clan cultivator revealed cruel smiles. The two could already imagine Master Flamespark dying. Even if he were to self-destruct, it would useless before their combined force!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occurred!!

An ordinary right hand suddenly appeared behind Master Flamespark’s body. It gently grabbed  him and softly pulled. This extinguished the fire on Master Flamespark’s body and pulled him to the side.

Shortly after, a figure in white suddenly appeared. His expression was gloomy, then he suddenly looked up and his eyes revealed a dazzling, golden glow!

This golden light was heaven-shaking. When it appeared, it lit up the entire area as if it was a golden world!

“Scram!” The moment the golden light appeared, an extremely cold voice that caused the two Outer Realm cultivators to lose their wits echoed!

The two of them were very familiar with this voice. This voice was a nightmare in their memory. They were part of the third wave of cultivators, and this voice was the source of their endless fear!

When they clearly saw that figure, the last strand of hope they were clinging to collapsed!

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!!”

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!!!!” A voice distorted by indescribable fear came out of those two! This kind of voice could only appear when one had been scared to the point of their mind collapsing!

“Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin!!” The last voice was filled with unimaginable joy. This was from Master Flamespark, who was shocked with disbelief!

“I have returned!”

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