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Chapter 1521 - This Shirt is Not a Shirt!

“Spirit Void! Spirit Void!!” Wang Lin retreated with a pale face. Although everything looked ordinary, it was extremely scary. Wang Lin felt the terror of a Spirit Void cultivator for the first time!

There were far fewer Spirit Void cultivators than Nirvana Void cultivators, and their status was a lot higher.

While retreating, Wang Lin coughed out several more mouthfuls of blood. He collided with an old man from the Outer Realm. Before the old man could even scream, a powerful force rushed into his body and his body collapsed. However, before his flesh and blood could scatter, it was condensed into a wisp of vitality that was absorbed by Wang Lin.

Even his origin soul wasn’t able to escape and was absorbed by Wang Lin!

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin didn’t stop retreating, he immediately charged into the Outer Realm cultivators. Thunderous rumbles echoed as Wang Lin retreated in a straight line through these Outer Realm cultivators. Anyone who was touched by him quickly died!

There was a flash of killing intent in Esteemed Nan Zhao’s eyes and he was about to chase. However, he heard a cold snort and then Master Hong Shan arrived. Esteemed Nan Zhao felt his vision blur and get replaced with red. His expression changed greatly and instantly retreated, no longer paying attention to Wang Lin!

“This old man hasn’t killed for tens of thousands of years, so you all might have forgotten where this old man got his daoist name from!” Master Hong Shan waved his hand and endless red light appeared!

These red lights didn’t come from the distance but from the bodies the Outer Realm cultivators. It was as if their blood was shining through their bodies!

The blood light pierced through the bodies of several cultivators, making it seem as if they were wearing bright red shirts! A blood red shirt even appeared on Esteemed Nan Zhao’s body!

These shirts were not shirts!

But it was still shocking!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The instant the red shirts appeared, miserable screams echoed. The blood inside these thousand cultivators was all forced out of their bodies due to a strange force!

The blood was squeezed out from every pore on their bodies!

Their miserable screams were filled with endless pain. Now these thousand cultivators were really wearing red shirts!

The moment the red shirts formed, they immediately shrank. As their miserable screams echoed, these thousand cultivators quickly turned into mummies and died!

Their origin souls were imprisoned inside their bodies and were unable to escape. When their bodies died, death energy rushed into their origin souls, making them like the living dead!

If this was it, it wouldn’t show off Master Hong Shan’s methods. He waved his hand and the eyes of these dried-up corpses wearing the red shirts gave off monstrous blood lights. As if they were being controlled, they charged into the Outer Realm cultivators and began a slaughter!

“Give me back my blood!! I want blood, I want blood!!!”

“Give me your blood, my body is very painful, my body is very dry. I want blood!!!”

Strange roars came from these cultivators. They wanted blood. After losing their blood, the pain they felt was not something others could understand!

Esteemed Nan Zhao also had a blood shirt around his body. He spat out a mouthful of spiritual force and his face became pale. His expression changed greatly, then his body trembled and collapsed!

The moment his body collapsed, his origin soul and his eyes were filled with endless fear and panic. He faintly remembered a legend that had spread in the Outer Realm tens of thousands of years ago. A terrifying rumor about the second Sealed Realm War!

The rumor was only talking about one person!

“Blood Shirt Child!! You’re the Blood Shirt Child!!!”

There was a flash of coldness in Master Hong Shan’s eyes as he charged at Esteemed Nan Zhao. He was going to kill! At this moment, among the second wave of Outer Realm cultivators, the expressions of the two third step cultivators changed greatly. The clenched their teeth and charged at Master Hong Shan!

Master Enlighten East also recognized that person from the terrifying rumors, and his expression changed greatly. He stopped paying attention to Zhou Lin, Ling Dong, and the Heaven Splitting Axe and charged at Master Hong Shan!

Three third step cultivators!

There was a hint of fierceness in Esteemed Nan Zhao’s face as he retreated, and he waved his hand. He took out another body and entered it. He then waved his hand and three fist-sized balls of poison appeared. They shot toward Master Hong Shan!

Four third step cultivators!

The Fire Sparrow Clan Ancestor clenched his teeth and turned his attention away from Wang Lin. He also charged toward Master Hong Shan!

Five third step cultivators to battle Master Hong Shan!!

Master South Cloud wasn’t paying attention to Master Hong Shan or the countless Outer Realm cultivators. He was charging at the Realm Sealing Formation! His task was very difficult, he needed to repair the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation!

“The Inner Realm is not ready, it needs some more time. The Realm Sealing Formation can’t be opened!!!” Master South Cloud felt anxious as he closed in on the formation. He immediately saw Ling Dong and Zhou Jin!

“Wang Lin, lend these two to this old man!” Master South Cloud’s hoarse voice echoed across the stars.

