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Chapter 1533 - Nether Beast Awakens!

It was an extremely old face filled with wrinkles. It was as if his body had been alive for far too long. Those wrinkles were like gullies, and they gave off an ancient aura.

There was a mark between his eyebrows. This mark looked like a scar, as if someone had branded him countless years ago. As for the shape of this mark, no one could see it clearly.

Although this person was old, there was not a single hair on his face. It was as if hair would never grow on his face, or should never appear on his face.

Sovereign, Little Palmprint Servant Boy!

His face was pale as he stared at Old Ghost Zhan. His eyes were filled with endless hatred, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth. He grabbed his head disciple and quickly escaped!

The vague figure closed in on the bow floating there. He raised his right hand and reached toward the bow. Just as he was about to grab it, the blurry figure exclaimed lightly.

His expression seemed to change, but he didn’t withdraw his right hand but reached out even faster!

The string of the bow was pulled straight, but at the end, a seven-colored light flashed. As the seven-colored light flashed, the string of the bow snapped!

“There are indeed seven colors!!” The blurry figure’s eyes shined brightly.

There was a buzz and a miserable roar came from the broken string. The seven-colored light flew out along with the arc formed by the broken string!

The bow string was originally not long, but at this moment, it extended indefinitely. Everything within the arc was separated from normal space!

The eyes of the blurry old man let out a cold snort as he grabbed the bow and threw it back into the Inner Realm. At the same time, he quickly retreated, but he was cut off by the bow string. Normally, he wouldn’t care, but the bow string gave off a seven-colored light. He raised his right hand and wrote the word “battle” seven times in a row! 

The moment the seven words appeared, they were broken by the bow string. When the seven words shattered, the old man’s expression became solemn. He spat out a mouthful of white energy and formed a white word “battle”!

The bow string closed in and collided with the white word, causing it to pause for a moment. During this pause, the blurry figure retreated back into the Realm Sealing Formation.

“Seven-Colored Daoist, you really did attack. This was your third and last chance! Million Cultivation Spirit Print… Since you have taken the initiative to break the seal, this old man will wait!”

The moment he entered the Realm Sealing Formation, the white word dissipated and the bow string lashed out on the Realm Sealing Formation.

The formation trembled. Before the formation spirits could appear, a large crack appeared within the formation and the bow string entered the Inner Realm.

The ones closest to the Realm Sealing Formation were not the Summoned River or Allheaven cultivators but the tens of thousands of Outer Realm invaders that were trapped by Wang Lin’s Ancient Leaves.

At this moment, the bow string lashed out into the area sealed by the Ancient Leaves. There were no miserable screams, as it happened too fast. Only after the bow string had swept past did the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators collapse. The bow string was not something they could withstand, and they were cut in half!

The blurry Old Ghost Zhan revealed a sneer and disappeared without a trace when the bow string closed in.

He had appeared suddenly and left just as suddenly. It was as if he had only come to confirm something and bring the bow into the Inner Realm at the same time. From when he arrived to the moment he left, he never even looked at the bow.

There was no need to mention the cultivators here. Including Wang Lin, all of them were irrelevant, like ants.

“If this bow recognizes an owner, it is a treasure. If not, it will take life force to use and it will be extremely weak! If any one of you likes it, you can take it to play!” His voice echoed and slowly dissipated.

All of this happened in an instant. The bow string snapped, the Realm Sealing Formation collapsed, and countless people died. The bow string seemed to have released all its power, and the broken string followed where the bow was thrown by Old Ghost Zhan into the Inner Realm. It just happened to go toward Wang Lin!

Was this a coincidence or not?

To take or not to take?

These two decisions suddenly appeared in Wang Lin’s mind as he watched the bow closing in. The bow string had lost some power, but it was still flailing around, causing the space around it to collapse.

“This bow, I’ll take it!” Wang Lin revealed a deceive gaze. He was very close to the bow, and at this moment, he stepped forward and reached for it!

He grabbed the bow!

The moment he grabbed the bow, a powerful force entered his right hand. His right hand collapsed under this powerful force! Blood splattered everywhere and the bow was about to fly off. Madness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and his left hand grabbed the bow!

