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Chapter 1501 - Hunting Nether Beast (1)

After leaving planet Ran Yun, Wang Lin didn't make any stops. As ripples echoed under his feet, he quickly traveled through the stars.

This last matter was something Wang Lin had to do!

There was an extremely desolate place in Allheaven, and it was filled with fog. If one charged in randomly, it was easy to get lost and trapped inside forever.

This was a forbidden land in Allheaven!

Cultivators rarely came here. If someone passed by, they would choose to avoid this place and not dare to approach.

There were some strange fierce beasts hidden inside this vast fog, and it was very similar to the Cloud Sea. Although there weren't many, they had their own world here!

Divine sense would be affected by the fog, making it difficult to cover the area.

Wang Lin's figure appeared outside this area as ripples echoed. As he looked at the dense fog before him, his eyes lit up.

After he left the Thunder Celestial Realm, he was sent here inside the body of that exotic beast. Then he brought the Chosen Celestial people out and saw this fog.

He also saw that giant, whale-like beast, the Nether Beast!

The last thing Wang Lin had to do in Allheaven was… hunt the Nether Beast!

The Nether Beast was extremely large and powerful. However, it was extremely timid and hid from all enemies. Its timid personality didn't match its vast body.

Although this was the case, very few things in this world dared to provoke it. Even though Master Lu Fu knew it was here, he didn't dare have any thoughts of hunting this beast.

Even Master Lu Fu couldn't do anything to this beast, showing just how powerful it was. If its personality was violent, Allheaven would suffer a calamity.

Even though the Moongazer Serpent was larger than this beast, it also wouldn't dare to provoke it!

The Nether Beast only knew two spells. The first spell was to turn ethereal. Although its body was large, unless it revealed itself, you would have difficulty noticing it, even if it was right beside you!

Due to its timid nature, once it felt disturbed, it would immediately choose to turn into the void, making it difficult to find.

The second spell was the complete opposite of its first ability. Whether it was the Moongazer Serpent or Master Lu Fu, they all had to run when facing this second spell!

The Nether Beast contained a realm inside its body. It could be large or small, it was unpredictable! The only spell it knew was devour!

Once the beast was forced into a corner, it would open its mouth and devour. The stars would tremble, and whether it was spells, beasts, cultivators, and even planets, they would all be devoured into its body and be trapped inside!

The Nether Beast wouldn't open its mouth for tens of thousands of years, but once it did, time would flow!

This means that once the Nether Beast took the initiative to devour, it could cause tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years to pass in the world inside its body!

It didn't have any spell to slow down time, only for it to pass by instantly!

Rumor has it that in ancient times, there was an adult Nether Beast. It was forced into a corner once, and it devoured a star domain. Millions of years passed in an instant. The star domain turned to dust and all its enemies were dead!

Very few people understood the Nether Beast. They only knew that that it didn't speed up time every time it devoured, as doing so would cause a great deal of stress for the nether beast.

Although this was the case, very few people would dare to provoke this beast!

Most of Wang Lin's understanding of the Nether Beast came from the Outer Realm. After he absorbed so many cultivators, his understanding of the Nether Beast gradually became more comprehensive.

It was also because of this that he became very interested in the Nether Beast and decided to capture it!  

"The only thing that puzzled me is how could the mere Celestial Emperor of the Thunder Celestial Realm be able to use the Nether Beast…" Staring at the fog, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Had he not seen the Nether Beast and felt its unimaginable power, he would have thought that the beast only had a large body and didn't have much strength.

"The Celestial Emperor was an amazing person. Perhaps he had another method to borrow the power of the beast…" Wang Lin's expression became serious as he took a step and charged into the fog!

He was too fast and in a flash he charged into the fog. The moment he entered, he caused the fog to to churn. It was as if there were countless ghosts crying in his ears. The mournful cries were shocking.

This fog made Wang Lin very nervous. He relied on great luck and his connection to his original body to slowly get out last time. However, now he didn't care and traveled extremely fast through the fog.

