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Chapter 1519 - Counter Attack!!

The moment this gap was opened, the 90,000 cultivators revealed murderous gazes and roared like crazy!

“Slaughter your way into the Inner Realm. Let the ants of the Inner Realm tremble and bow to us!”

“Slaughter your way into the Sealed Realm and rob everything!!”

Master Enlighten East revealed a cruel gaze and stepped toward the gap in the formation. Esteemed Nan Zhao licked his lips and stepped forward!

There was also the ancestor of the Fire Sparrow Clan. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he rushed forward!

The 90,000 cultivators charged toward the gap in the formation like crazy!

It was very difficult to describe this scene. The Outer Realm cultivators were like a flood, and the Realm Sealing Formation was like a dam. Now the dam had a hole, and the flood was rushing through!

Killing intent filled the stars!

In a flash, tens of thousands of cultivators stepped into the gap and entered the Inner Realm that made them mad. They saw the Inner Realm! The saw Wang Lin, who was coldly staring at them!

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral and he didn’t immediately act. The collapse of the Realm Sealing Formation made him feel like something was wrong, as if something was being hidden… He didn’t move and only stared coldly at these locust-like Outer Realm cultivators. He was waiting to confirm his speculation!

Just at this moment, a shocking change occurred!

A jade appeared on the Realm Sealing Formation that had been ripped open! This jade gave off an aura that Wang Lin was very familiar with, and it could only belong to one person!

The Lord of the Sealed Realm!

The moment the jade appeared, a heaven-splitting axe appeared. The axe appeared very suddenly, exactly when half of the 90,000 cultivators had rushed in!

The moment the axe appeared, it mercilessly slashed down on the Outer Realm cultivators. A violent rumble spread like crazy!

As the axe slashed down, all the cultivators in its path screamed miserably. They couldn’t dodge at all, and when the axe touched them, their bodies exploded and their origin souls were extinguished!

No cultivator could resist for even a moment as the axe pierced through them. Only their miserable cries lingered!

The axe swept down and about 5,000 cultivators died! Seeing the axe rising and preparing to slash down again, the expressions of Master Enlighten East, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, and Esteemed Nan Zhao changed greatly and they all rushed toward the axe without hesitation!

“Rush into the Inner Realm faster, rush in at full force!”

“We will block this Heaven Splitting Axe while all of you rush in!”

The giant, black palace outside the formation suddenly opened and a thin old man walked out. His body was like a skeleton, and he took a step forward. He instantly closed in and was about to stop the Heaven Splitting Axe. However, at this moment, the jade gave off a flash and a gentle light surrounded his old man!

The old man’s expression changed. He had already noticed that the aura of the jade felt familiar. Now that it was upon him, his mind trembled.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm, you old ghost!!! You have actually fused yourself with the formation!”

Just as all of this happened, killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He had waited to confirm his speculation. Perhaps back then, the Lord of the Sealed Realm was waiting for this moment!

He no longer hesitated and stepped forward. As the red-eyed cultivators charged forward, Wang Lin waved his hand and 10 million rays of sword energy shot out!

Behind the 10 million rays of sword energy were countless restrictions. He began a battle of one against tens of thousands!

Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin had to attack under Wang Lin’s command. They shot toward Master Enlighten East and company, who were attempting to stop the Heaven Splitting Axe!

Wang Lin stepped forward and the nine-colored fire storm in his left eye flew out. Ethereal Fire spread out. The emotions of the Outer Realm cultivators raged in his fire. These were all emotions that could ignite Ethereal Fire!

“Ethereal Fire, burn!” As Wang Lin said this, the thunder tattoo in his right eye flashed and thunder rumbled. The thunder tattoo flew out and expanded endlessly among the stars. The nine accompanying thunders released endless lightning bolts that descended upon the Outer Realm cultivators!

Kill, kill, kill, kill! Miserable screams echoed across the Cloud Sea. Out of the tens of thousands of cultivators, nearly 1,000 of them were turned into balls of fire by the Ethereal Fire. They screamed miserably and were about to retreat.

However, just at this moment, there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword appeared from where it was hiding. 1,000 burning heads were cut off, and even their blood disappeared under the burning Ethereal Fire!

One move to kill 1,000 people!

Wang Lin was a fierce tiger guarding his home, and he charged out!

The thunder tattoo was above him, and lightning descended like divine retribution at the cultivators below. Miserable screams echoed!

