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Chapter 1523 - Routed!

The slaughter of the battlefield shouldn’t have any silence. Right now, the scope of the battle was extremely wide and the tragic deaths of all these cultivators was something that hadn’t been seen for tens of thousands of years.

Even the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance didn’t reach what this battle had reached in a short period of time!

However, right now, when Wang Lin spoke, the battlefield around him suddenly became silent!

The strength of Wang Lin’s body had brought unimaginable shock to the ten thousand cultivators that were attacking. Their eyes were filled with terror!

They were scared!

They didn’t understand what kind of cultivator Wang Lin was to have such a powerful body. The power of his body was terrifying! In at short period of time, Wang Lin had survived through their frenzied attacks!

In particular, the old man whose arm was broken was filled with endless fear, and at this moment, he didn’t hesitate to retreat. This led these ten thousand cultivators to retreat like crazy!

Their retreat caused the Cloud Sea cultivators to cheer! This scene was like a dose of adrenaline being injected into their bodies!

“Glory to the Cloud Sea!! Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!”

“Glory to the Cloud Sea!! Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!” Cheers echoed like crazy. At this moment, all of them looked at Wang Lin, who had walked out from the storm and continued the slaughter!

When Wang Lin walked out of the storm, his eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent. He waved his right hand and the storm collapsed. It was sent scattering in all directions!

At this instant, Wang Lin stepped forward. Ethereal Fire and thunder shot at the surrounding cultivators!

Miserable screams echoed once more and the war continued!

In the constant slaughter, Wang Lin was exhausted. His injuries were far worse than they seemed on the surface. He had already been seriously injured by the attacks of ten thousand cultivators. Even the recovery speed of a 7-star ancient god seemed unable to keep up with the intense war.

His eyes were bloodshot from slaughter. He knew that this battle was far from over, but he couldn’t retreat!

Because Wang Lin had walked out, the morale of the Cloud Sea cultivators had undergone an insane boost. Although they had suffered heavy casualties, at this moment, they launched a frenzied counter attack. The formations Master Hong Shan had passed onto them were engraved in their minds.

At this moment, the remaining 30,000 cultivators all began setting a formation!

Just as they were about to finish, the Outer Realm cultivators seemed to know that they should slaughter their way over to stop the formation from being set!

Once could be coincidence, two times could also be coincidence. However, three, four, five, and six times was not a coincidence!

The formation of the Cloud Sea couldn’t be set no matter how heavy the casualties were!

The Outer Realm cultivators were filled with killing intent. Although some were afraid due to Wang Lin, most were still filled with killing intent. They charged in from the Outer Realm as if there was no limit!

All of this was because of one person!

Grandmaster Yun Luo!

Grandmaster Yun Luo was deep within a large amount of cultivators in the Outer Realm. Her jade-like hands were forming seals and signs of divination were flashing in her eyes. She raised her jade-like hand and pointed forward.

Orders were being sent. The army was split into four sections and they moved into the Inner Realm! Under her control, the army seemed to gain a soul!

Grandmaster Yun Luo continued to divinate and see all possible dangers. This made it so the Cloud Sea cultivators still couldn’t set up a formation to kill the enemy!

Every time a formation was about to set, the woman would point and a large amount of cultivators would charge out to stop the formation from being completed!

Wang Lin’s gaze was like lightning as he looked into the distance at Grandmaster Yun Luo. Killing intent appeared in his eyes!

Master Hong Shan, who was fighting five third step cultivators, also looked up along with Wang Lin! Master Hong Shan was at the mid stage of Arcane Void and was only one step from the late stage. He completely held the advantage while fighting five third step cultivators, but he was still restricted for a period of time.

It could be said that Master Hong Shan had played a crucial role in this battle. He had held down all the third step cultivators beside the head of the Heaven Punishment Palace, who was being trapped by the jade from the Lord of the Sealed Realm!

This made it so no third step cultivator could interfere with Wang Lin or stop Master South Cloud form repairing the Realm Sealing Formation!

As he looked up, there was a flash of killing intent in his eyes. He waved his hand and a red cloud surrounded his body along with the other five third step cultivators who were in a bitter struggle against him. He then charged toward Grandmaster Yun Luo with them!

“If this woman doesn’t die, this battle will drag on!”

Master Hong Shan roared and charged forward while five third step cultivators were fighting him. He broke through the void and appeared next to the Realm Sealing Formation. He went on and charged toward Yun Luo!

The expressions of the cultivators around Grandmaster Yun Luo changed greatly and they charged forward. Only Grandmaster Yun Luo remained calm, and there was even a hint of mockery in her eyes.