He also spread out his divine sense to scan the surrounding area. Although he couldn't cover the whole area, anything within hundreds of thousands of feet was clear in his mind.

Unless it was the last resort, Wang Lin wouldn't use both Zhou Jin and Ling Dong to help search. This Nether Beast wasn't a cultivator and was extremely timid. Once it felt the disturbance of divine sense, it would immediately escape.

It wouldn't matter if it ran away, but once it turned ethereal to escape, it would make it difficult for Wang Lin to find! Also, he didn't want to kill this beast but make it his ancient god life essence beast!

While moving forward, Wang Lin's expression was extremely serious. Every step he took moved him hundreds of thousands of feet. He constantly moved through the fog, looking for traces of the Nether Beast.

Time slowly passed, but Wang Lin wasn't exhausted at all. He was like a hunter carefully searching for his prey. During this process, many strange fierce beasts appeared inside hsi divine sense. However, no matter how fierce they were, once Wang Lin's divine sense swept by, they all trembled and didn't dare to move. They didn't even dare to let out a single sound.

Inside the fog, a white figure would often flash and cross great distances. Wang Lin carefully explored the star domain this fog covered.

There was no sign of the Nether Beast. Ever since it appeared in the past, it seemed to have disappeared. Wang Lin's expression was still serious and he showed no hint of impatience as he continued to search.

Wang Lin's figure went deeper into the fog. As he searched, he left his footprints over almost half of this star domain.

There was still no trace or clue of the Nether Beast, as if it had already left and no longer existed.

Wang Lin frowned slightly. After pondering a bit, he gave up on the idea of using Zhou Jin and Ling Dong. He calmed himself before he began to move once more and searched even more carefully.

As time passed, the area Wang Lin had searched increased slowly. From almost half the star domain to nearly 80%. At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and his eyes lit up. His divine sense locked onto the fog before him.

There was some gravel in the fog 30,000 feet away from Wang Lin. There were dozens of rocks quietly floating through the fog.

Wang Lin's gazed pierce through the fog and landed on the rocks. He then moved like lightning and directly penetrated the fog to arrive before the rocks.

Looking at them closely, each rock contained many colors, as if they were gems. They were fused together by a mysterious force to cause this formation.

Standing on a thousand-foot rock, Wang Lin's right hand knocked on it. Popping sounds echoed from within. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin reached out hard and grabbed a piece.

After taking a closer look, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light.

These rocks gave off an ancient aura and were filled with spiritual energy. Just a thousand foot piece of rock had enough spiritual energy to match a half-abandoned planet!

However, although this spiritual energy was shocking, it wasn't alive; it seemed it was dead.

"I have never seen spirit stones like this…. This thousand-foot rock is something not even top quality spirit stones can compare to. If this is taken to the cultivation world, it can be sold at a heavenly price!

"However, there are trace of time passing on it. It's as if tens of thousands of years have passed… Creating this…." As Wang Lin analyzed, he suddenly stopped his train of thought. His eyes widened and he stared at the gravel in his hand.

"Trace of time… Trace of time…" Wang Lin vaguely noticed something. His divine sense swept past the gravel to feel the trace of time, and his eyes lit up.

"The excretion of the Nether Beast!!" Wang Lin looked at the gravel before him and joy appeared on his face.

"That's right, the Nether Beast must have devoured a few cultivation planets for some reason and time passed inside its body. Although the cultivation planets died and their souls dissipated, the spiritual energy inside condensed together into these rocks. This is why they seem dead while being rich in spiritual energy! And they are filled with the trace of time…

"Nether Beast, in order to hunt it, I must seal it first. Not only do I have to seal the outside, I must seal the inside of its body as well…"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Daring to hunt the Nether Beast meant that he was already prepared.

"The outer seal can be made with one blow from thunder! The difficult part will be sealing its inside… And sealing its soul!"

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