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Chapter 154 – The Great Battle Dragon Formation

As a result, their speed increased.

As Wang Lin flew, he adjusted his Ji Realm. After all these uses, it was damaged, so it sat inside his consciousness and slowly repaired itself.

At noon of the second day, the Fighting Evil Sect appeared in sight. Wang Lin’s Ji Realm had recovered at this point. Looking at the mountain, the top of the mountain had been changed to the shape of a dragon. It looked like there was a dragon sitting on top of the mountain. On top of the dragon’s head stood a white-haired old man. His face was dark and his gaze was cold as he stared at Wang Lin.

In the air floated ten Core Formation cultivators. Together, they formed a sword formation. When they saw Wang Lin, they all revealed complex expressions. They were filled with fear and shock. The ten formed a circle with ten flying swords interlaced in the middle. The swords clattered as they hit each other, causing sparks to fly out.

The person above the dragon’s head waved his hand. The eyes of the dragon lit up and waves of spiritual energy came out from the dragon. There was one cultivator standing on each of the dragon’s scales. With the shine of their swords, it looked like the dragon was alive.

Shang Guanmo looked carefully for a bit and said, “The Great Battle Dragon Formation!”

Mu Bei quickly explained, “This Great Battle Dragon Formation is the sect-protecting-formation of the Fighting Evil Sect. Rumor has it that only Nascent Soul level cultivators can break through it, but not many in the sect believe it. After all, no one in this area has a formation that powerful.”

Wang Lin was a bit proficient in formations, and after looking at it for a bit, Li Muwan suddenly said, “This isn’t a formation, but an amazing spell that channels the souls of everyone on the dragon to the person on top of the head, giving him a certain level of cultivation.”

At this moment, the person standing on the dragon’s head’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Fellow cultivator who has the punish mark, I am the Fighting Evil Sect’s sect head, Jie Donglei, with the Fighting Evil sect’s 13,562 disciples. Since head elder Qian Kun provoked you, you killing him is not a big deal, but then you came here. If you win this battle, the entire Fighting Evil sect will listen to you, but if you lose, then don’t blame this old man for taking the cultivation pill. Do you dare to fight?”

His voice roared out like thunder and it spread across the area. The 13,562 disciples all shouted at the same time, creating a sound wave that split the clouds in the sky apart. Starting from the bottom of the dragon and quickly progressing to the top, over ten thousand flying swords shined and formed rings of spiritual energy. The higher up, the denser the rings were, with the ones at the top emitting powerful pressure.

At the same time, the ten Core Formation cultivators quickly flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let go of Li Muwan and jumped forward with red lightning flashing in his eyes. The ten cultivators’ bodies quivered. They didn’t dare to move forward. These ten people had used various methods to learn of Wang Lin’s strength in these few days, so when they saw Wang Lin charging at them, they couldn’t help but hesitate.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept past them before dragging the dragon tendon behind him, causing the thousands of bodies to slam against the dragon.

When the thousands of bodies collided with the dragon, they became a large wall of red mist. This was thanks to a protection barrier. Suddenly, the entire protection formation of the Fighting Evil Sect was dyed dark red.

The rings all gathered at the old man on the head of the dragon. A powerful aura came from his body, then his clothes ripped apart as he suddenly grew several times his original size.

Powerful spiritual energy surged out like ocean waves from the old man and pushed him directly from the mid stage of Core Formation to the late stage of Core Formation. Then it continued to break through, reaching a stage like early stage Nascent Soul without the Nascent Soul.

This pseudo Nascent Soul stage normally only occurred in puppets created by the higher cultivation countries.

Jei Donglei let out a roar as he jumped into the air. He looked coldly at the Core Formation cultivators and shouted, “Unless trash, scram!”

The ten Core Formation cultivators revealed relieved expressions as they quickly moved to the side and then stared coldly at Wang Lin.

Jie Donglei’s gaze landed on Wang Lin, then he grinned and said, “I have managed to gather all of the rumors about on you on your way here. It seems that people under the Nascent Soul stage can’t harm you, but now that I have the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator, let me see how you will beat me!”

Li Muwan’s face became pale. She looked at Wang Lin with a concerned gaze. However, when she saw a hint of disdain in Wang Lin’s eyes, she relaxed for some unknown reason.

Nan Mu and Nan Bei secretly groaned. They originally thought that Wang Lin would win for sure, but now the situation had changed. What was awaiting them was the fury of sect head Jie Donglei, it has to be said that the Fighting Evil Sect has a very evil method of dealing with traitors.