She had always been haughty and proud. In the Inner and Outer Realms, only three people were worthy in her eyes. Even Master Hong Shan was not worthy!

She was waiting for Master Hong Shan or Master South Cloud to arrive! The moment Master Hong Shan arrived, ice began to rush out and shroud the Inner Realm.

The nine frozen planets in the Ancient Star System trembled. The boy inside the ice smiled and took a step forward!

What moved was not his body but the giant piece of ice!

This ice trembled and disappeared without a trace. The moment it disappeared, it reappeared outside the Realm Sealing Formation and shot toward the gap!

Just as Master Hong Shan was about to kill Yun Luo, the cold energy came out of the gap in the formation. The giant ice not only broke through the formation, it ripped the gap even bigger and entered the Inner Realm!

When it entered the Inner Realm, the ice collapsed into countless pieces. These pieces turned into an unimaginable ice storm that shot toward the 30,000 cultivators of the Cloud Sea!

At the same time, the boy inside the ice revealed a fierce gaze and closed in on Master Hong Shan!

“Blood Shirt Child, back then you and I were both children. We battled many times, but it was not satisfying. Today we will battle again!! Return to your original body, this mere avatar is not enough to battle this old man!!” the cold-looking child said in an indifferent voice. As his voice spread out, he had already closed in on Master Hong Shan!

Master Hong Shan’s expression was extremely serious, but he didn’t speak. He took a step back and appeared before the ice storm charging into the Cloud Sea. He waved his sleeve and the storm was shattered.

However, just as the storm was shattered, Master Hong Shan’s expression changed greatly!

A red shadow appeared inside the storm. The red figure was flickering and was less than 100 feet from Master Hong Shan. It collided with Master Hong Shan at an unimaginable speed!

After colliding, the red shadow quickly retreated, revealing a woman in red. This woman was the one that had used three drops of her essence blood to summon the three ghosts. One of the celestial imperial concubines!

Master Hong Shan’s face was pale and he retreated a few steps. A blood mark appeared on his chest. This blood mark looked like the head of a ghost, and it quickly spread.

“You’re just as despicable as before, you haven’t changed at all!” Master Hong Shan stared at the cold-looking boy and the woman in red.

Fue to the appearance of the woman in red, the ice storm didn’t completely disintegrate. The remaining storm shrouded the Cloud Sea cultivators, and cracking sounds echoed.

The cultivators of the Cloud Sea were covered in frost and turned into ice sculptures that collapsed. In a flash, nearly 10,000 cultivators died!

The deaths of nearly 10,000 cultivators caused fear to wash over the cultivators of the Cloud Sea. Facing such simple yet terrifying deaths, even their glory trembled and faltered!

It was because of what the woman in red said next that the faltering glory began to collapse!

“That little girl, Yun Luo, has already calculated everything. The purpose of this battle is to kill you and that Master South Cloud! The cold boy guessed that you would attempt to save these Cloud Sea ants by stopping the storm. Yun Luo figured you wouldn’t notice me at this urgent moment, so I hid inside to land a heavy blow!”

This sentence filled the remnant Cloud Sea cultivators with despair. Everything was part of the enemy’s plan. What did their glory count as?

Even Master Hong Shan had fallen for their scheme. What did they have to maintain their own glory? What did they have to support themselves to continue fighting?

The moment the glory collapsed, the mockery in Grandmaster Yun Luo’s eyes became even stronger. She raised her jade-like hand and launched the decisive battle!

The countless cultivators rushed out toward the cultivators of the Cloud Sea that had lost their glory!

The casualties were heavy!

While smiling, the woman in red didn’t pay any attention to Master Hong Shan but went straight for the gloomy Master South Cloud, who was repairing the Realm Sealing Formation!

She was extremely fast and instantly closed in. Master South Cloud let out a sigh and gave up repairing the formation. He turned around and prepared to battle the celestial imperial concubine with Ling Dong and Zhou Jin!

The cold-looking body didn’t give Master Hong Shan a chance to recover. He was like a piece of nevermelting ice as he charged at Master Hong Shan! He was joining the other five third step cultivators to battle Master Hong Shan!

This sudden reversal shook the star system. If the Cloud Sea didn’t get reinforcements, they would lose this battle!

The third army of the Outer Realm had more than 60,000 cultivators from 10 clans. They charged toward the Realm Sealing Formation!

Wang Lin watched all of this. He silently pondered and retreated until he was in front of the Cloud Sea cultivators. His eyes were filled with a monstrous battle intent. As the Cloud Sea cultivators felt despair, he let out a heaven-shaking roar!

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!! It’s only death!!”

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