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Chapter 1545 - Three Treasures

“How beautiful is the outside world? How beautiful are the women of the outside world? How many people are in the outside world?” Loud howls echoed from the area the Nether Beast was hiding.

This sound was filled with excitement that had been suppressed for countless years. Along with the voice was a dirty and thin figure that continued to roar as he rushed around within the area.

Wang Lin was already used to the madman’s noise and didn’t pay attention to his madness. Wang Lin silently looked ahead at the stars before him and felt that familiar aura.

The aura of his home.

“Finally… returned home…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with melancholy. He had a home, and it was in the Brilliant Void, on planet Suzaku. However, he had no family left, only dead souls...

He didn’t even know why he wanted to go home. This wasn’t just for Qing Shui, Situ Nan, or others, but in his heart, even after thousands of years of drifting, there was a strange force that made it so he couldn’t cut himself off.

Even if he had no family members left...

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with sadness. This sadness had been with him his entire life. Wang Lin looked ahead for a long time before closing his eyes. There was no tears, only pain.

The madman’s roars gradually weakened. He looked at Wang Lin with a puzzled expression and stretched his head. He had never seen Wang Lin reveal such an expression, but he could faintly feel the sadness coming from Wang Lin’s soul.

“Hey, little girl, what’s wrong with you? Come and tell this king if someone is bullying you. This king will get justice for you!” The madman put this hands on his waist and raised his chin, making himself look mighty.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and silently shook his head. He walked off into the distance with heavy steps.

He walked very slowly and his gaze fell on the stars. He felt like everything here was very familiar, but the more clear this feeling was, the more melancholy he felt.

He couldn’t understand why he felt even more melancholy than the time he came back from Allheaven. Perhaps this time he had experienced far too much and gone too far away...

“Don’t be like this. If you’re like this, this king will feel sad too… This king is now homesick too. Little Red, Little Silver, where are you two bastards? Why haven’t you come find this king yet? I miss home, I want to go home…” The madman followed Wang Lin, slowly being influenced by Wang Lin’s emotions. He eventually became depressed.

However, the madman’s mood changed quickly. It didn’t take long for him to forget his sadness from before and become excited once more. He roared as he controlled the rocks around him, having the time of his life.

Wang Lin silently walked forward as he buried the sadness and hid his exhaustion. He had many things to do, he couldn’t rest yet.

Looking at the madman that was playing in the distance but would never go too far away, Wang Lin revealed a hint of envy for this madman’s happiness. The madman was able to forget anything and alway find ways to make himself happy.

Wang Lin couldn’t do this.

Just like this, the two of them walked into the distance as the madman’s laughter and hoarse roars echoed.

Shortly after, a large cultivation planet appeared before them. This planet was very large and was similar to the size of planet Tian Yun. However, the amount of smaller planets protecting it was far more than planet Tian Yun.

Wang Lin hadn’t come to this planet before, so it was a bit unfamiliar.

There were ripples echoing around the planet, giving off the aura of restrictions.

The entire cultivation planet was completely silent. It was as if it was dead, there was no sound.

As he looked over, the madman also saw the cultivation planet. He immediately became cheerful, his eyes lit up, and he began to roar.

“Wow, wow! So many people, so many girls, this place is good! This king is finally seeing other people, so fun, so fun!” The madman excitedly waved his hands and looked at Wang Lin.

“I want to go play there…”

Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the cultivation planet. He didn’t attract the attention of any cultivators on the planet and clearly saw the entire situation.

This was a rank 7 cultivation planet divided into hundreds of countries. There were a lot of cultivators too, but most of them were at the first step. There weren’t many second step cultivators present.

On the surface, the person with the highest cultivation level was a middle aged man at the Nirvana Cleanser stage. However, at the center of the planet there was a cavern, and there were clearly four old monsters who were always in closed door cultivation there.

The one with the highest cultivation level was a person at third Heaven’s Blight. The other two were at the first Heaven’s Blight, and the final person was at the Nirvana Shatterer stage.

There were fire and ice forces in the cave in the center of the planet. These people were clearly borrowing this power to suppress their heaven’s blights, attempting to slowly pass them.

“I have important matters to attend to, so I can’t play with you.” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He knew that no one here could injure this madman.