His left arm rumbled and became a bloody mess, but it didn’t collapse. However, when he caught the bow, the bow string lashed out toward his waist and penetrated through.

Intense pain washed over him like a wave. Under this pain, even Wang Lin let out a miserable scream. A crack appeared on his waist and his body below his waist separated from his upper half!

His body was split in half by the bow string!

The body below his waist collapsed into a bloody mess. Wang Lin’s face turned pale and he was thrown back.

His vision was blurry. The price of obtaining the bow was too great. As Wang Lin was thrown back by the bow, he clearly felt it emit a powerful rejection force. It was as if no one else could make it recognize them as its owner!

If you wanted to control this bow, you would have offer it your life force. Otherwise, even if you held it in your hands, you couldn’t draw it!

When Wang Lin felt the stubborn aura from the bow, the intense pain caused him to cough out blood. Only his upper body remained. Aside from when he went into the Ancient Order Tomb, this kind of injury was rare.

The Nether Beast had been asleep since devouring the golden storm, but it was still connected to Wang Lin. This intense pain entered its mind and caused the sleeping Nether Beast to awaken at this moment!

The moment it awakened, a ray of ghostly light flew out from Wang Lin’s body. At first it was not big, but it soon grew very large. The Nether Beast’s huge body suddenly appeared in this chaotic space!

Feeling this intense pain, the Nether Beast seemed to forget its fear and let out a heaven-shaking roar. It opened its mouth, but not to devour. Instead, a monstrous, golden light seemed to release along with the roar!

Golden Storm!

The golden storm it devoured but hadn’t manage to digest was spat out. This golden light soon made it so it was impossible to see anything else. The golden light rapidly expanded as it was ejected and flew toward the Realm Sealing Formation!

This golden storm was strong enough to destroy a star system, and almost no one could resist it. The Sovereign’s expression changed greatly, especially after he saw the Nether Beast. His eyes were filled with excitement and terror!

As thunderous rumbles echoed, the golden storm charged into the Realm Sealing Formation and erupted outward. A destructive force suddenly erupted!

The expressions of the Summoned River, Allheaven, and Cloud Sea cultivators turned pale. The eyes of Master Hong Shan and company turned red. They desperately used spells to move these tens of thousands of cultivators by force. In the blink of an eye, no Inner Realm cultivator remained in this battlefield!

All the Inner Realm cultivators were moved away by Master Hong Shan and company. Even they themselves had left in an instant.

As for Wang Lin, they wanted to save him, but he was at the place where the golden storm was spat out, so they couldn’t approach due to the destructive power.

Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin had to retreat and leave when the golden storm erupted!

As the golden storm spread, the Realm Sealing Formation collapsed on a wide scale. The jade rapidly dissipated and spread into the Realm Sealing Formation. When the jade left, the palace lord of the Heaven Punishment Palace was free. However, as soon as he broke free, he was devoured by the golden storm. He didn’t scream at all before his origin soul, Joss Flames, and everything vanished.

The Ancient Star System outside the Realm Sealing Formation was affected by the golden storm as well, and a widespread collapse occurred. After a long time, a monstrous roar echoed and the entire battlefield was shrouded in the golden storm with the Realm Sealing Formation as the center.

Within the golden storm, the Realm Sealing Formation collapsed, the Outer Realm space collapsed, and the Inner Realm space collapsed!!

This golden storm expand to a certain degree before releasing a bang that could be heard throughout the entire Inner and Outer Realms before it completely exploded!

After the storm passed, the first battlefield turned into a giant black hole that spanned countless miles and blocked the hole in the Realm Sealing Formation.

After the Nether Beast spat out the golden storm, it had opened its mouth and devoured Wang Lin and the bow. When the destructive force started spreading, it had turned into a mustard seed and disappeared.

Rumbling roars continued to come out of the large black hole that was sealing the opening between the Inner and Outer Realms. This sound would linger for the next ten, hundred, thousand, tens of thousand years, and it showed no signs of dissipating… The first battle ended in such a bizarre way...

1. Ok when describing this skill for the Nether Beast I was kinda confused. I thought it was something that made it invisible, but the wording turned out to be rather direct. It literally either turns into a mustard seed or I guess shrinks until it’s as small as a mustard seed.

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