However, this kind of slaughter wasn’t enough to force these tens of thousands of cultivators from the Outer Realm to retreat. Instead, it made them even more ferocious. At this moment, these crazed, burning cultivators knew that they would die, so they chose to self-destruct!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. As they exploded, a destructive force spread out. If Wang Lin didn’t have the body of an ancient god, he would’ve been forced to retreat amidst this messy battle.

“He is Wang Lin! Kill him and you can enter the Ancient Star System ranking!!”

“Kill him!!!”

“He is only one person, yet he dares to block the army of our Outer Realm. Die, die, die, die!!”

The tens of thousands of cultivators charged forward with crazed, bloodshot eyes. Wang Lin slaughtered his way into them. Everyone around him was an enemy, and endless treasures bombarded his body. The Light and Shadow Shield lasted for only a moment before it collapsed!

However, his ancient god body was very strong. Although the Light and Shadow Shield had collapsed, he wasn’t afraid at all. His fingers moved forward and pointed at a cultivator. He exploded and died!

Kill, kill, kil! Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot from the slaughter. The nearby cultivators all began to burn. Although they had exploded, but their Ethereal Fire flew out and circled Wang Lin!

Amidst this slaughter, Wang Lin had forgotten how many people he had killed. Many injuries appeared on his body, but these injuries were rapidly healing!

The Heaven Splitting Axe suddenly landed. Nearly 5,000 cultivators were shredded and died miserably!

“Ling Dong, Zhou Jin, the two of you dare to stop us? You two are cultivators of the Outer Realm, could it be you two want to be traitors?!” Master Enlighten East waved his sleeves and unexpectedly fended off both Ling Dong and Zhou Jin. Not only that, he also had enough power to spare to try to stop the Heaven Splitting Axe from falling again!!

Zhou Jin silently pondered and revealed a complicated expression, but he still attacked without hesitation. Ling Dong was numb. The other party’s words weren’t able to cause any hint of fluctuation in his mind!

Grandmaster Yun Lou had stepped into the formation. When she saw Wang Lin, fear filled her eyes. She raised her jade-like hand and screamed, “Kill Wang Lin!!” 

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor suddenly turned around with a fierce expression. He actually ignored the Heaven Splitting Axe and shot toward Wang Lin!

There was also Esteemed Nan Zhao. His eyes lit up as he grinned and charged at Wang Lin with the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor!

At the same time, the thin man that was trapped by the jade from the Lord of the Sealed Realm spread out his divine sense and began a frenzied attack. Thunderous rumbles echoed and no victor could be decided for a short period of time!

This war had reached its peak at the start!

Due to the presence of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, the balance was tilted toward the Inner Realm! However, this war showed no signs of ending. In the Ancient Star System, more than 10 clans had already finished preparing long ago. At this moment, the command was given and they were teleported through a transfer array to the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation!

There were 80,000 people among these 10 tribes, and there were two third step cultivators among them. The two of them charged at the opening!

The ancestor of the Fire Sparrow and Esteemed Nan Zhao closed in. If it was just two people at the cultivation level of the Fire Sparrow Clan Ancestor, Wang Lin could delay them. However, Esteemed Nan Zhao was at the Spirit Void stage!

Just him alone was enough to kill Wang Lin! Not to mention he had poison spells as famous as Great Desolation’s!

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was filled with killing intent, and he waved his right hand. The fire sparrow mark between his eyebrows flashed and a giant, black firebird rushed out. It contained a hint of Ethereal Fire as it charged forward!

This firebird contained endless Joss Flames and emitted an extremely hot aura. Even space itself seemed to be baked by it. The bird instantly closed in on Wang Lin!

Esteemed Nan Zhao’s eyes lit up. He didn’t use any spells, he just lifted his right hand. His pale hand instantly became black. It was filled with an unimaginable poison. He revealed a cruel smile as he stepped forward and crossed a large distance. He charged through the firebird and smashed his right hand down toward Wang Lin!!

Wang Lin suddenly turned around. His pupils shrank and he quickly retreated while raising his right hand.

Just at this moment, in the Cloud Sea in the distance, the world distorted. Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud walked out. They released killing intent and quickly closed in!

Faint roars came from the stars behind them!

“Glory to the Cloud Sea!”

“Glory to the Cloud Sea!”

“Glory to the Cloud Sea!” Tens of thousands of cultivators rushed forward!

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