Wang Lin immediately sent out a message while he retreated and healed. Ling Dong and Zhou Jin immediately flew toward Master South Cloud and clasped their hands.

“The two of you, protect this old man!” Master South Cloud didn’t speak much, and after giving out an order, he stepped toward the Realm Sealing Formation. His hands quickly formed seals and large amounts of restrictions flew toward the Realm Sealing Formation!

Grandmaster Yun Luo was in the Outer Realm surrounded by more than 100,000 cultivators. Her pupils shrank. She didn’t expect that due to the accident with the Realm Sealing Formation, they would suffer such heavy casualties the moment they entered!

The Heaven Splitting Axe was the biggest issue. Now that there was no one stopping it, it was chopping through the cultivators. It could clearly be seen from a distance, and every time it chopped down, 5,000 cultivators would die miserably!

Grandmaster Yun Luo raised her hand. She pointed at the axe and softly said, “In such a short period of time, my Outer Realm has sacrificed nearly 20,000 cultivators… 

“Heaven Punishment Palace, Sword Clan, Soul Breaking Strike, stop that axe!!” As her voice echoed, the cultivators in black around the Heaven Punishment Palace all looked up. They charged toward the Heaven Splitting Axe without hesitation!

As the axe fell once more, these nearly 1,000 cultivators silently appeared. They all made the same movement and a black, phantom sword seemed to appear and they swept forward!

A thousand rays of sword energy gathered and shot toward the axe!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the axe paused for a moment. The sword energy collapsed and the thousand cultivators coughed out blood. However, they didn’t stop there. They waved their left hands. Their blood fused with their swords and they shot out the rays of sword energy stained in blood!

Grandmaster Yun Luo’s eyes lit up as she looked at Wang Lin in the distance. Her jade-like hand formed a seal and pointed at Wang Lin!

“Three elders of the Sealing Extermination Clan, please take care of this child. No matter what the cost, seal or kill him!” After Grandmaster Yun Luo spoke, three ghostly lights appeared behind her and turned into three figures in purple robes!

These people in purple were like the Sovereign; their appearances were shrouded by their robes. Without saying a word, they charged at Wang Lin!

It was at this moment, the cultivators of the Cloud Sea arrived. The tens of thousands of cultivators began a brutal battle against the invading cultivators!

The war was extremely fierce the moment it started!

Crazed roars echoed, crazed slaughter was set off, and blood auras spread out like crazy! A Cloud Sea had just killed an Outer Realm cultivator, but before he could look up, a sword penetrated his body. An Outer Realm cultivator then came from behind and grabbed the sword to head to the next target!

“Glory to the Cloud Sea…” The dying Cloud Sea cultivator struggled to turn to look at his homeland once more. However, his vision blurred and he let out a miserable smile before he chose to self-destruct!

If he was going to die, he was going to die with a bang!

A thunderous rumble echoed when the Cloud Sea cultivator exploded into a destructive aura that spread in all directions!

Even further away, a middle-aged man from the Cloud Sea was covered in wounds. Lots of blood was flowing out of his body. There were also four flying swords stabbed into him, causing a wide range of collapse.

However, he charged forward while laughing as if he didn’t know pain. He locked onto the Outer Realm cultivator, and when he closed in, his body exploded, forming a powerful shockwave so he could die along with the Outer Realm cultivator!

Further away, an Outer Realm cultivator at the third Heaven’s Blight was moving around like lightning. Often, large amounts of Cloud Sea cultivators would die whenever he passed by!

During this chaotic battle, it seemed like no one could stop him. He appeared before a Cloud Sea cultivator and his hand pierced into this cultivator’s chest. He took out the cultivator’s heart and revealed a cruel smile.

He crushed the heart in his hand, and just as he was about to leave, he frowned. The Cloud Sea cultivator that had his heart crushed and origin soul shattered had used the last ounce of power in his body to grab hold of this cultivator!

“The power of ants!” The Outer Realm cultivator sneered and waved his hand. The Cloud Sea cultivator’s body collapsed and was thrown away!

His head flew out and was thrown into the distance. However, his eyes retained the hatred from when he was alive, staring at the Outer Realm cultivator.

He watched the Outer Realm cultivator het swarmed by a large amount of Cloud Sea cultivators due to his delay. They didn’t even try to fight, they all chose to self-destruct!

If the self-destruction of 10 cultivators can’t kill you, then 100 would! If 100 couldn’t kill you, 300 would!!

As the rumbles of the self-destructions echoed, the destructive force destroyed the Outer Realm cultivator. Even during his death, all he could hear were these five soul-shaking words!

“Glory to the Cloud Sea!”

The severed head closed his eyes as he flew off and was shattered by the fluctuations of a Outer Realm cultivator’s spell!

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