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Chapter 153 – A Show of Strength at Nan Dou

These cultivators were all at the mid stage of Core Formation. They normally only focused on cultivation. Whether it was the three ruling sects, or the Fighting Evil Sect, they would all be courteous to these people.

If it wasn’t for the appearance of the killing order, these people would not appear.

A man with a ruddy complexion but evil expression looked at Wang Lin. His pupils shrank as he slowly said, “We must act soon. If this continues, it will definitely attract Nascent Soul cultivators. Even though there aren’t any Nascent Soul cultivators within 100 million kilometers of Nan Dou, what about beyond that? Once a Nascent Soul cultivator arrives, we will have no chance of succeeding.”

An old man who saw Wang Lin easily kill a Core Formation cultivator slowly said, “This person is only at the early stage Core Formation, but why is he so powerful? Seeing how the old devil Shanguan is even willing to become his disciple, even if we were to act, we probably wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it.”

“There’s also that flying sword. I have never seen a flying sword that could teleport before. That sword must be at least a Nascent Soul level treasure, or even a Soul Formation level treasure. It has already killed 100 people.”

“Hmph, didn’t you see the ten bodies that were originally being dragged behind that fiend? Those were elders of the Fighting Evil Sect. He can kill Core Formation cultivators as easily as he can kill bugs. If you guys are still filled with greed, that is your problem. I’m not getting into this mess. Goodbye!” One of the cultivators looked at Wang Lin, his eyes filled with dread. After he finished speaking, he took out a boat and quickly left.

The remaining cultivators silently pondered until one of them suddenly said, “The messenger from the inner sea is going to arrive soon. I’m willing to kill this person to save my hundred years worth of savings. Once I get that cultivation pill, I’ll be able to reach the late stage of Core Formation and be able to protect my savings.”

An old man filled with wrinkles took a deep breath and slowly said, “Same for me. My life is going to end if I can’t increase my cultivation level in the next 10 years… this time, no matter what, I have to try!”

With that, his body moved like lightning toward where Wang Lin was and the other cultivators followed.

The remaining cultivators remained silent but carefully watched the two. They had decided that if the two showed even a small chance of winning, they would all act, but if they didn’t stand a chance at all, they would all leave in order to not make this person their enemy.

Wang Lin pushed aside the already dead Core Formation cultivator and held the golden core in his hand. He looked at the scattered cultivators and sneered in his heart. He slapped the dragon tendon and said, “Come out. For today, you can devour as much as you wish.”

The devil that had been inside the dragon tendon couldn’t stand the allure of all the delicious food before him. However, he didn’t dare to come out without Wang Lin’s order, but after hearing Wang Lin’s words, he let out a laugh and jumped out of the dragon Tendon. Revealing his true form, he quickly jumped onto an escaping Core Formation cultivator. That cultivator’s body twitched a little before finally withering and becoming a skeleton. A red mist came out from his head and he laughed. “That felt good! I can finally eat now, so I’m going to eat my fill!”

Wang Lin took one look at the devil and then turned his attention to Li Muwan. Li Muwan’s face was pale as she stared at the devil while biting her lower lip.

She didn’t know what it was, but she was terrified the moment the devil appeared.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and coldly stared at the devil. The devil quickly went away and thought, “Who wants to be next to you? The farther away you are, the better. Best if I never see you again. The world is big; how comfortable it would be to be free.”

But even he himself knew that that was simply asking for too much. The devil mumbled to himself as he chased after the cultivators. Just as he revealed an evil smile and was just about to devour a cultivator, a golden light pierced through the cultivator’s chest. He cursed out loud. Just as he was about to jump on another cultivator, there was another flash of golden light.

After the devil left, Li Muwan’s heart gradually calmed down. She hesitated a little before turning to Wang Lin and asking, “He… he is?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. There were no other cultivators within 100 meters of him. All of the dead cultivators were wrapped up by the dragon tendon and flew behind him like a cape.

This battle caused Wang Lin’s name to spread across the entire area of Nan Dou. There were at least 1000 bodies spread out out behind him, covering the sky.

The red “Punish” above his head have turned from a great temptation to the sign of a powerful cultivator.