Shang Guanmo’s soul blood essence was in Wang Lin’s hands, so if Wang Lin were to die, he would die as well. He was secretly cursing in his mind while trying to think of a way to break out of this situation.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart as he jumped forward and landed 30 feet in front of Jie Donglei while coldly staring at him.

“Don’t you know the death spell? Let this old man see how powerful your death spell is!” Jie Donglei’s body disappeared and reappeared more than 300 feet away from Wang Lin.

The moment Jei Donglei disappeared, Wang Lin backed up until he was 500 feet away from Jei Donglei. Jei Donglei disappeared again and Wang Lin backed up once more to 700 feet away. At this distance, he began to think.

Jei Donglei frowned as he stared at Wang Lin and sneered, “What is the meaning of this?”

Wang Lin eyes revealed a thoughtful expression before he said, “I’m not going to fight anymore.” With that, he flew to Li Muwan’s side and grabbed her waist. He moved to a mountain 1000 feet away, sat down, and sneered at Jei Donglei.

Jei Donglei frowned even harder and said, with a heavy tone, “If that is the case, then this matter…” Before he finished speaking, his body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was right in front of Wang Lin. He opened his mouth and spat out a ray of white light. The light turned into a fierce tiger that pounced at Wang Lin.

At the same time, his right waved and an electric net appeared. The net quickly flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained calm as he let out a sneer. As the tiger jumped toward him, the devil inside the dragon tendon jumped out and ate the tiger.

At the same time, the crystal sword flew out and the surrounding net, released popping sounds. After several strikes from the sword, the electric net shattered to pieces.

As for Jei Donglei, an ice flame that emitted waves of cold energy appeared in Wang Lin’s hand. The moment the ice flame appeared, Jei Donglei’s expression changed and he immediately backed up, but at that moment, he saw the red lightning in Wang Lin’s eyes move and his soul shook.

The shock to his soul caused his body to stop. As a result, the ice flame hit his chest. The ice rapidly spread and blood came out of his mouth. He quickly backed up and didn’t stop until he was within 300 feet of the dragon’s head.

Both of his hands formed seals and hit his chest multiple times. Then he ate some pills and let out a roar. Only then did the ice that was already covering half of his body begin to shrink back to his chest and then was forced out.

The ice flame flickered. Its color had dimmed a lot as it flew back into Wang Lin’s hand.

From the begining, Wang Lin didn’t take the initiative and just stood 1000 feet away with a mocking expression.

Jei Donglei’s hand stopped hitting his chest. He stared at Wang Lin and suddenly asked, “How did you find out?”

Wang Lin calmly said, “I didn’t figure anything out. I just noticed that your aura felt different at 300 feet compare to 500 feet, and at 1000 feet your aura almost dropped out of the Nascent Soul realm.”

Li Muwan was really smart and immediately realized what was going on. She softly asked, “His injury is also fake?”

“The wound inflicted by the ice flame was real, but when he retreated to within 300 feet of the dragon’s head, the spiritual energy had already healed him completely. He was simply trying to get me to fight him within 300 feet of the dragon’s head.” This was the first time Wang Lin had talked this much to Li Muwan, but although he was conversing with her, his gaze never left Jei Donglei.

When he first saw the formation, he was shocked. If such a thing existed, then wouldn’t he be invincible in this area? As long as he had enough people feeding spiritual energy, he could truly obtain a level of power as high as a Soul Formation cultivator’s. If that was the case, then wouldn’t the Fighting Evil Sect already be the ruler of this area?

Considering that, this technique must have some sort of fatal flaw. The first thing everyone would think of was that the time was short and the user of this technique must know it as well, so they should be able to use some method to help cover up this flaw.

If that was the only flaw, it was still a very powerful technique. However, Wang Lin noticed that Jie Donglei had taunted him to fight instead of directly coming up to kill him. He found this very strange. He then calculated the distance between them at the time and he was about 900 feet away.

With that in mind, Wang Lin charged forth to 300 feet, then back up to 500 feet, 700 feet, and finally 1000 feet before finding out the true fatal flaw of this technique.

The further he got from the dragon’s head, the lower the sect head’s cultivation level dropped.

Jei Donglei’s expression was very unsettling. Even though he had this high of a cultivation level, he couldn’t really use it. Although Wang Lin’s guess was a bit off, it was not far from the truth. His cultivation level would be weakened a lot at 900 feet, and at that range, his chance of winning was low. And if Wang Lin were to back up even more, past 1000 feet, then his cultivation level would immediately fall out of the Nascent Soul realm and plummet back into the Core Formation stage.

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