“No problem, I’ll go play by myself. If you follow me, I’ll feel uncomfortable. Even if you insist on following, this king won’t agree!” The madman let out a snort.

Wang Lin pondered a bit as he looked at the madman. There was a hint of softness in his eyes as he said, “Must it be here? You better follow me, and once I finish my matter, I’ll take you to play.”

The madman shook his head as he looked back at the cultivation planet. His eyes were filled with excitement as he muttered, “So many people here, this must be very fun. So many women… So many cultivators. Haha, I escaped back then just to find a place like this to play. I don’t want to go anywhere else, this is the place…”

Seeing the madman’s expression, Wang Lin let out a wry smile. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin still felt uneasy. After all, the madman had the mind of a child. Even though he had an immortal body, it was inevitable he would be deceived.

It was fine if Wang Lin deceived him, but he wouldn’t allow anyone else to deceive this madman. Wang Lin always repaid those who had been kind to him, and this madman had granted him a great fortune. He wouldn’t allow anyone to harm this madman!

“No!” Wang Lin waved his sleeves and a ray of golden light shot toward the madman. After it wrapped around the madman, he left with the madman in tow.

There was anger in the madman’s eyes and he began to roar. He struggled and used some unknown method to break free from the golden light. He then angrily roared at Wang Lin while feeling proud.

“Damn it, you dare to try to force this king?! Even big brother can’t control me. If this king wants to go play there, this king will go! Even if you’re this king’s teacher, so what? Hmph, hmph, how many teachers does this king have? Let me count: one, two, three, eight… Forget it, how dare you try to force me!

“I will go there to play!” The madman glared at Wang Lin and bared his teeth, revealing a ferocious expression.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the madman. He was a quiet person and was not someone who liked to accommodate others. Seeing the madman so determined, he let out a cold snort and waved his right hand. Two rays of light flew out from his storage space.

An excited roar came from the first ray of light.

“I’m not going back, no matter what, I’m not going back. Every time you need me, you take me out and then throw me back when you don’t. Even though I’m a sword spirit, I have contributed great merits for a fiend like you. You can’t do this to me!” The ray of light was Xu Liguo. The moment he appeared, he saw the madman.

The madman was also startled for a moment and looked at Xu Liguo.

The two of them looked reach other for a while before a head peaked out from the second ray of light. It was Liu Jinbiao. Liu Jinbiao carefully looked around and then examined the madman. Finally, he let out a few dry coughs and carefully walked out.

“The two of you, accompany him and wait for me here on this cultivation planet. During this time, don’t let anyone hurt him!” Wang Lin was a man of few words, and his words gave off a sense of pressure.

Wang Lin looked at the madman before he turned around and walked into the distance. With Xu Liguo, who had a decent cultivation level, and Liu Jinbiao, who was good at deceiving, this madman should be fine on this safe cultivation planet.

As a result, he could rest assured. He then charged straight for the Cultivation Alliance headquarters!

“Senior Brother Qing Shui, Wang Lin is coming!”

After Wang Lin left, the madman and Xu Liguo stared at each other. After a long time, the two spoke almost at the same time.

“Little girl, tell this king, what is your name?”

“Who are you?”

Xu Liguo was startled for a moment and immediately became angry. He viciously stared at the madman and said, “Who is a little girl? This old man is a man!”

The madman laughed and pointed at Xu Liguo. He was about to say something but continued laughing and holding his belly. It was as if he was rolling on the ground.

“You’re a man? Haha, haha, Little Red, come here and see. This sword spirit thinks he is not a little girl… Haha, this king is going to laugh to death… Ah, it’s raining. Little Red, it’s raining, go get me an umbrella…” As the madman talked to himself, confusion filled his eyes. He gradually stopped laughing and stared at Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo blinked after being stared at the madman, feeling very strange. He looked toward Li Jinbiao with a questioning gaze.

Liu Jinbiao had a solemn expression and took a few steps forward. He carefully examined the madman before looking at Xu Liguo with a smile. However, no matter how one looked at it, there was something sickening about that smile.


“Yes, a madman, no doubt about it!”

Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao made eye contact. They turned their heads at the same time and smiled at the madman.

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