“That is a devil,” Wang Lin calmly said, as he stared at the two rays of light coming toward him from over 1000 kilometers away. He closed his eyes for a bit before turning around and leaving.

“Shan Guanmo, Mu Nan, Me Bei, have the three of you seen enough?”

The cold voice rang inside the three’s heads. Shang Guanmo’s body shivered as he focused himself once more and flew toward the two cultivators heading this way. His heart was in complete chaos right now. Although he knew that this fiend was strong, he didn’t think that he would be this strong.

“The death spell… is really terrifying… if I don’t die this time, then no matter what, I have to try cultivating it. If I have this power, I can walk sideways in the outer part of the sea of devils.” Shang Guanmo took a deep breath and no longer felt bad about handing over his soul blood essence.

No matter where they were, the strong will be respected. This was especially true for the sea of devils.

Mu Nan and Mu Bei’s attitudes became the same as Shang Guanmo’s. With the power this fiend possessed, the Fighting Evil Sect stood no chance. If they wished to live, then they would have to follow the powerful fiend.

The two of them looked at each other before clenching their teeth and quickly followed Shang Guanmo.

Shang Guanmo looked at one of the people and laughed. “Ha ha, if it isn’t old man Ouyang. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, so let’s get intimate for a bit.” He immediately touched the sword behind his back. The black sword flew out and charged toward the old man.

As for the Mu brothers, although they were both early stage Core Formation cultivators, they were used to fighting together. They were fighting at a disadvantage but were still able to hold out for a bit.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept across the Core Formation cultivators 1000 kilometers away and his eyes became cold.

The surviving cultivators had already escaped into the distance. They all wished they could grow an extra pair of legs to run away faster. Wang Lin’s figure was now engraved in their hearts and will never disappear.

Among the four remaining mid stage Core Formation cultivators watching from 1000 kilometers away, the old man with a ruddy complexion shook his head. He turned around and was about to leave before this pupils suddenly shrank.

A male and a female stood ten feet behind him. Floating above the male’s head was a blood-red “Punish” symbol.

The remaining cultivators noticed what was wrong and all took out their treasures as if they were facing a great enemy, but none of them dared to act first.

Wang Lin scanned the four of them and coldly said, “Scram!”

Among the four, only the old man who was ready to leave revealed a look of gratitude and quickly left. The remaining three’s faces turned from red to white as they slowly backed up. One of them snorted and said, “Today’s matter…”

Li Muwan secretly sighed and thought, “Why aren’t you quickly leaving? What is the point in saying these useless things?” Sure enough, before he finished speaking, Wang Lin frowned and waved his hand. His Ji Realm flew out and the cultivator’s eyes immediately became blood-red. He held his head before it exploded with a bang and a blood-covered golden core flew out into Wang Lin’s hand.

The remaining two cultivators turned around and ran without a word. Wang Lin stared at the two. He left an imprint on them with his Ji Realm.

At this moment, the cultivator fighting Shang Guanmo let out a miserable scream and quickly ran off. As he escaped, the devil and crystal sword suddenly appeared before him. The devil growled, “Stop stealing from me! This one is mine! Mine!”

However, he was still a step too late. After a flash of golden light, a large hole appeared in the cultivator’s chest.

After half an hour, the cultivator fighting the Mu brothers died under the sneak attack of Shang Guanmo. Wang Lin put the crystal sword away inside his body again and the devil unwillingly returned to the dragon tendon.

“Continue to lead the way!” Wang Lin’s voice was very cold and his killing intent was oppressing.

Wang Lin knew that if he wanted to have a footing here, he must show off his power, and the Fighting Evil Sect was the best place to do so.

At this moment, Mu Nan and Mu Bei deeply respected Wang Lin from the bottom of their hearts. Especially Mu Bei, who showed unreserved respect in his eyes as he quickly lead the way to the Fighting Evil Sect.

Before Wang Lin, the large amount of bodies emitted a deathly aura. This display was more effective than any words. Many cultivators who had evil intentions who saw the thousands of bodies immediately became pale and backed away, afraid of getting caught in this mess.

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